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My beloved vampire [chapter 1]

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Chapter 1


The rain was falling hard. I heard it as if it was far away. Maybe because I was lying half-dead somewhere in the woods not far from my parent’s home. I was lying on my face on the wet ground. Among the mud. I felt the smell of dust. Grass. Of blood. And now…of death. My death. My empty eyes went black. My body was cold and I no longer felt the pain. I do not think sorry how I would die. Anyway, my life was not a fairy tale. I was the youngest in the family. I was not smart like my old brother Lucas. Neither was I a beauty like my sister Elizabeth. For my parents I was a nothing. I was pretty sure they would not miss me. They already were unaware of my existence.

My heart slowed its beating. I knew it. Despite everything I had and my regrets. I could not say that I have lived fully. I have never been in love. I have never been loved. Even by my own relatives. As a child, I learned to live like a shadow. I watched others happiness. For myself I was getting only contempt and cold attitude. I never received a warm hug or a smile. I even remember how my brother and sister pretended not to know me. Waving me away as if I was a stray dog. Little by little, I started to feel hatred and contempt for them. I hated that I am part of this family. Come to think… This filthy blood will flow out of my veins…

Probably you wonder how I found myself in this situation. I will explain. After all this was nothing fun. After another dinner at home, I felt mentally exhausted. After I left the room, I heard that they all rejoiced. I felt damn bad. Therefore, I decided to go to clear my mind.

My black cloak enveloped me in a warm hug. It merged me with the darkness. The air was cold and smelled of rain. Soon there would be a storm. That did not stop me. I moved quickly. I do not carry a lantern. I walked away pretty fast. I was careful not to stumble into a fallen branch. I stopped to rest a bit. It was quiet around me. Really quiet. Even the crickets were silent. My stomach knotted. Sudden alarm tightened my chest. I turned and then the unthinkable happened. The arrow came from the darkness. It shocked me and took me almost a minute to realize that the blade sank into my chest. My eyes filled with tears. I choked and fell to the ground. The blade sank deeper. I tried to crawl, but the pain was indescribable. I was lying on my face when the first raindrops began falling. The ground beneath my body was already wet with my blood. With my tears as well. I was dying alone like a dog. And I do not even know why. From where the arrow came? Hunters? No. They would not have gone to the rising storm.

My consciousness came and goes few times. My body grew colder because of blood loss and the rain. Then I thought I heard footsteps. I could not see anything, but I could still hear. Someone was talking, but I could not hear clearly. As I said – I was not myself. I was dying. Then the world around me just disappeared. I was not sure if I am still alive or not.




I was very surprised when I woke up. My body ached and felt weak. Light coming through the window pierced my eyes and made me groan. I blinked and very slowly turned my head. I realized that I was lying in bed. Nothing special, but it felt more comfortable than home. There everything was alien to me. Probably it sounds strange, but it is a fact.

I could not move. I was only able to stare at the ceiling. My chest ached. I remembered what happened. From my eyes flowed with tears. Not sobbed. Just let the tears flow freely. For quite some time I was not crying. From a child I learned that there is no point of tears. I did not move when I heard the door open. But my heart was beating as if it wanted to fly off my chest.

I swallowed hard. I sighed. Then shadow caught my attention. At the end of the room stood a woman who I had not seen before. She was tall and very beautiful. She had long black hair and sea-blue eyes. If you looks carefully enough you will see that she was not so young. She was dressed elegantly. She watched me calmly. Her face did not show emotions. My throat was dry. I could not speak.

-You were lying near the estate of Charles Cunningham. Do you have anything to do with this family?

I opened my mouth to answer, but my mouth went unintelligible sounds. She went to a small table at the end of the room and poured me a glass of water. She helped me to drink. Then repeated the question. I took a breath and slowly explained to her that I was Florencia Cunningham and I am the daughter of Charles… unfortunately. The last part I did not spoke aloud, but my voice betrayed my emotions. I told her that I just went out to get some air. The rest was clear.

There was something that impressed me. She apparently did not like my father.

-How long was I unconscious? – I whispered softly.

-A few days.

My eyes widened in shock. I asked if she knew something, whether they were looking for me. She answered “no.” She did not know if they search for me. Not that I was surprised, but it was still painful. I clenched my hands into fists. I fought the urge to scream. I took a breath and exhale. Nervous laughter left my mouth. My tears betrayed me.

-Damn… Why am I not surprised?

-What do you mean? – The woman asked. – You are his daughter. Soon they will search for you.

-No, they will not. They do not care, even if I disappeared. This place has never been home for me. I share the same blood with these people and nothing more. I do not even know why they hate me.

I looked up and looked at her. I am sure my face was emblazoned pain. The words that I spoke then surprised even me.

-You should not rescue me. You just had to leave me there to die like a dog. For them I am nothing more than a hindrance.

-You speak serious things, girl.

-They are all true. They might be frustrated if I go back. When can I leave?

-You are not prisoner. Go when you can walk.

That was the last thing she said before leaving the room. She left me alone.




The woman was right. Nobody stopped me when I decided to leave. I could still feel the pain in my chest, but at least I could walk. I received only guidance on how to find a way home. I went out from that house early in the morning. Before sunrise. People from this home urged me to do it like that. Not that I object. I do not hurry to go home. There was no one who was waiting for me.

I did not travel on major roadways. There was risk to be attacked by someone was much larger. However, unlike my last walk, this time I was much more careful. Of course, I stopped several times to rest. I had only a little water in itself. I was hungry but I had neither money nor food. Damn it! My stomach has churned much vigor. I had to stop to catch my breath.

