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Little news

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Few days ago I started new story. I know, I know I started new one… again. But for now it goes awesome.




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I have New ideas for a story but I do not know… These days I couldn’t finish even one story because there are too many ideas in my mind. Geez… sometime this is annoying…

I am sorry

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Sorry that I wasn’t here for so long

Akiyama-kun rerelease!

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I know this manga and I think that it’s good one.


As I’m sure many of you know (as it’s such a popular title even in overseas fandom) Nobara Aiko not only released the first volume of Yokosu Inu, Mekuru Yoru this past month but also partnered with Marble Comics to rerelease her incredibly well-loved title Akiyama-kun! I had no clue, personally, until I happened to see it on and wasn’t sure if it was a continuation or—in fact—just a rerelease of the original story. Well, it’s a little of both!

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Akihira Shiro “Twilight Underground”

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This looks good.


So I’m a huge huge fan of Akihira Shiro’s debut release Ame to Kiss and was thus pretty excited to see she had a new story already running in Craft. I bought the two latest volumes specifically because I was really impatient to read every available chapter of Kii Kanna’s Yuki no Shita no Qualia but I’d be lying if I said Akihira Shiro’s illustration on the cover of volume 62 had nothing to do with it.

I admittedly was somewhat nervous about reading it. It’s not that rare that I love an artist’s first work (or at least the first work I read by them) and then have too high of standards for the second release of theirs I consume. But two chapters in I’m already pretty in love with both characters and their overall relationship.

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DeadMan WonderLand – One Reason

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Slit the throat of reason and reality
Cut myself and scream for their insanity
Wake up to this nightmare that will never end
The main attraction of this twisted master plan

Trust nothing but pain to get me
through the daze
Sleep with one eye open not to be their prey
Fist against my face they bring me to my knees
The pressure’s crushing down so hard
I can’t break free

When I can feel my skin crawl
When I’m about to crack
The hunger for revenge
gives me strength to stand

I will be your deadman
With nothing but this blood on my hands
Stuck in your “wonderland”
I just want to make you bleed like me

Everyday goes by without a second thought
Living in a perfect and controlled project
A puppet of their sick perversion’s appetite
Will I be trapped inside this hell until I die?

So what if no one cares
Enough to make a change
I give my bleeding heart out for one reason

I will be your deadman
With nothing but this blood on my hands
Stuck in your “wonderland”
I want to make you bleed just like me

So make me your deadman
With only poison in my veins
Stuck in your “wonderland”
Stagnated by the passivity
I’m gonna make you bleed like me 

top 10 (oops, 25) yaoi manga, part 1 of 5

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the joy of yaoi

top 10 yaoi – the best boys’ love manga

Doushitemo Furetakunai by Yoneda KouDoushitemo Furetakunai by Yoneda Kou

… is what I’d like to say. It’s what I was going for, but that’s not how it turned out. I mean, really, how can a hopeless fujoshi actually reduce the best of yaoi to 10 titles? I am defeated. Utterly.

Yet, if you’re coming to this list wondering what the breadth of yaoi is and what you might or might not like, I hope the list that I was able to put together will give you some new things to chew on. Come meet twenty-one skilled mangaka and their twenty-five manga, each with her own unique flavor. I hope you will find some to your taste.

a starter set: 21 great mangaka &  25 great yaoi

Finder by Yamane AyanoFinder by Yamane Ayano

What do these yaoi have in common? Many of them were recommended to me when I first started…

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