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Ace and Brin: Love in the Darkness [chapter 1]

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I do not remember everything that happened to us, but I know one thing for sure: nothing will be as before. I was young and all was blurring, but I remember clearly that at one point everything changed and not for the better. My parents loved all their three children equally. I have an older brother – Evan and younger sister – Amelia. I am the second child – Brin. I do not know why they gave me such a strange name. I do not even think that such name should be given to a girl. Whatever. They, my parents, always had high expectations of Evan. For me he was like a super star. But Amelia was spoiled by all the attention. As for me… Well, I floated downstream. Nobody expected anything from me. They do not spoil me. I would even say that they rarely noticed I was there. For that, little by little I began to hand myself. I was a kid, I felt lonely, and I thought I would grow old and die in this solitude.

One night when I was twelve, I woke up from screams. My mother was angry and upset about something. I slipped out of his warm bed and a slight gasp. I looked at the little scratch on my hand, which was received while trying to pet a dog. No, not a dog. Then I did not know difference between dogs and wolves. Anyway. Quietly I went to the door and got out of my room. In the hallway was dark, so I leaned on the wall. Nobody noticed that I came down and I was standing near the kitchen door. All of them seemed upset. For the first time I saw tears in the eyes of Evan. He was seventeen years old. I do not remember well the words that they exchanged that night but the next morning my mom said to me and Amelia that Evan will not live with us anymore. I remember that day I cried my eyes. I did not want to go to school. I did not want to leave the room or talk to anyone. My brother was my best friend, and now he did not even say goodbye. My heart was broken. Only a child, I knew loss. He was not dead, but… He had chosen to walk away and leave me. Yet I could not hate him. How can I hate someone who I love the most?





Then everything became worse. I started dreaming terrible nightmares and swoon. I wake up in the woods covered in mud, grass, and leaves. I do not remember anything. Mom and Dad took me to the doctor and trampled me with drugs. They are not leaves me out of sight. I even remember the strange woman they brought me to. Her house smelled strange. Herbs maybe. She looked at me strangely. They whispered something all the time, but I managed to hear only one phrase from the lips of my mother before she started to cry again. She said: ‘I cannot lose another child because of this nightmare!’

The woman, whose name was Grace McLane gave me a bracelet and told me never to tear it down. She told me that I would feel better and that this trinket will protect me from bad dreams. I believed her. I was drinking and the pills that my parents gave me. They were strict.

The years went by and I did not hear a word of my brother. I prayed for him to be well and happy. Mom and Dad did not even mention his name as if he never existed. Not to mention that Amelia had almost forgotten about him. She did not care. I just thought about him. Even ten years later, I still loved him and thought of him as if none of this had happened.

At the insistence of my parents (Mark and Ellis Grimword) I enrolled in a local college. They did not want me being away from home. Before I thought that they just love me and worry about me, but now I felt that I was more like a prisoner in my own home and they were my guards. Always wanted to know whom I was with and where I go. They knew all my friends. I felt like they were pressing me.

Little by little the paranoia was obsessed me. I was beginning to think that everyone around me was watching me. Spying me. Maybe it was not just my imagination because once Mom and Dad stopped to ask me questions but behaved as if they know everything I do. I started to freak out and I do not like it. They suffocated me. There was nobody to talk about it. There was nowhere to go. I could not escape because they never left me alone. I started to hate my own existence. I just wanted everyone to leave me alone.


Hanasakeru Seishounen

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Hanasakeru Seishounen

Maiden Rose

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Forbidden: Love in Wartime

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What I thought for a hoax was one irreparable truth that was very expensive for us. At least in some respects. The war was inevitable, although many were those opposed it. My family was from the minority. So you can guess that things were not “rosy” for us. We had a lot of problems with the newly formed organization named “People against Lycanthropy” or PAL. You could say they are like a new version of the Nazis. Crowd idiots who want to destroy anyone who is different and does not fit into their rules. What it turned out that for centuries among us live people who are half animals? They didn’t bother us. At least most of them. There is not a big difference. But some saw it as the perversion of nature and a violent insurrection. Rebellion, which later turned into a war.


I don’t say that we, i.e. those who chose to remain neutral, stand with lycanthropes. We just don’t mess up. We pretend that we don’t notice what is happening around us. It’s not easy. I certainly can’t, since on the streets constantly are killing so many people. Once while driving home… They shot a guy in front of me. He was not more than 12-13 years old. I was so shocked that I could not move from my seat. Just standing and staring at the flowing blood of the child. I froze on the spot. I am not proud of it, but what could I do? I know what they do with those who help these “creatures”. Tortures… Public executions… Fear had become so naturally feels that it has accepted as routine. I do not remember how long I have not seen my parents smile. It was a nightmare that cannot be found even in a book. If Hell had a look, this is it.


As in any war, and here economy has suffered a lot. People looked like beasts. The strong survive, you can say. I hated that. I hated myself, I cannot do anything. So, I’m just a girl of 24 years. I worked in a small warehouse. It was not much, but many people did not have it. I was grateful, though my boss was a real pig. Not literally, of course. He tried to hang me. He flirted with me shamelessly. That bastard took advantage of unemployment to take benefits from his employees. He was not satisfied with the girls, if you know what I mean. We were like slaves. He paid us paltry wages, and we have no right to protest. Damn life!


