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Ace and Brin: Love in the Darkness [chapter 2]

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It was Monday morning. I was already awake and ready for college. I stood in front of the mirror and stared at the pale girl opposite. I do not go out enough, maybe. And the weather was gloomy and rainy most of the time of year. I combed my brown hair and then tied it in a ponytail. I took my jacket and purse and left my room. I went down to the kitchen. I took an apple from the basket on the table and headed for the door. My mother called me by name, but I did not answer. On the contrary. I speeded up a step. I take the road, because I could not drive. The did not allowed me, and medications makes me very distracted.

I walked with bowed head, because I felt eyes on me. I did not like it. I knew they thought that I was crazy or at least strange. It made me go crazy and stressful. I went to class without problem. I listened carefully to the lecture and recorded everything. I would not describe myself as a genius, but I was an excellent student. Anyway, I had no other occupation that to study. Therefore, I did not have to deal with my parents. However, Amelia was their star now. I was just unbalanced daughter who was trapped.

After the lecture, I went to the cafeteria and gave myself a little rest. I got a sandwich and sat down at the table at the end of the hall. I took the phone and headset. I played music and I tried to isolate myself from the situation. It is true. I lived in the past. I could not shake the nightmares. Sometimes I still had them, but I did not feel anything. Therefore, I do not say anything.

Someone’s shadow loomed over me. I looked up to see my friend Kate. She smiled, but I said nothing. I was not in the mood to pretend to be happy. She sat on the vacant seat next to me, did not stop staring at me until I stopped the music, and did not worthy of your undivided attention.

-How are you today, Brin?

-That is what you want to ask me?

-I noticed that you are more gloomy than usual. What is bothering you?

I could not tell her the truth because I knew that she would report to my parents. I knew that she not doing to because she is bad. They must have told her that I was not well and they just worry about me. They just want to know that I am okay. I understood that but I still not accept it.

-It is because the weather. I hate it when it rains.

-Yeah, that is sucks. – She said, and I think she believed me. – What do we do now?

-I do not know. I was going to go to the library in the town. Then I would drink coffee and go home. I have nothing to do.

-I am coming with you. You do not look well. You are pale. I…

-You are not my mother. I do not want your concern.

I stood up and hurried to get out. I did not want to talk to her or anyone else. I felt like I was going to cry. I did not want others to see me. Then I would have to answer many questions. And not I was not in the mood to go on lectures. The very thought of standing closed with a bunch of people choking me. For this, I left the campus and went straight to the library. I could not shake the feeling that I was being watched. However, this time it was not uncomfortable. If the one who was watching me was worried.

I went to the library and greeted the librarian – Mel. Then I went to get a book. I circled between the shelves and chose a book that I did not expected. Book for legends and myths associated with mythical and supernatural creatures. I took it and sat at a table near the window. I started reading and forgot about everything. I did not felt how the time flies. I got excited and could not come off my eyes from the book. I do not know why, but suddenly my heart began to beat faster. Then a hand touched my shoulder and I jumped. I dropped the book. In front of me stood a tall and burly man with short dark hair and beautiful blue eyes. He had tattoos. He wore leather pants, boots, and leather jacket under which he wore a black vest. I blinked a few times. For no reason my eyes were filled with tears and they just started streaming down my face. I… I knew who he was. I recognized him. Even now, after all this time I could recognize him. He was grown and his physique was different, but I would never have mistaken these eyes.

-Evan… – The name came out of my mouth like a whisper.

He reached out and without thinking; I went down into his arms. He pressed me hard against his strong chest. I cried. I felt when he kissed the top of my head.

It took me time to calm down. We sat at the far end of the library. I stood in his arms and listened. I listened to his heartbeat. I knew that he was excited.

-Ten years, Evan… You do not call even once. Do you know how much this hurt me?

-I know, Brin. Forgive me, sister. I…

-I heard you. Mom and Dad made you leave, right?

-It was necessary. After what I did…

His eyes watered. He hugged me tight. I did not understand, and did not care. Now he was here and that was all I wanted.



-Are you okay, little one? Do not tell me you drink sedatives.

-I take pills. Mom makes me. Ever since, you left. They took me to a doctor and to a woman… What was her name…?