Then someone tapped me on the shoulder and I jumped in fright. It turned out that behind me was an elderly woman. She looked poor, but she was not dirty or anything. She smiled at me. My heart was pounding hard. I was sweating. However, I smiled in response. She invited me to rest in her home. I accepted and I did not even know the woman. She lived in a small house. It was really poor, but her house was more comfortable than the one in which I lived. She poured me a little stew and gave me a piece of bread. It was not anything special, but I was ready to accept everything. I was very grateful to her. Then I told her what happened to me. She looked surprised, but only briefly. Then she introduced herself. Her name was Glenda. She did not tell me her family name, but I did not ask. I felt tired and she offered me to rest. I accepted.

I was tired when I went to the little uncomfortable bed. She covered me with a blanket and I sank into slumber. I felt everything around me go in the darkness. At least for a while. Then the darkness was broken by the quiet whisper. Obviously, the older woman was talking to someone. I turned and then pain shot through my chest. My eyes opened wide and I could not catch my breath. My eyes blurred with tears and my hands clutched to my chest. I felt like someone again stuck an arrow in my chest.

Glenda tried to reassure me, but the pain made my body tumbles into bed. I heard how she screams to someone.

-Eric, does not stay there. Come and help me.

-Why are you doing this, Witch? – The voice was deep.

I heard it for a moment, but that voice was like silk. If these few words calmed the pain. I knew it was strange, but it was true. My body stopped shaking and the pain disappeared. I could breathe again. I managed to get up.

-It is better if you do not get up.

-I am feeling better now, ma’am. Thank you for your help. – A slight smile appeared on my face, but did not get to my eyes.

-It is looks like the arrow with which you were injured was smeared with something.

-I think it was not for me. – I whispered.

Then I remembered something. I could not believe it. The woman saw the confused expression on my face and put her hand on my shoulder.

-What do you mean, Flo?

-Before those people to find me… Someone else approached me.


-I did not saw who was it, but I heard what he said.

I took a deep breath for a moment, and then I quoted the words of that man.

“Damn! She is human!”That is what he said.

In the woman’s eyes flashed something I could not describe. She got up and went to the other room, which obviously was a man whose name was Eric. They were talking about something and they did not even notice me. At least I thought so until the blue-green eyes of the man not dug into me. My breath stopped. She was so damn beautiful. He looked like someone… That woman. But not only that. He had traits of a man whom I knew well. My father. Impossible. Even I did not… The breath caught in my throat. Tears ran down on my face. I do not look like any of my parents. I have seen pictures of my family members, but we do not look-alike.

The sudden realization prevented me from noticing what was going on around me. I realized it when Glenda shouted:

-Eric, don’t!

But before I could react, he was cornered me against the wall. His eyes were burning in inhumane color. As if there was lightning. His lips protruded two long sharp teeth. He was sniffing my neck. That was not true. He is not a human… I was trembling, but he did not hurt me. Suddenly he growled something in a language I did not understand. A single word: “Mea” (from the Latin. “Mine”). This prompted the woman to pale. I was confused.


Eric moved his lips to my ear and whispered: mine. My heart was pounding. I did not understand anything, but for some reason I was excited. For the first time someone acting like that with me. And although he still held me, he definitely not hurt me. Even the fact that in front of me does not stand a human slipped out of my mind.

-Don’t do it, Eric. She is not from our world. You cannot force her. This will put her in danger. You know it.

-Shut up!

-That is why your mother does not let you near the room in which she was healed.

So it is true! That woman is his mother. But how? She does not seem so old. Sensing my thoughts, Eric looked at me in the eyes. His serious expression softened. He pulled me to his hard chest. I did not resisted not because he was obviously stronger, but because something in him already had captured my soul and my heart. I did not know him, but I could not imagine a life without him in it. And that is what scared me to death.










Ace and Brin: Love in the Darkness [chapter 2]

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It was Monday morning. I was already awake and ready for college. I stood in front of the mirror and stared at the pale girl opposite. I do not go out enough, maybe. And the weather was gloomy and rainy most of the time of year. I combed my brown hair and then tied it in a ponytail. I took my jacket and purse and left my room. I went down to the kitchen. I took an apple from the basket on the table and headed for the door. My mother called me by name, but I did not answer. On the contrary. I speeded up a step. I take the road, because I could not drive. The did not allowed me, and medications makes me very distracted.

I walked with bowed head, because I felt eyes on me. I did not like it. I knew they thought that I was crazy or at least strange. It made me go crazy and stressful. I went to class without problem. I listened carefully to the lecture and recorded everything. I would not describe myself as a genius, but I was an excellent student. Anyway, I had no other occupation that to study. Therefore, I did not have to deal with my parents. However, Amelia was their star now. I was just unbalanced daughter who was trapped.

After the lecture, I went to the cafeteria and gave myself a little rest. I got a sandwich and sat down at the table at the end of the hall. I took the phone and headset. I played music and I tried to isolate myself from the situation. It is true. I lived in the past. I could not shake the nightmares. Sometimes I still had them, but I did not feel anything. Therefore, I do not say anything.

Someone’s shadow loomed over me. I looked up to see my friend Kate. She smiled, but I said nothing. I was not in the mood to pretend to be happy. She sat on the vacant seat next to me, did not stop staring at me until I stopped the music, and did not worthy of your undivided attention.

-How are you today, Brin?

-That is what you want to ask me?

-I noticed that you are more gloomy than usual. What is bothering you?

I could not tell her the truth because I knew that she would report to my parents. I knew that she not doing to because she is bad. They must have told her that I was not well and they just worry about me. They just want to know that I am okay. I understood that but I still not accept it.

-It is because the weather. I hate it when it rains.

-Yeah, that is sucks. – She said, and I think she believed me. – What do we do now?

-I do not know. I was going to go to the library in the town. Then I would drink coffee and go home. I have nothing to do.

-I am coming with you. You do not look well. You are pale. I…

-You are not my mother. I do not want your concern.

I stood up and hurried to get out. I did not want to talk to her or anyone else. I felt like I was going to cry. I did not want others to see me. Then I would have to answer many questions. And not I was not in the mood to go on lectures. The very thought of standing closed with a bunch of people choking me. For this, I left the campus and went straight to the library. I could not shake the feeling that I was being watched. However, this time it was not uncomfortable. If the one who was watching me was worried.