One night my life changed radically. I did not like it, but that was the best thing that could happen to me. I was driving home from work. It was late at night. Maybe around 3 am. I walked away because there were no buses. As always, I passed the bar of Hawkins. He’s an old friend of my father. I walked to the back streets, because the journey was shorter and relatively safe for humans. Usually I do not stop, but this time I had to. My shoelaces were loose, but did not want to stumble. I stopped and I started to knit when I heard a ruckus. The place where I was had no light and the darkness hid me. But not the source of the noise. I saw a group of boys. Perhaps my age. Looks like they had found the victim. The way in which they speaking it was a man. They imposed him with metal pipes. Laughing. Entertained by what they were doing. I knew I had to get out, but even the slightest movement poses a risk to see me.  For this I was fixed.


Nausea me. From my eyes dripped tears. Because these morons I hate my own kind. And they say that the lycanthropes are evil. If I had to choose sides, it would not have been that of humans. But killing people was not uncommon. Yet people started everything. Nasty selfish bastards. I am ashamed that I am a human being. Anyway, I do not look away from the terrible scene. I was lucky. Some of them said that the “victim” will not be. They left. Surely they would attack someone else. Morons.


I took a few steps in my direction. And behold, I felt guilty. I could at least to see if he’s dead, right? I growled and slowly walked towards the body. I was shaking, but I was determined to do it. I fell off when I saw how much blood there was. My knees buckled. I knelt. My hand was shaking. I hesitated whether to check his pulse. Finally I did it. He was alive. The pulse was weak, but it was there. I could not look at him because the blood covering his face. My tears just flowed. I checked, but no ID. There was no one to call or who to ask for help. Nobody would risk. But I could not just left him there. Well, I could, but… I was desperate because he was much bigger than me and I could not carry him, anywhere. I did not know what to do. For that I stood beside him and made him company. I could not do anything else.


I was tired. My eyes closed. Only for a moment. Then came Hawkins. He often threw garbage personally and probably saw us on the light. He tried to force me to go home, but I refused. I decided I had to stop running. Hawkins was a man over forty, but he was very well maintained. Often trained with my father. In him always been something special. He was high almost 1.90. There was a body of rugby player. His hair was gray. Always serious. This was Simon Hawkins. He helped us a lot since “the war of species” begins. I was about five years old. Long time, huh? Wow… I grew up in Hell.


“Better get out of here, Alice. Forget about what happened.”


I could not believe he said that. In my full with tears eyes came anger. Sorry that my fury shall come upon him, but…


“How long, Uncle Simon? How much should pretend this is not happening?”

“As it should. You grew up in this world. You had to accept it.” – Calm but mentoring he said.

“Never. I refuse to believe that in this world have only evil.”


I was sorry I increased my tome, but there was no turning back. But I was nervous and scared. I will be in trouble if someone understands that I was helping on “nonhuman”. But deep down I knew that I was doing the right thing. I saw that uncle Simon was watching me. Finally swore and told me that he would take care of the wounded. He bent down and picked him up. He carried him to the apartment above the bar. There was another entrance – on the back street. No one saw us. Only, I was puzzled by his power. I do not ask questions because I do not interfere in the lives of others. So I was taught.


The hallway and stairwell was dark. I almost fell. I could feel the railing and grabbed it. Even I did not think that my parents will be worried about me. We reached the green door whose paint was chipped. Simon told me to get the keys from the pocket of his shirt and open. I did it as quickly as possible. We went inside and I closed the door. Uncle put the wounded man down on the couch. He groaned, and that was a sign that he is alive. Simon handed me a bowl of water and towels. He told me that he is my concern now and I have to take care of him. He said that in the apartment has everything I need. Then go to change, not to walk around with bloody clothes. Not that anyone would notice. Then he leaves the keys and left.


Here, now I was alone with a lycanthrope. Well… okay. I took my jacket and left it on the chair. I took a bowl of water and towels. Knelt beside the couch. I dipped the towel in the warm water and I took a breath. Slowly I began to clean the blood from his face and neck. My hands were shaking. Even the slightest distraction could cost me everything. I did not stop. God! Behind the bloody mask hiding a lovely face. He was handsome. Too bad that he is not human. He had a short beard. His hair was short and slight curly. This… I should have looked if there were fractures. I touched him. I did not notice something was wrong. There were no fractures, but there were scrapes and bruises. It would hurt him. It’s not my problem. I… I did what I could.


I covered him with a blanket and did something to eat. I ate some food and left on the table in case he woke up and was hungry. And this would happen. I do not know what else I could do for him. And I was too tired to think. It was probably five or six o’clock in the morning. I hardly kept my eyes open. For that I was quick. I got my stuff and got dressed. I came to the door and instinctively looked back. He slept peacefully. All right. I left. I locked the door and put the keys under the mat. Without thinking I left. I ran like crazy. I ran ten blocks. I got home and there was no one. No wonder. At that time, Mom and Dad are on their way to work. I hardly took off my clothes. I lay down on my bed and immediately fell asleep.

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