I was thinking. Time passed since I saw her for the last time. Suddenly her name surfaced in my mind.

-Grace. Her name was Grace McLane.

-Damn it! This witch. – He growled.

Yes. Indeed, I heard growling. I heard and felt the vibration in his chest. I was not afraid, though it was unnatural. Evan asked if Grace has given me something. I said yes and showed him my arm. He immediately tore the bracelet and threw it on the ground. He told me not to drink the pills. He do not explain why, buy I knew that if he says it with such a worried expression means there is a reason. Even now, I believe him blindly. There was something else. He asked me not to tell anybody that he has returned, and we met. He gives me his number and I gave him mine. We would meet in secret. Very exciting, right? For the first time in years on my face showed a smile. A real smile.

Then my brother disappeared back behind the shelves. I could not understand how he does it. I hurried to get my things and get out. It really started to rain. I had no umbrella and had to run. I run carefully, because there was a risk to trip and land on the ground and I did not want that. My heart was racing. I was incredibly happy. Then I remember the Evan’s warning. He told me not to take the medicines. That is what I was going to do. I believed him, and from a long time now, I was sick of those damn pills.

I had almost reached my home when I slipped on the wet road and found myself on the ground. I growled with frustration. I tried to gather my belongings when I heart tires and headlights blinded me. I stared at the approaching car and could not move. Even I did not understand when someone grabbed me and led me out of the way just before the car to go through the place where I was.

I could not breathe. I was in shock. I heard a distant voice that was trying to reach me. He called me a fool. I looked but saw nothing. I lost consciousness. Already well-known signs. How humiliating.




I woke up with a severe headache. I was in home, in my bed. I stood up and threw my bare feet on the floor. I was a little dazed. Suddenly the door burst open and my mother came inside. Her eyes were filled with anxiety. There were black circles under her eyes. Poor woman…

-Oh dear! Are you okay? I was so scared.

-How did I get here?

-They found you on the driveway. You were fainted. What happened?

I remembered what happened, but I could not tell her the truth. I thought about it and I told her the same think I said to Kate. And without it, they probably already knew.

-It is because the weather, Mom. You know that I do not like the rain. I have always been weak at such a time, and now caught me off guard. Sorry!

I saw her how became calm. This was not entirely a lie. She kissed me on the forehead and told me that she would bring me food. I nodded in response and went to the bathroom.




I was happy that I saw her. My heart could not be calmed down. I went into the hut, which I bought with my boyfriend Sky. He was happy, thought I did not understand why. What I saw in it was that it was close to my home. There was someone else with us. Sky’s cousin – Ace. I do not know why Sky insisted to bring him with us. Ace was a bully without a sense of humor and a complete asshole. If it was not for my beloved, Sky I’d be kicked him out.

Sky appears. He hugged me hard and I kissed him.

-Hello to you too! – He smiled.

He was of medium height, blond hair, and big blue eyes. He smiled sweetly.

-What’s wrong? You look very happy. Something good had happened?

-I saw her. I talked with her.

-With whom? Do not tell me… Brin? Your sister?


-Oh, Evan!

-I know I had to wait, but… I just could not resist when I saw her so unhappy…

-I know that you miss her.

-They took her to a witch. They trample her with drugs to suppress her essence. I will not let them to poison my sister. I caused her enough of bad experience.

Sky stroked my face. He knew everything about my past. He knew that I am not a human, and he knew that I left home because involuntarily I wounded Brin and then she was infected. She’s like me, but she does not know. My dear family and that witch took care of that. My hatred grew with every minute. I needed time to calm down, but to be honest Sky had a big contribution to make it possible. I wanted to introduce him to her… my two beloved people. I only hoped that Brin would accept him.

As I lay in bed, with Sky cuddled in me, I heard the front door open and close. I knew who he was even if I did not see him. But this time there was something else. I got out of bed without waking up the boy. I put on boxers not because the nakedness bothered me, but simply propriety. And Sky preferred to be the only one who sees me in all my glory.

I went down downstairs and went to the kitchen. Ace stood by the refrigerator with a glass full of ice. Then he took a bottle of whiskey and opened it. He fills the glass. I wonder why he bothered, since we cannot get drunk even if we want to. But unsuccessful attempts have been irritating. Once I approached him, I felt familiar smell and my whole body stiffened.