I went to the library and greeted the librarian – Mel. Then I went to get a book. I circled between the shelves and chose a book that I did not expected. Book for legends and myths associated with mythical and supernatural creatures. I took it and sat at a table near the window. I started reading and forgot about everything. I did not felt how the time flies. I got excited and could not come off my eyes from the book. I do not know why, but suddenly my heart began to beat faster. Then a hand touched my shoulder and I jumped. I dropped the book. In front of me stood a tall and burly man with short dark hair and beautiful blue eyes. He had tattoos. He wore leather pants, boots, and leather jacket under which he wore a black vest. I blinked a few times. For no reason my eyes were filled with tears and they just started streaming down my face. I… I knew who he was. I recognized him. Even now, after all this time I could recognize him. He was grown and his physique was different, but I would never have mistaken these eyes.

-Evan… – The name came out of my mouth like a whisper.

He reached out and without thinking; I went down into his arms. He pressed me hard against his strong chest. I cried. I felt when he kissed the top of my head.

It took me time to calm down. We sat at the far end of the library. I stood in his arms and listened. I listened to his heartbeat. I knew that he was excited.

-Ten years, Evan… You do not call even once. Do you know how much this hurt me?

-I know, Brin. Forgive me, sister. I…

-I heard you. Mom and Dad made you leave, right?

-It was necessary. After what I did…

His eyes watered. He hugged me tight. I did not understand, and did not care. Now he was here and that was all I wanted.



-Are you okay, little one? Do not tell me you drink sedatives.

-I take pills. Mom makes me. Ever since, you left. They took me to a doctor and to a woman… What was her name…?

I was thinking. Time passed since I saw her for the last time. Suddenly her name surfaced in my mind.

-Grace. Her name was Grace McLane.

-Damn it! This witch. – He growled.

Yes. Indeed, I heard growling. I heard and felt the vibration in his chest. I was not afraid, though it was unnatural. Evan asked if Grace has given me something. I said yes and showed him my arm. He immediately tore the bracelet and threw it on the ground. He told me not to drink the pills. He do not explain why, buy I knew that if he says it with such a worried expression means there is a reason. Even now, I believe him blindly. There was something else. He asked me not to tell anybody that he has returned, and we met. He gives me his number and I gave him mine. We would meet in secret. Very exciting, right? For the first time in years on my face showed a smile. A real smile.

Then my brother disappeared back behind the shelves. I could not understand how he does it. I hurried to get my things and get out. It really started to rain. I had no umbrella and had to run. I run carefully, because there was a risk to trip and land on the ground and I did not want that. My heart was racing. I was incredibly happy. Then I remember the Evan’s warning. He told me not to take the medicines. That is what I was going to do. I believed him, and from a long time now, I was sick of those damn pills.

I had almost reached my home when I slipped on the wet road and found myself on the ground. I growled with frustration. I tried to gather my belongings when I heart tires and headlights blinded me. I stared at the approaching car and could not move. Even I did not understand when someone grabbed me and led me out of the way just before the car to go through the place where I was.

I could not breathe. I was in shock. I heard a distant voice that was trying to reach me. He called me a fool. I looked but saw nothing. I lost consciousness. Already well-known signs. How humiliating.




I woke up with a severe headache. I was in home, in my bed. I stood up and threw my bare feet on the floor. I was a little dazed. Suddenly the door burst open and my mother came inside. Her eyes were filled with anxiety. There were black circles under her eyes. Poor woman…

-Oh dear! Are you okay? I was so scared.

-How did I get here?

-They found you on the driveway. You were fainted. What happened?

I remembered what happened, but I could not tell her the truth. I thought about it and I told her the same think I said to Kate. And without it, they probably already knew.

-It is because the weather, Mom. You know that I do not like the rain. I have always been weak at such a time, and now caught me off guard. Sorry!

I saw her how became calm. This was not entirely a lie. She kissed me on the forehead and told me that she would bring me food. I nodded in response and went to the bathroom.




I was happy that I saw her. My heart could not be calmed down. I went into the hut, which I bought with my boyfriend Sky. He was happy, thought I did not understand why. What I saw in it was that it was close to my home. There was someone else with us. Sky’s cousin – Ace. I do not know why Sky insisted to bring him with us. Ace was a bully without a sense of humor and a complete asshole. If it was not for my beloved, Sky I’d be kicked him out.

Sky appears. He hugged me hard and I kissed him.

-Hello to you too! – He smiled.

He was of medium height, blond hair, and big blue eyes. He smiled sweetly.

-What’s wrong? You look very happy. Something good had happened?

-I saw her. I talked with her.

-With whom? Do not tell me… Brin? Your sister?


-Oh, Evan!

-I know I had to wait, but… I just could not resist when I saw her so unhappy…

-I know that you miss her.

-They took her to a witch. They trample her with drugs to suppress her essence. I will not let them to poison my sister. I caused her enough of bad experience.

Sky stroked my face. He knew everything about my past. He knew that I am not a human, and he knew that I left home because involuntarily I wounded Brin and then she was infected. She’s like me, but she does not know. My dear family and that witch took care of that. My hatred grew with every minute. I needed time to calm down, but to be honest Sky had a big contribution to make it possible. I wanted to introduce him to her… my two beloved people. I only hoped that Brin would accept him.

As I lay in bed, with Sky cuddled in me, I heard the front door open and close. I knew who he was even if I did not see him. But this time there was something else. I got out of bed without waking up the boy. I put on boxers not because the nakedness bothered me, but simply propriety. And Sky preferred to be the only one who sees me in all my glory.

I went down downstairs and went to the kitchen. Ace stood by the refrigerator with a glass full of ice. Then he took a bottle of whiskey and opened it. He fills the glass. I wonder why he bothered, since we cannot get drunk even if we want to. But unsuccessful attempts have been irritating. Once I approached him, I felt familiar smell and my whole body stiffened.

