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Soul’s Fighters [chapter 1]

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Soul's fighters


     I was a good girl. I always do what they say, even when I disagree. I observe others and neglecting myself for them. But what’s the use? Everything turned for a minute. Demons attacked the town in which I live. We were farmers. We did not have weapons, but only agricultural tools. They killed everything in its path. Burned houses and fields. There was a smell of burning flesh. Everywhere laid the bodies of humans and livestock. Screams echoed from all directions. Those who managed to escape death albeit briefly sought refuge in the woods. But there were different types of demons. The larger flew over the trees and threw fire. The smaller were slightly larger than humans. Surely there were other types, but I would not like to meet them. We ran with as our forces were left. Yet again there were casualties.

     When I ran something made me stop for a moment and to turn. Not far away among the bushes was lying injured woman. I heard a baby crying. I went down to her. I underestimated the situation. The woman died. Her wounds were severe. The baby was intact. With the last breath the mother asked me to save her child. She begged me. I took the child and pressed it to my chest. It was about a year. She cried, but there was nothing I could do for its mother. Therefore, I fled again. I managed to get my bearings and found my parents and brother into the frenzied of fear mob. That’s when they do not ask me questions about the child. We were running to escape from the inevitable doom that was chasing us. These demons had no mercy. They were thirsting for blood and destruction.

     We were coming to the rocks. At first glance, there was no way out, but adults know that there is mine. We all hid there and waited. We were at the mercy of fate. We only hope that this time we will get away. Somehow I managed to calm the child, but all around us we could hear crying. For a moment we lost everything that has been built for years. The despair gripped our hearts. It would be strange if it had not happened, right?

     I told on my relatives how the child turned to me. They told me that it’s better to give it to someone because I could not handle such a responsibility. I think that they called me incapable. It was not very nice. It’s like there is not enough pain and fear and now this. I got mad and stood up. I separated from them and sat at a distance. I did not want to be with people who do not believe in me. I know we’re at an impasse, but this is not an excuse for such treatment. The child was lying on my chest and drifted into slumber. Somehow calmed me and even made me smile. It was a beautiful little girl. She had blond hair and beautiful big blue eyes. I gently caressed her back and it calmed her. I did not know her name, but I could give her that. I knew that we would not survive here for long, because we had no water, no food. We were hoping that at least during the day will be safe.

     I was napping. I could not sleep deeply, but at least I can relax a little. I do not know for how long. But at one time I felt warm. That’s why I opened my eyes. My brother Jim was sitting next to me and he covered me with his coat. He said that I and the girl will not get sick because of the cold. I smiled and leaned my head on his shoulder. My brother always took care of me. I loved him and respected him even more than our parents. He always supported me as I do to him. It was very painful when his fiancée was killed in an accident for which the demons were guilty. He was ruined. I don’t know how he managed to recover.

     I don’t remember when this started. The rumor has it that it was a few centuries ago. I do not know the details, but only the stories that people talk. But I know that this was not the truth. We knew that group of fighters got together and formed the Order of the Souls. People there created packs with the ancient spirits – souls. They are merging and so the warrior received superhuman strength. Two souls divided the one body, so to speak. They say that the Soul can possess the weapon of his Master. He can use the body of his master to fight. Nobody knows the details. I’ve heard they called them Soul fighters. Since then, their number has grown and their cause was more difficult. They say that the finding volunteers are difficult because people lost their faith that we can beat the enemy. Dad always gets angry when someone spoke about it. I don’t know why. And mom most hated when someone speaks about the other operating force – Sisterhood of the Stars. They’re trained witches and wizards. I did not know why she hates it so much. These topics were absolutely taboo in our home, and it also makes me and my brother more curious about it.

     We waited until dawn. Then little by little we started to get out. We no longer could hear anything. Dead silence. I had to find something to feed the child. I was hungry too, but I could stand it, but I did not want the child to suffer. For this I went ahead without hesitation. Of course, my dad tried to stop me. But there was no way to stop. Jim said that he would come with me. He would watch over me. I knew my dad and my brother often argue. Sometimes they do not speak to each other for days. So he does not care what dad says.

     We were very careful, because no one knows whether the demons are still here. Fortunately, they were gone. We stumbled upon a horrifying view. My tears flowed alone. I tried to stop them, but just not happening. The smell of death hung in the air. I could still hear the screams, watching the dead people around me. The smell was disgusting. There was nothing left. We gave up, because there was nothing to find. Because of that, we just left. Nearby has a river. The water was clear and there were fish. I gave water to the child and then I drank. But I had to get milk. How could I give to a little kid a fish? But Jim finds fruits. Blackberries. I crushed them and gave it to the child. I think that she likes it because she was smiling. Even tried to squashing them with her little fingers. I smiled. My brother built a fire and roasted the fish. While we were eating and the girl gets interested. She squishes a piece of fish and put it in her mouth. She enjoyed it, but I was careful with the bones. Even my brother picked her up. I have not seen him smile for a long time. There was sadness in his eyes, but there was happiness too. I knew he was up to something. I knew him well enough. For now I did not know what it was.

     I startled when I heard a noise. Fortunately from the bushes showed out parents, not the demons. I took the child in my arms and I did not dare to look at them. Jim had taken a defensive position. But the scandal did not come. We shared our food with them. I think they were calmer and soft now. Mom took the child in her arms and smiled sadly. It was a pleasant sight. But there was something strange that was happening to me. Strange tension rose in me. I tried to hide it and for now I managed to do it. I found excuses for myself and separated from them. I hid myself among the trees and leaning on an oak. I tried to breathe normally. My heart was racing like crazy. I did not understand what was happening to me. I startled when I heard a noise behind me. It was my brother. I tried to act normal, but I think it did not work. It turned out that he feels the same way. Neither I nor he knew what these signs portend.

     After a few minutes I calmed down. The signs faded away, at least for now. We went back to our parents. For a few days everything was seemingly fine. The signs coming and going. We hide it from mom and dad not to worry. One day something unexpected happened. As we drove we came across a group of Soul fighters. My brother was talking with them. I even think that he asked them if they knew what that disease it. Jim looked shocked. He looked at me and called me by the hand. I left the child  my mother and I went there. It turned out that what we feel is a sign of soul commitment. Our bodies are preparing to contact with the so called Soul. Yet neither I nor Jim had one and when the time comes the Soul alone would find us. They told me that it’s rare to find a woman Soul fighter. Women experienced no commitment. This scared my brother, but there was nothing to be done. Once started, the connection can’t be stopped. I will become a fighter or I will die. I could barely contain my tears. The soldiers told us that it would be better to go with them. They said that they could take care of us and our family. This suited us, although my father was against it. We managed to convince him since we had no choice. We went with them.

     On the way my brother told them what happened to us. Explained about the child too. My mom was crying almost all the time because she was afraid for my life. Men survived, but women risking their lives. I will not hide that I was scared too, but there was nothing to do about it. I only hoped that I can handle this. Not that there was something else to do. And it was visible beginning of a dangerous but exciting adventure.


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