-What did you do, Ace? – I asked with anger simmering in the chest.

-Nothing. – He growled. – I saw your sister. She looks like you.

-Only if you touch her…

-Don’t freak out! – He said and took a sip. – She almost gets hit by a car. She fainted soon after I took her away from the road. She is weak.

It sounded offensive words from him, but for the first time did not seem malicious.

-She doesn’t know what’s going on with her. Ten years under the influence of magic and drugs prevented that. I waved the magic and told her not to take the drugs. What did you do with her?

-I left her in front of her house. – He said and walked out of kitchen.

It was weird. He did not care about anything or anyone. Never. Not I owned him Brin’s life. Damn it! I hated the fact that I own him something. I followed him to the living room.

-Thanks for saving her.

Ace looked at me and raised his eyebrows.

-You thank me. Probably the Hell is already frozen.

-Damn it, Ace! You don’t have to be such asshole.

-Stop it, you two!

Ace and I looked at the stairwell where Sky stood. He was sleepy and wrapped in a blanket. Cute.

-Why you always fight?

-This is our way of talking. – Ace said.

-Well, you had better stop. So?

-What? – Ace asked, while Sky snuggled closer to my body.

-Did you see her? Brin.


I noticed that he winced at the mention of her name. I did not pay attention. Surely, I imagined things.

-How was she?

-Why are you asking me?

He stood up and put the glass down on the coffee table. He went into his room, apparently because he did not want to talk. He was not much a talker anyway.




I eat a little. Not much, because my body felt strange. Without the bracelet, I felt somehow free. And my first try not to drink the pills was successful. I hid then under my tongue and only pretend swallow them. Once mom get out I spit them and hid them under the mattress.

I felt tired and went to sleep early. But after midnight, I started dreaming things. I was in the woods and I was not alone. There was someone. Shadow that should scare me, but actually it was familiar. He was not a human but a beast. I held out my hand, but he disappeared. I wanted to follow him, but I could not. Something pinned me in place. I looked and saw chain. I fell to my knees and cried. My freedom was taken away.

I woke up early. Very early. Others were still asleep. I needed a fresh air. I get out of the bed and went to the bathroom. I flush my eyes and brushed my teeth. Then I went and changed into a shorts and a T-shirt. I took my thin jacket. I put on my sneakers and in complete silence, I slipped outside.


Ace and Brin: Love in the Darkness [chapter 1]

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I do not remember everything that happened to us, but I know one thing for sure: nothing will be as before. I was young and all was blurring, but I remember clearly that at one point everything changed and not for the better. My parents loved all their three children equally. I have an older brother – Evan and younger sister – Amelia. I am the second child – Brin. I do not know why they gave me such a strange name. I do not even think that such name should be given to a girl. Whatever. They, my parents, always had high expectations of Evan. For me he was like a super star. But Amelia was spoiled by all the attention. As for me… Well, I floated downstream. Nobody expected anything from me. They do not spoil me. I would even say that they rarely noticed I was there. For that, little by little I began to hand myself. I was a kid, I felt lonely, and I thought I would grow old and die in this solitude.

One night when I was twelve, I woke up from screams. My mother was angry and upset about something. I slipped out of his warm bed and a slight gasp. I looked at the little scratch on my hand, which was received while trying to pet a dog. No, not a dog. Then I did not know difference between dogs and wolves. Anyway. Quietly I went to the door and got out of my room. In the hallway was dark, so I leaned on the wall. Nobody noticed that I came down and I was standing near the kitchen door. All of them seemed upset. For the first time I saw tears in the eyes of Evan. He was seventeen years old. I do not remember well the words that they exchanged that night but the next morning my mom said to me and Amelia that Evan will not live with us anymore. I remember that day I cried my eyes. I did not want to go to school. I did not want to leave the room or talk to anyone. My brother was my best friend, and now he did not even say goodbye. My heart was broken. Only a child, I knew loss. He was not dead, but… He had chosen to walk away and leave me. Yet I could not hate him. How can I hate someone who I love the most?