-What did you do, Ace? – I asked with anger simmering in the chest.

-Nothing. – He growled. – I saw your sister. She looks like you.

-Only if you touch her…

-Don’t freak out! – He said and took a sip. – She almost gets hit by a car. She fainted soon after I took her away from the road. She is weak.

It sounded offensive words from him, but for the first time did not seem malicious.

-She doesn’t know what’s going on with her. Ten years under the influence of magic and drugs prevented that. I waved the magic and told her not to take the drugs. What did you do with her?

-I left her in front of her house. – He said and walked out of kitchen.

It was weird. He did not care about anything or anyone. Never. Not I owned him Brin’s life. Damn it! I hated the fact that I own him something. I followed him to the living room.

-Thanks for saving her.

Ace looked at me and raised his eyebrows.

-You thank me. Probably the Hell is already frozen.

-Damn it, Ace! You don’t have to be such asshole.

-Stop it, you two!

Ace and I looked at the stairwell where Sky stood. He was sleepy and wrapped in a blanket. Cute.

-Why you always fight?

-This is our way of talking. – Ace said.

-Well, you had better stop. So?

-What? – Ace asked, while Sky snuggled closer to my body.

-Did you see her? Brin.


I noticed that he winced at the mention of her name. I did not pay attention. Surely, I imagined things.

-How was she?

-Why are you asking me?

He stood up and put the glass down on the coffee table. He went into his room, apparently because he did not want to talk. He was not much a talker anyway.




I eat a little. Not much, because my body felt strange. Without the bracelet, I felt somehow free. And my first try not to drink the pills was successful. I hid then under my tongue and only pretend swallow them. Once mom get out I spit them and hid them under the mattress.

I felt tired and went to sleep early. But after midnight, I started dreaming things. I was in the woods and I was not alone. There was someone. Shadow that should scare me, but actually it was familiar. He was not a human but a beast. I held out my hand, but he disappeared. I wanted to follow him, but I could not. Something pinned me in place. I looked and saw chain. I fell to my knees and cried. My freedom was taken away.

I woke up early. Very early. Others were still asleep. I needed a fresh air. I get out of the bed and went to the bathroom. I flush my eyes and brushed my teeth. Then I went and changed into a shorts and a T-shirt. I took my thin jacket. I put on my sneakers and in complete silence, I slipped outside.

Ace and Brin: Love in the Darkness [chapter 1]

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I do not remember everything that happened to us, but I know one thing for sure: nothing will be as before. I was young and all was blurring, but I remember clearly that at one point everything changed and not for the better. My parents loved all their three children equally. I have an older brother – Evan and younger sister – Amelia. I am the second child – Brin. I do not know why they gave me such a strange name. I do not even think that such name should be given to a girl. Whatever. They, my parents, always had high expectations of Evan. For me he was like a super star. But Amelia was spoiled by all the attention. As for me… Well, I floated downstream. Nobody expected anything from me. They do not spoil me. I would even say that they rarely noticed I was there. For that, little by little I began to hand myself. I was a kid, I felt lonely, and I thought I would grow old and die in this solitude.

One night when I was twelve, I woke up from screams. My mother was angry and upset about something. I slipped out of his warm bed and a slight gasp. I looked at the little scratch on my hand, which was received while trying to pet a dog. No, not a dog. Then I did not know difference between dogs and wolves. Anyway. Quietly I went to the door and got out of my room. In the hallway was dark, so I leaned on the wall. Nobody noticed that I came down and I was standing near the kitchen door. All of them seemed upset. For the first time I saw tears in the eyes of Evan. He was seventeen years old. I do not remember well the words that they exchanged that night but the next morning my mom said to me and Amelia that Evan will not live with us anymore. I remember that day I cried my eyes. I did not want to go to school. I did not want to leave the room or talk to anyone. My brother was my best friend, and now he did not even say goodbye. My heart was broken. Only a child, I knew loss. He was not dead, but… He had chosen to walk away and leave me. Yet I could not hate him. How can I hate someone who I love the most?





Then everything became worse. I started dreaming terrible nightmares and swoon. I wake up in the woods covered in mud, grass, and leaves. I do not remember anything. Mom and Dad took me to the doctor and trampled me with drugs. They are not leaves me out of sight. I even remember the strange woman they brought me to. Her house smelled strange. Herbs maybe. She looked at me strangely. They whispered something all the time, but I managed to hear only one phrase from the lips of my mother before she started to cry again. She said: ‘I cannot lose another child because of this nightmare!’

The woman, whose name was Grace McLane gave me a bracelet and told me never to tear it down. She told me that I would feel better and that this trinket will protect me from bad dreams. I believed her. I was drinking and the pills that my parents gave me. They were strict.

The years went by and I did not hear a word of my brother. I prayed for him to be well and happy. Mom and Dad did not even mention his name as if he never existed. Not to mention that Amelia had almost forgotten about him. She did not care. I just thought about him. Even ten years later, I still loved him and thought of him as if none of this had happened.

At the insistence of my parents (Mark and Ellis Grimword) I enrolled in a local college. They did not want me being away from home. Before I thought that they just love me and worry about me, but now I felt that I was more like a prisoner in my own home and they were my guards. Always wanted to know whom I was with and where I go. They knew all my friends. I felt like they were pressing me.

Little by little the paranoia was obsessed me. I was beginning to think that everyone around me was watching me. Spying me. Maybe it was not just my imagination because once Mom and Dad stopped to ask me questions but behaved as if they know everything I do. I started to freak out and I do not like it. They suffocated me. There was nobody to talk about it. There was nowhere to go. I could not escape because they never left me alone. I started to hate my own existence. I just wanted everyone to leave me alone.

Note of my imagination [2]

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     Who the hell was that man? He was good-looking but I couldn’t accept that. I mean I can’t accept his actions. He ordeted me around and even my mom agreed with him. Damn it! He drived slowly and we didn’t speak. But I couldn’t resist.

