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Bloody Light [ch. 1.1]

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     It’s frustrating to be a young vampire. Even worse is if you find yourself without a master. The connection among us was interrupted by the hunters or rather from the witch who work with them. I don’t know how it happened. And although there is was no connection, I was still a part of his team. Others, however, did not react well. They turned me into an outsider.

   What a nuisance. Even the killing didn’t make me feel better. And if I do not want to be around my comrades, I spent most of my time outside. I’m roam in the darkness as ghost. I hated my own existence. I hated the world around me. The human emotions were choking me. I tried to forget that I was a human being. For the world Reina Gray was dead. For the world of the darkness I was as a stray dog stowed from mercy. My master, I means Leo, tried to train me. He showed me the basics. Then I had to improve to my own. For this they sent me away. I had money and a bag of clothes. Most of them always were wanted me out. It wasn’t bad, really. It should be more fun without them. I do not bother to rent a hotel room. I slept wherever it is. In old buildings… most of the time. I spent my time under bridges or in the dark streets. I saw anything. People are hypocritical. During the day, they observe decorum, and at night… At night everything was different. Sin and debauchery. The decent in the daytime doctor at night loved to fuck young boys with a dubious reputation. Don’t get me wrong. I am not a voyeur. It is fun to imagine what would happen if his secret is revealed.

     This neighborhood was interesting. I encounter all sorts of views. For that I rented a small apartment overlooking the “alley of sin”. The characters in the night games were almost identical every night. I obtaining blood and enjoyed the human decay. Yes, the vampires are among the worst. While I prefer just to watch, while others prefer to be part of the show. It was annoying. I was bored.

     One night I came home earlier from dinner. I lay down on the old mattress and stared at the ceiling. Then I heard the noise. Dispute. It was coming from outside. With a smooth motion I found myself close to the window. Some guys were pressed one of the boys, whose professional name was “Terry”. They wanted the money that he was earned with his body. It seems that they are preparing not only to rob him, but to use him for free. When he resisted they hit him. That was annoying. The noise annoyed me. Before thinking whether to leave them, I was already outside. I smashed one of them in the wall. The other two attacked me with knives. They cut me. I smiled. I ripped the heart of one of them, and the other becomes a snack. The boy looked at me with wide open eyes. He was terrified. I looked at him, and then turned my back on him. I headed back to the apartment. I needed gasoline and matches. We have a rule never to leave corpses behind.

     I returned after a few minutes. I was wearing nylon with me. I wrapped the bodies. The boy stood crouching in the corner. I dragged the bodies to a container. I irrigated them with the gasoline and threw a lit match. Everything was in flames. I watched it for few minutes. Then I started to recede. I ignored him. The boy I mean. Although I felt something. The boy was infected. Not with sickness, but something more serious. He’ll find it in the next full moon.

     I got into the apartment. I changed my clothes and I knew that I would have to move out. Soon the cops would be sniffing around. it’s boring and quite problematic. Even without my intervention, this would become hot.

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