Then everything became worse. I started dreaming terrible nightmares and swoon. I wake up in the woods covered in mud, grass, and leaves. I do not remember anything. Mom and Dad took me to the doctor and trampled me with drugs. They are not leaves me out of sight. I even remember the strange woman they brought me to. Her house smelled strange. Herbs maybe. She looked at me strangely. They whispered something all the time, but I managed to hear only one phrase from the lips of my mother before she started to cry again. She said: ‘I cannot lose another child because of this nightmare!’

The woman, whose name was Grace McLane gave me a bracelet and told me never to tear it down. She told me that I would feel better and that this trinket will protect me from bad dreams. I believed her. I was drinking and the pills that my parents gave me. They were strict.

The years went by and I did not hear a word of my brother. I prayed for him to be well and happy. Mom and Dad did not even mention his name as if he never existed. Not to mention that Amelia had almost forgotten about him. She did not care. I just thought about him. Even ten years later, I still loved him and thought of him as if none of this had happened.

At the insistence of my parents (Mark and Ellis Grimword) I enrolled in a local college. They did not want me being away from home. Before I thought that they just love me and worry about me, but now I felt that I was more like a prisoner in my own home and they were my guards. Always wanted to know whom I was with and where I go. They knew all my friends. I felt like they were pressing me.

Little by little the paranoia was obsessed me. I was beginning to think that everyone around me was watching me. Spying me. Maybe it was not just my imagination because once Mom and Dad stopped to ask me questions but behaved as if they know everything I do. I started to freak out and I do not like it. They suffocated me. There was nobody to talk about it. There was nowhere to go. I could not escape because they never left me alone. I started to hate my own existence. I just wanted everyone to leave me alone.

Bloody Light [ch. 1.1]

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BloodRed Moon copy1


     It’s frustrating to be a young vampire. Even worse is if you find yourself without a master. The connection among us was interrupted by the hunters or rather from the witch who work with them. I don’t know how it happened. And although there is was no connection, I was still a part of his team. Others, however, did not react well. They turned me into an outsider.

   What a nuisance. Even the killing didn’t make me feel better. And if I do not want to be around my comrades, I spent most of my time outside. I’m roam in the darkness as ghost. I hated my own existence. I hated the world around me. The human emotions were choking me. I tried to forget that I was a human being. For the world Reina Gray was dead. For the world of the darkness I was as a stray dog stowed from mercy. My master, I means Leo, tried to train me. He showed me the basics. Then I had to improve to my own. For this they sent me away. I had money and a bag of clothes. Most of them always were wanted me out. It wasn’t bad, really. It should be more fun without them. I do not bother to rent a hotel room. I slept wherever it is. In old buildings… most of the time. I spent my time under bridges or in the dark streets. I saw anything. People are hypocritical. During the day, they observe decorum, and at night… At night everything was different. Sin and debauchery. The decent in the daytime doctor at night loved to fuck young boys with a dubious reputation. Don’t get me wrong. I am not a voyeur. It is fun to imagine what would happen if his secret is revealed.

     This neighborhood was interesting. I encounter all sorts of views. For that I rented a small apartment overlooking the “alley of sin”. The characters in the night games were almost identical every night. I obtaining blood and enjoyed the human decay. Yes, the vampires are among the worst. While I prefer just to watch, while others prefer to be part of the show. It was annoying. I was bored.

     One night I came home earlier from dinner. I lay down on the old mattress and stared at the ceiling. Then I heard the noise. Dispute. It was coming from outside. With a smooth motion I found myself close to the window. Some guys were pressed one of the boys, whose professional name was “Terry”. They wanted the money that he was earned with his body. It seems that they are preparing not only to rob him, but to use him for free. When he resisted they hit him. That was annoying. The noise annoyed me. Before thinking whether to leave them, I was already outside. I smashed one of them in the wall. The other two attacked me with knives. They cut me. I smiled. I ripped the heart of one of them, and the other becomes a snack. The boy looked at me with wide open eyes. He was terrified. I looked at him, and then turned my back on him. I headed back to the apartment. I needed gasoline and matches. We have a rule never to leave corpses behind.

     I returned after a few minutes. I was wearing nylon with me. I wrapped the bodies. The boy stood crouching in the corner. I dragged the bodies to a container. I irrigated them with the gasoline and threw a lit match. Everything was in flames. I watched it for few minutes. Then I started to recede. I ignored him. The boy I mean. Although I felt something. The boy was infected. Not with sickness, but something more serious. He’ll find it in the next full moon.