-Who are you actually?

-What do you mean? I am…

-I know what you say but I want to know the truth.

     He smiled. Oh man! He had the best smile that I ever seen. My heart skiped a beat. I can sware that he saw that. I must be brave! He can’t know, right? I really liked him and I didn’t know the reason. I tried to breath slowly and to calm myself.

-What’s wrong, Miss Lane?

-Nothing. Why do you ask?

-No reason. Just… You looks nervous.

-Maybe a little. I have no idea what’s happen. Someone who I don’t know come to my house and tell me that we will work together. I am not pro. I am not a teacher. Why would you want to work with someone like me?

-Well, I have my reasons. – He give me his cute smile.

     Without any warning, he slammed on the breaks. If it wasn’t the belt I would have flew through the windshield. I startled and looked at him.

-What are you doing? Do you want to kill us?

-Don’t move!

     He was damn serious. I followed his gaze and saw what bothered him. There was someone. A man. Dangerous one. I couldn’t recognized him but I can say that he was dangerous. His eyes saw Richard. He smiled. I trembled. Then Richard took my hand and told me that everything will be fine. He will not allow something bad to happens. But what I did not understand was … Who is that strange man and what was the connection between them?

SWAP: The Dark Hunter ch 2 part 1

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Chapter 2


 At 9 pm in front of my home a car stopped. Just like a clock, huh? My father was not there yet. He is working overtime again. Anyway. I got in the car with the man who I met earlier at the hospital. He presented as Shinjiro Okami. He does not tell me where we are going, and I did not ask. It was irrelevant.

-Are you against if I smoke? – He pointed to the box of cigarettes.


-You are not talkative, huh?

-And you do not look like a person who likes to chat.

He laughed.

-Do you know that your father likes the boys in the office?

-Direct and without tack, eh?

-So, you know. Does your mother bear it or she does not know?

     -More like she does not care. She is busy with her own life. They think I do not know about their affairs.

-As I look at you, seems like you do not care much.

-It is their life. Moreover, they would not divorce.

-You are a strange type.


      He still smiled, though not like a man who laughs often in public. Or he was trying to create a good impression, or trying to get information. It will be a little difficult. I learned not long ago not to trust people. I do not accept everything at face value. Oh, yes! When I lived in lies easily recognize liars. I have twenty years of experience in this field.

     The car stopped in the garage and we went out. We walked to the elevator. We waited 2-3 minutes and then we climbed. We were silent. Instead of climbing up, we went down. I take this seriously, because I did not know what I am into. I am serious, but do not mean I am boring. If I find something that I like I will find a way to have fun. However, until then, I am alert.

    The floor, which we went down, was like this in the office in the company. I guess I expected something more… mysterious. What the hell.  We met a few people. They stared at me. I understand that everyone is in a deal and each received the desired in exchange for their work here.  However, the politics kept the deals in secret. No matter what you asked for in exchange for their partnership. This is good. Although I doubt anyone to remembers their own past. In every deal is different, but the memories of our lives before is deleted. Nice.

     Saya welcomed us. There were other people and everybody was looking at me. I was focused on the woman.

-Welcome to the Citadel, Julian Coleman.

-Dramatic presentation, Ms. Saya.

-You are polite as always. Follow me. The Master wants to meet you personally.

     I nodded and followed her. Master, hah? I have not fallen into a parallel world, am I? This word is not used often. Although for me, it did not matter. The orders are orders. And I admit that I was curious.

     From the bright corridor, we passed in the gloomy tunnel. It is looked like we were in a cave. Nevertheless, that was just an illusion. Well established trickery. I found it senseless to ask questions. I just had to wait and I would know what I need. Let us leave that to a side… I noticed that this woman throws me a hot looks. It is normal… I guess. I am like a new toy. And when we got to the door of the office of the Master of the Citadel, she tightly in me. She drank me with her eyes. She run her fingers across my chest and spoke almost in a whisper.

-Don’t worry. Everything will go well. And the night is still young.

-Yes, it is. And full of unexpected surprises.

-I will wait for you to seek me. I waited form long time to meet you.

     I smiled and opened the door. I went and hung behind it. Too bad for her. I am not interested in women like her. She looked her own interests. She is a dangerous woman, and I know when to be careful. And now I have been interested in someone else… though not exactly romantic.

     As I expected in the office was grim. And as I thought about it, the lamps lit on the walls. They were built directly into the wall and they were not easy to see. There was a small library. In the center of the room had a large desk and leather chair. I stood a few steps away from the desk. I waited patiently. I did not intend to rush events.

     The man stared into my eyes without even flinching.

-Is my father knows about this?

-Of course not! For years, I know how difficult was for you. I waited for you to ask for change at will. But the result turned out to be much more impressive. You completely destroy your former self. “It” no longer exists.

-Grandpa… How…?

-Everyone is born with a certain role.

-Damn it! – I cursed. –Well, it could have been worse. At least I know whom I am working with.

     He laughed, but I do not cheerful. If he is strict with others, with me he would have been more ruthless. He expected more. But at least he is from the family. He will help me to hide. Or…

-Grandfather? Or I should call you… master?

-When we are alone you can call me grandpa.

-Will you object if I move in with you? This way I will save the troubles to lie to my father.

-Good idea. Incidentally, I heard that you took his assistant. Is he your type or something?

-What are you talking about?

-I know that you are bisexual.

-Maybe, because the choice is greater. But that is now why. He is a good man, and I saw that he is more sensitive that his other lovers. I do not want to see another broken life.

-You mean the case from three year ago?

-Yes. At least now I want to do something.

-You are a smart young man. Do what you think is necessary.

     Then he released me. Of course, he explained to me that I would first have to go through a mandatory course. I am still new in this. It would be worse than my training so far. Even I suspect that old man was preparing me for service in the Citadel from my childhood.