     I got into the apartment. I changed my clothes and I knew that I would have to move out. Soon the cops would be sniffing around. it’s boring and quite problematic. Even without my intervention, this would become hot.

Forbidden: Love in Wartime

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What I thought for a hoax was one irreparable truth that was very expensive for us. At least in some respects. The war was inevitable, although many were those opposed it. My family was from the minority. So you can guess that things were not “rosy” for us. We had a lot of problems with the newly formed organization named “People against Lycanthropy” or PAL. You could say they are like a new version of the Nazis. Crowd idiots who want to destroy anyone who is different and does not fit into their rules. What it turned out that for centuries among us live people who are half animals? They didn’t bother us. At least most of them. There is not a big difference. But some saw it as the perversion of nature and a violent insurrection. Rebellion, which later turned into a war.


I don’t say that we, i.e. those who chose to remain neutral, stand with lycanthropes. We just don’t mess up. We pretend that we don’t notice what is happening around us. It’s not easy. I certainly can’t, since on the streets constantly are killing so many people. Once while driving home… They shot a guy in front of me. He was not more than 12-13 years old. I was so shocked that I could not move from my seat. Just standing and staring at the flowing blood of the child. I froze on the spot. I am not proud of it, but what could I do? I know what they do with those who help these “creatures”. Tortures… Public executions… Fear had become so naturally feels that it has accepted as routine. I do not remember how long I have not seen my parents smile. It was a nightmare that cannot be found even in a book. If Hell had a look, this is it.


As in any war, and here economy has suffered a lot. People looked like beasts. The strong survive, you can say. I hated that. I hated myself, I cannot do anything. So, I’m just a girl of 24 years. I worked in a small warehouse. It was not much, but many people did not have it. I was grateful, though my boss was a real pig. Not literally, of course. He tried to hang me. He flirted with me shamelessly. That bastard took advantage of unemployment to take benefits from his employees. He was not satisfied with the girls, if you know what I mean. We were like slaves. He paid us paltry wages, and we have no right to protest. Damn life!


One night my life changed radically. I did not like it, but that was the best thing that could happen to me. I was driving home from work. It was late at night. Maybe around 3 am. I walked away because there were no buses. As always, I passed the bar of Hawkins. He’s an old friend of my father. I walked to the back streets, because the journey was shorter and relatively safe for humans. Usually I do not stop, but this time I had to. My shoelaces were loose, but did not want to stumble. I stopped and I started to knit when I heard a ruckus. The place where I was had no light and the darkness hid me. But not the source of the noise. I saw a group of boys. Perhaps my age. Looks like they had found the victim. The way in which they speaking it was a man. They imposed him with metal pipes. Laughing. Entertained by what they were doing. I knew I had to get out, but even the slightest movement poses a risk to see me.  For this I was fixed.


Nausea me. From my eyes dripped tears. Because these morons I hate my own kind. And they say that the lycanthropes are evil. If I had to choose sides, it would not have been that of humans. But killing people was not uncommon. Yet people started everything. Nasty selfish bastards. I am ashamed that I am a human being. Anyway, I do not look away from the terrible scene. I was lucky. Some of them said that the “victim” will not be. They left. Surely they would attack someone else. Morons.


I took a few steps in my direction. And behold, I felt guilty. I could at least to see if he’s dead, right? I growled and slowly walked towards the body. I was shaking, but I was determined to do it. I fell off when I saw how much blood there was. My knees buckled. I knelt. My hand was shaking. I hesitated whether to check his pulse. Finally I did it. He was alive. The pulse was weak, but it was there. I could not look at him because the blood covering his face. My tears just flowed. I checked, but no ID. There was no one to call or who to ask for help. Nobody would risk. But I could not just left him there. Well, I could, but… I was desperate because he was much bigger than me and I could not carry him, anywhere. I did not know what to do. For that I stood beside him and made him company. I could not do anything else.


I was tired. My eyes closed. Only for a moment. Then came Hawkins. He often threw garbage personally and probably saw us on the light. He tried to force me to go home, but I refused. I decided I had to stop running. Hawkins was a man over forty, but he was very well maintained. Often trained with my father. In him always been something special. He was high almost 1.90. There was a body of rugby player. His hair was gray. Always serious. This was Simon Hawkins. He helped us a lot since “the war of species” begins. I was about five years old. Long time, huh? Wow… I grew up in Hell.