     On leaving he told me not to mention anything of what happened in this office. I do not need to be genius to grasp that his identity is a secret. Hmmm… Anyway. In front of the office was waiting three people. One of them was Mr. Okami. The other two I did not recognize. At least I was glad that “this” woman is gone. One of the strangers was tall and slender. Attractive, I admit. The other was more of a kid with glasses.

-This is the team. – Mr. Okami said.

-I understand. Tell me… Is Ms. Saya part of the team?


-This is good. She gives me creeps.

-Is she flirting already? – The boy asked with playful smile.

-She is not my type. I am Julian Coleman.

     I decided it was better to present myself. The boy named Katagawa Rei, and the other one – Tokigawa Hayato. Hayato looked at me, as I was undress. I would not mind, but he is part of the team. It is better to save hassle.

     All together, we went down the hallway to the garage. They invited me to drink and I accepted. There was no reason not to do it. It was pretty fun. We went to a cool bar and the girls there do not left us alone.

-So you have a twin sister? Is she cute?

-Hayato! How do I look like? She is my female version.

-So she IS a real beauty.

-Thanks. – I smiled and sipped from my whiskey. – But she is like a true diva.

     And we speak of the devil… My phone rang. How is she realized that I was talking about her? Jenny always felt when I have a good time, but before she always ruined my mood.


“Where are you? Dad said you will come home late?”

-Does is matter? I have a lot of fun. Bye!


    I knew what she would say to me so that is why I do not let her speak. Surely, she would be angry at me, but what can be done. Why would I comply with her? I noticed that I was being watched.


-You were a little rough with her, don’t you think?

-Someone should be. She is accustomed that everyone has to pleasing her and complies with her wishes.

-And you don’t?

-No. Although I will take a break of her annoying outbursts.

-Why? – Hayato asked.

-I will live in the home of my grandfather. At least I’ll have a little peace. Now excuse me, but I will get up early.

-Are you leaving? – Rei sulked. – I thought you were having a good time.

-I am, but I do not need trouble from my first day.

     I gave them my phone number and email address to contact me. Then I left money on the table and left.




Note of my imagination [1]

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I don’t know how that happen. I was just an ordinary girl from a small town. Yeah… But it wasn’t how I though. Something strange it’s going on. The fog covered the woods around the town. Strange noise was heard. Like wolves howl. But it wasn’t… wolves. The professional hunters say so. They never heard something like that before and I think that I can believe them. They have no reason to lie.One night until I was asleep, something scratching on my window. I wake up from the noise. It was strange and creepy. What the hell was that? I couldn’t say it aloud so I just keep it in my mind. I got up and walked to the window. I pull the curtains and looked outside. On first I saw nothing but darkness. After I decided to go to bed something crash into the window. It was a bird. Raven, I think. It was dead. There was something in the shadows. Something watching me from there. My heart skip the beat. I was scared. I hid myself under the blanket. Yeah, I know. I am 25 years old girl but that’s doesn’t mean that I can’t be scared. Well, at least I didn’t scream. I heard footsteps in front my door. I was scared to death.

‘Lane, dear! Are you okay there?’

It was the voice of my mother. I take a breath. I thought that it was not necessary to tell her something strange. She would say something like that it was just my imagination. But it wasn’t.

‘I am fine, mom.’

‘Okay. Get ready.’

Huh? Ready? I look at the clock on the shelf. Damn, it was already morning. But how?

‘Someone is waiting for you, Lane. Be quick.’

Who would waiting for me? I have no friends. I have no lover. No one who would care for me. Then who was it? Because of that I prepare myself quickly and run down on the stairway. In the living room I saw a man. Nice one. Tall and good-looking. In suit and ware glasses. He has black hair and blue-gray eyes. I didn’t know him. Who was he? My mom was polite with him. Even serve him cup of tea.

‘Come on, dear. Don’t make the young man to waiting for you.’

‘Sorry, but I don’t know him. Do we met before? If that’s the case I don’t remember.’

‘My name is Richard Gray. Nice to meet you, miss Lane. From today we will work together. So I decide to come to get you. Sorry, if my presence here is not welcomed.’

‘It’s not that. I just don’t understand what you try to say. Working? I just help in the middle school. Are you a teacher?’

‘Something like that. Can we go now? I don’t want to be late in the first day.’

There is something in this man that makes me suspicious. But I get outside and get in his car. I had strange feeling about that. And it wasn’t for good.

SWAP: The Dark Hunter [chapter 1]

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swap cover1

Chapter 1


   Be careful what you wish for! This is a common phrase. I find it annoying until it happened to me. I was born a girl. I grew up as a girl. Seemingly nothing weird, right? Only that my life wasn’t easy. At school I had no friends and all harassing me because I was timid and shy. Every day was the same. I dared not to tell my parents. Even on my twin sister Jenny. Even after I graduated and went to college it was the same. I envied on my sister. We were twins but we were complete opposites. One night after being drunk almost to fainting (alone again, of course) I wished I’d been born a boy. I thought that will be easier. I wanted to be a cool but mysterious guy who attracts attention. I wanted to be strong and smart.

   Really stupid desires that may arise in the mind of a drunken person. Even I never imagined what would happen to me. No rational person could ever imagine it. Like I said I got drunk and then fell asleep. Everything was normal until the moment when I woke up because of Jenny’s screaming. My head kills me. I got up because it was already morning. I went into the bathroom and washed my face. When I raised my head… I was in shock. I stood and stared at the person staring at me from the mirror. He was a male. I touched it. That was me. I knew it. I accepted it without give a reason. I thought the same way like before. I felt the same way, but I was not a girl bur a boy. I took off my clothes and went into the shower. Wow… I wished to be a boy and it worked. I wished to be sexy and see just what body I have. Of course, my attitude was still confused. I thought as a boy and as a girl. But I was aware that this would change soon. I knew it for sure. I understand it and I didn’t’ mind. There was just something that bothered me. I wished this and now it’s true. But what was the price? I understand that everything has a price. And mine would probably be high.