“Better get out of here, Alice. Forget about what happened.”


I could not believe he said that. In my full with tears eyes came anger. Sorry that my fury shall come upon him, but…


“How long, Uncle Simon? How much should pretend this is not happening?”

“As it should. You grew up in this world. You had to accept it.” – Calm but mentoring he said.

“Never. I refuse to believe that in this world have only evil.”


I was sorry I increased my tome, but there was no turning back. But I was nervous and scared. I will be in trouble if someone understands that I was helping on “nonhuman”. But deep down I knew that I was doing the right thing. I saw that uncle Simon was watching me. Finally swore and told me that he would take care of the wounded. He bent down and picked him up. He carried him to the apartment above the bar. There was another entrance – on the back street. No one saw us. Only, I was puzzled by his power. I do not ask questions because I do not interfere in the lives of others. So I was taught.


The hallway and stairwell was dark. I almost fell. I could feel the railing and grabbed it. Even I did not think that my parents will be worried about me. We reached the green door whose paint was chipped. Simon told me to get the keys from the pocket of his shirt and open. I did it as quickly as possible. We went inside and I closed the door. Uncle put the wounded man down on the couch. He groaned, and that was a sign that he is alive. Simon handed me a bowl of water and towels. He told me that he is my concern now and I have to take care of him. He said that in the apartment has everything I need. Then go to change, not to walk around with bloody clothes. Not that anyone would notice. Then he leaves the keys and left.


Here, now I was alone with a lycanthrope. Well… okay. I took my jacket and left it on the chair. I took a bowl of water and towels. Knelt beside the couch. I dipped the towel in the warm water and I took a breath. Slowly I began to clean the blood from his face and neck. My hands were shaking. Even the slightest distraction could cost me everything. I did not stop. God! Behind the bloody mask hiding a lovely face. He was handsome. Too bad that he is not human. He had a short beard. His hair was short and slight curly. This… I should have looked if there were fractures. I touched him. I did not notice something was wrong. There were no fractures, but there were scrapes and bruises. It would hurt him. It’s not my problem. I… I did what I could.


I covered him with a blanket and did something to eat. I ate some food and left on the table in case he woke up and was hungry. And this would happen. I do not know what else I could do for him. And I was too tired to think. It was probably five or six o’clock in the morning. I hardly kept my eyes open. For that I was quick. I got my stuff and got dressed. I came to the door and instinctively looked back. He slept peacefully. All right. I left. I locked the door and put the keys under the mat. Without thinking I left. I ran like crazy. I ran ten blocks. I got home and there was no one. No wonder. At that time, Mom and Dad are on their way to work. I hardly took off my clothes. I lay down on my bed and immediately fell asleep.

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Howl [1.]

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     It started as a simple trip with friends. Hut in the middle of the forest, dense shadows under which to hide in the hot summer days. At night, lighting a fire and told ghost stories. We were young and full of life. At this time of year we get away from the city life and enjoy. Only that this trip just changed everything.

     The day went as usual. We got up early and started to put our house. Boys (Brian and Alex) went for firewood. Me (Jesse Thornton) and Sarah cleaned the house and prepared a meal. We laughed, and I was really happy. But that did not last long. It was just after lunch (perhaps to four hours) and boys were late. I asked Sarah to call them because we needed help. She came out and I was in the kitchen and sprinkle the salad with salt. Then I heard the screams. I missed the salt and ran outside.


-Sarah? Where are you, Sarah? – I yelled, my heart pounding with all his strength.


     I found her near to the barn. She watched something and her whole body shaking. I heard how she cried. I walked over and saw what she was. There were Brian and Alex. They were dead. There was a lot of blood, and their bodies were mutilated. There were traces of teeth and claws. I fell to my knees. I started crying and could barely stand. I took Sarah’s hand and the two of us run to the house. I grabbed the phone and dialed the sheriff’s department. It was hard to talk. They said they would send someone.