   I stopped the water and stepped out of the cab. I dried my black hair (which was to the middle f the neck) and wrapped the towel around my waist. I smiled with a perfect smile. Whoever fulfilled the wish of a very drunk girl for sure created something nice. I don’t mean to brag, but I was sexy. Wow… I washed my teeth and walked out of the bathroom. In the closet there were only male clothes. Everything was different, but just what I would choose. Even the photos. Everything was done so that if I was born a male. There was no sign of that stupid girl that everyone harassed. But I knew that this would also reflect in my new entity.

     I threw the towel on the chair beside the desk and went to the cabinet. I pulled out a pair of underwire and I put it. Then a gentle breeze made the hairs on my body stand on end. I turned my head to the window and there stood a strange woman. Tall, attractive and certainly dangerous. I didn’t take her presence for a surprise. Somehow I expected it. That’s why I continued to dress without paying her attention.

-I see that the change is good for you, Julian.

-What’s the price?

-You’re direct. Good. – she stepped away from the window and sat on the bed. – The process is irreversible.

-It’s better to know that.

-Now you work for us.

     I stopped for a moment and looked at her. It really would have cost me dearly, right? I lost my former self. That weak and useless part of me that easily break down. Fine! I will be what I wanted to be. I’ll pay the price.


-You will find out when you get there. We’ll talk again.

     She nodded and stood up. She handed me a business card. Simplified. White paper with black inscription. Name and phone number. I can hardly find it in the phonebook. The woman was gone in an instant. I looked at the list: Komiya Saya. So that’s her name. I suspected that I will travel to the “land of the rising sun”.

     My door burst open. My sister came in with tears in her eyes and hugged me. I managed to hide my surprise. Until now I’ve never been hugged by her. At least not before, in my past life… so to speak.

-I don’t want to go there. Tell them not to make me.

-What are you talking about? – I asked.

-Dad moved into the office in Japan. All of us must go. That’s he said.

-And you don’t want to?

-No! Let’s stay here. Only the two of us.

     She looked at me with her big eyes. They glistened with tears. No wonder she acted like a spoiled princess. They always pamper her.

-The change is not such a bad thing, Jenny.

     She looked at me. Maybe she was surprised by my words. I looked at her and stroked her hair. I rushed her tears. I’m her brother, but I will not hold her like a child. Ultimately we were on the same age. I was going to be good brother to her, but I won’t spoil her.

     Out mother, Elizabeth, entered into the room.

-Julian, you’re awake. Your father wants to talk to you. Go down to the living room.

     I nodded and left the room. I moved slowly, but quite aptly. My father was a hard man. Maybe that’s why my sister and I were so different. We were brought up differently. I’m sure that he wanted to talk to me about the so-called relocation. He always talked formally. I don’t remember him ever having been granted and laugh spontaneously. He was just serious by nature. I am just like him sometimes. It’s always been that way. It’s not so bad.

     As expected I found my father, Daniel, sitting in his usual place (the leather armchair by the fireplace) to read the morning paper. He doesn’t respond when I entered. This man acted as a military and as far as I know that was the case, but he retired due to injury in his leg. Not that it showed.

-You must know that in a few days we would move permanently to Japan.

-Yes, sir.




-I calmed down Jennifer and I don’t think that she will cause problems.

-You are the older of the two of you and you should take care of your sister.

-I always do. But I don’t think that you called me here to tell me this.

     He folded the paper and looked at me. These piercing eyes of his… I sat on the couch and relaxed. I expected to hear the real reason for him to call me.

-I want you to work in the company.

-Me? In a suit and necktie?

-The company belongs to your grandfather and his childhood friend. Someday you’ll be one of the heirs.

-Do I have a choice?

     This is a rhetorical question. Naturally, I have no choice. I told him I would work part-time. I don’t intend to work there, but because there is not another job… I agreed.




     Time passed quickly and here we are now, outside of out new home in Tokyo. I admitted that this was cool house. My sister’s eyes were wide open and shining. She likes that kind if things. As I already mentioned, she was like a spoiled princess. She immediately rushed inside to look and my mother followed her. I had not the chance. My father forced me to accompany him to the company. By the way our business was versatile. We had many small companies in different areas. I wasn’t wearing a suit, but for the first time was fine. We even had a driver. Not to mention that my father has an assistant. I don’t know him, but I’m sure that he is someone handsome. My dad likes them. He thinks that I don’t know his little secret. He loved his family, but he loved his affairs too. I couldn’t hide my smile.

     As I expected. He was young and handsome. 24 years old. Tall and smart. He presented himself as Sakamoto Kai. I handed him a hand and he timidly accepted it. He even blushed. My judgment was correct as always. Of course, we didn’t stand at the entrance and entered. I got pass that was titles Visitor. It was temporary. Everyone stared at me and whispered. The girls blushed when I was looked at them. Someone even asked: Is he a model? I almost laughed. Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not brooding type. At least not in everyday life. But when I’m working, no matter what, I take everything seriously. I don’t mix work with private life. Now I have a job because they do not left me other choice. I was going to meet my grandfather. He was different in his life outside of work. He taught me to fight. We understand each other better than me and my father.

We got into the elevator. I stood at the back and I was able to watch my father and his assistant. Casually touches made him blush. The assistant I mean. Everyone greeted me and I met many people. My grandfather, Thomas Coleman, declined to talk in private. Once we were alone…

-How are you, boy?

-Ok. I handle it.

-You don’t want to work here, do you? – He laughed.

-No, but now I have not another job. It would be good to have some experience. And go to the new university.

-So, we agreed.

-Yes, sir.


I raised an eyebrow, waiting to see what he meant.


-You saw the new assistant to your father, right?

-Yes. – I became serious. – You know, right?

-He’s my son. He always was that way. But I’m surprised that you know and don’t say anything.