     Both me and my friend curled on the couch and tried to assimilate the things. Is there an animal that can cause this? My God! Then we heard the noise. Both jumped. It’s coming from all directions. We jumped to our feet, and Sarah clung to my arm. But the next time the wooden floor makes a noise she runs away from me. I called after her, but the only thing I heard was one single scream. There was growling and howling. Through the door came a huge gray wolf. Not just huge. There was the size of a man, and if he stand up on his hind legs would probably exceed two meters. I watched him with wide eyes. I hardly breathe from fear and surprise. That thing looked at me and growled. On his face was fresh blood.

      I wanted to live. I really wanted, but I prayed to end it quickly. I was about to faint. I remember the wolf jumped at me and I screamed. Then a couple of times I heard voices and saw lights moving fast. I do not remember anything else. I thought I was dead.

     I woke up in a hospital bed. There were so many tubes in my body that I could hardly move. My mouth was dry. I asked for some water, but my voice was so weak that I could barely even hear it. My mother came and immediately took my hand. Wept and stroked my brown hair. Finally I ask how long I slept, and she said… six days. I cried. The memories hit me like a hurricane. I was so excited that all machines have begun to chirp. There were many nurses telling me that I need to calm down. And how the hell can do it? I saw something monstrous and almost gone to the afterlife. A nurse injected something in my system. I began to relax and fall asleep. I did not sleep long. I heard how they all came out and I was left alone. I should be asleep but a few minutes later I was still awake. It confused me. And the pain was gone. I could reach out and saw the wound on my body. It almost gone and it was not normal. I started to release any tubes. I panicked. O started to feel and hear things, and should not have.

     The window was open and entered the cool air that touched my body through the thin nightgown. It seemed to caress. Something was calling me out. I do not know what, but I felt it with my whole body. Slowly and haltingly stepped to the window. I opened it wide. My room was on the fifteenth floor. I wasn’t afraid. For the first time I was not afraid. I felt different. Like burned. I just wanted to run. Before I knew it, I was standing on the ledge now. Mind telling me that’s crazy. That’s suicide. But something whispered to me that it should. That’s something… naturally. What had to hear: the voice of reason or the call of the heart? Before I can answer, I already flew down. Without fear. Without despair. Just… nature.

     I landed on my feet. Feeling hot asphalt under my bare feet… Incredible. I was dazed, but not drugs. I could not focus, but that does not stop me. Then I saw my father. And he saw me. He started to run towards me and calling my name. I do not paid particular attention. I actually started to back away. I ran without knowing where. I let the wind takes me. It was like I was puppet and someone else pulling the strings.

      I do not remember what I did. When I woke up, I was… I was in the forest. Actually, I was in the park in the town. To be precise, this place was located at the opposite end of town. I was a bit dirty, but I had no scratches. Instinctively I began to strangle the air. When I felt… I was afraid. I started to cry. And this strange taste in my mouth… What happens to me, damn it?

      I heard footsteps and looked up. I started to listen. I saw a woman of about thirty years. She had long blond hair that was unkempt and there were tangled branches and leaves. The woman was naked, but it certainly looked good. There was slender and well shaped body. She had muscles, but as long as they are appropriate for a woman. There was a strange smell. Known flavor, although I do not know why that is… familiar. She came to me and started to strangle me like I was a dog. Then she smiled.


-You’re new. You have not turned entirely.

-Turn? In what? What’s wrong with me?

-My dear girl… What is your name?

-Jessica Thornton, but call me Jesse.

-I’m Laura Collins.


     She handed me a hand. I know I need to catch it, but I reacted… different. Sniffed her. I drew back ashamed of my actions. She laughed. She hugged me. She was very warm and soothing. Stroking my hair as if I was a pet. But I felt much more relaxed.


-Everything will be all right, Jesse. I’ll help you.

-Tell me what happened. I don’t know. I don’t understand anything.

-You will understand. Now it is better to go home, right? I’ll send you.

-But you… you’re naked. So do I.

-Oh, yeah! I almost forget about it. – She laughed and her laughter was like the melody.


     Who was she really? Why I behaved like an animal? I don’t understand. She said she would help me, but I don’t know her and do not trust her. Now I could not even believe to myself.

      Laura disappeared for a few minutes and when she returned she was dressed in a beautiful white dress with black stripes. Quite elegant dress really. Then she helped me up and took me to her car. We drove home. My home.

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