-That’s not my problem. Let him do what he likes.

-You are very broad-minded man, huh?

-Not really. Well? What will I do?

He explained that I would deal with ordinary things. I will make copies of documents, I will bring coffee – I will briefly handyman. I shrugged. I did not care. After that we talked about a lot of things. He wondered why the 20 years old boy like me doesn’t have a girlfriend. Besides, he said that my grandmother can’t wait to see me. My grandmother, Sarah, is half-Japanese. You could say that I have roots here.

After my conversation with my grandfather I decided to walk. My father was busy, but made his assistant to accompany me. The boy agreed with him and I think he was enthusiastic. He walked beside me, but he clutching his briefcase. We went outside the building. I stopped for a moment and looked at him.


He did freeze. He looked at me shyly.

-Yes, sir?

-Are you afraid of me?

-I… Of course, not.

-I am glad. I thought I created a bad impression.

He looked at me with a special twinkle in his eyes. I’ve seen that look in the eyes of the girls. Admiration…

-Of course not. Just Mr. Coleman talking about you a lot.

-Really? Nice.

I went ahead and slightly smiled. Why not? I will startle him a little.

-By the way, Sakamoto-san… How long you sleep with my father?

Oh yeah! He was so shocked that he dropped the briefcase and trembled. In his eyes there was fear. Then he fainted. Shit! Did I overdo it? Thanks to the training I was pretty strong. I bring him back to the nearest taxi. I took him to the hospital. I really overdid it. I didn’t expect to be so… gentle and sensitive. I felt really guilty. For that I stayed with him until he regained consciousness.

I waited patiently in the chair across the room. I didn’t have to turn to feel her perfume.


-You recognized me, huh?

-Why are you here?

-I see that you have fun. What did you say to him that make him fainted?

-Secret. And you?

-The transaction was finalized. You’ll be working at night.

-Not like host I hope.

-No. You will…

She bent down and whispered in my ear.

-You will kill monsters.

I would say she was joking, but her gaze was cold. Yes, she was serious. I agreed. Maybe it will be more fun than watching TV. Then the man shifted in the bed and the woman left. The assistant wake up, but when he saw me he literally hid under the covers.

-Hey. Get out of there. Are you a child?

-Please! Leave me.

-Relax! I don’t care what’s going on between my father and you. It’s not my job to judge you and I will not tell anyone.

I stood on the chair with my hands crossed on my chest. I sighed.

-Come on! Get out of there.

He finally dared to show. His eyes were red. Had he been crying? Shit!

-You won’t say to anyone?

-Yes. I don’t wanna hurt you more than that, but this is not happening for the first time and hardly will be the last. I witnessed many of his affairs. You better be careful. You seem like a nice person and I don’t want to see you hurt.

He blushed. I must admit that he is cute. Then I heard footsteps outside the door. My father entered and he definitely did not saw me. He immediately went to the boy. He looked worried. I smiled and the assistant looked really embarrassed. Maybe because I watched them. Only then my father turned. In his eyes I saw a certain amount of shock and fear. It happened for the first time to see him like that. It’s worth it. I stood up.

-I’m going to take care of the bill.

-Julian, I…

I don’t even look at him.

-It’s not what you think. He’s my assistant. Of course I was worried. Nothing more. He means nothing.

Even I felt bad, not to mention Kai. On his face was showed pain. However he stood silent. He could not speak. Well, well. Let’s see…

-Dad, I was wondering… Why not reappointed him? I will work there and I need help. Let him work with me. It’s not a problem. Right?

My father pursed his lips. He could not refuse me after what he said a moment ago. We both knew it. The boy looked at me shocked.

-Ok. I’ll have the paperwork.

-I’m going to pay. Wait for me at the front of the building.

I walked out the door and walked down the corridor. Everyone stared at me. The nurses blushed. I felt like a star. Judging by my actions, I had already removed my so-called past. What I was, my attitude and my actions even… Everything was gone. I don’t ever remember what I was. My memories had faded before the change. Not that it mattered.

Now more important was to know about my new job. And I don’t mind the company of my grandfather. I will have to kill, huh? Not that I like that thought, but the deal’s a deal. They performed their part. And I got the impression that I would not kill… humans. It so, there is not problem. And if wasn’t like that I don’t care.

I paid the bill and went to the front of the building. It was still light, but soon the sun would set. In the sky were visible numerous colors foreshadowing the beginning of the night. Purple, red, orange and pink. Without turning I felt that someone standing next to me. He was tall and heavyset.

-Did she send you? – I said calmly, as he lit a cigarette.

-Yes. We will work together.

-Don’t tell me that the job requires a suit.

-No. Our work is at night. During the day we have a normal job. I’m working in your family company.

-I see.

-I will pick you up at 9:00pm.

I nodded and he left. Shortly thereafter, my father and his assistant came out. Sakamoto looked bad. His eyes were red. He was crying, huh? Would he so in love with my father? This is annoying. I’ve always found that his attitude was cruel to his lovers. I have a strong sense of justice.

We got into the car and drove off. My smile was gone. I didn’t want to laugh. Furthermore, when I spoke my voice was businesslike and unemotional.

-Tonight it’s not need to wait for me.

My father looked at me.

-What are you going to do?

-Do you really want to know?

I would like to tell him the truth. No way!


-I’ll meet my friends. I talked to them an hour ago and realized that they were in the town.

-Who are these friends? Why do not we know about them?

It’s too late for him to be concerned about me. Long ago I learned how to take care of myself. It’s annoying that he played the concerned father now.

-You don’t know many things about me. And I don’t remember you to be interested before. It’s little late for that. Don’t worry tomorrow I will come in time. First I must check how things are with the university.

The conversation ended there. I went home alone. My luggage was arranged, so I just took a shower and changes my clothes. I went into the living room. There, my mother was drinking tea. She smiled at me when she saw me. I pretended to be calm and smiled slightly. Yes… In my family things are like that.

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