Note of my imagination [2]

     Who the hell was that man? He was good-looking but I couldn’t accept that. I mean I can’t accept his actions. He ordeted me around and even my mom agreed with him. Damn it! He drived slowly and we didn’t speak. But I couldn’t resist.

-Who are you actually?

-What do you mean? I am…

-I know what you say but I want to know the truth.

     He smiled. Oh man! He had the best smile that I ever seen. My heart skiped a beat. I can sware that he saw that. I must be brave! He can’t know, right? I really liked him and I didn’t know the reason. I tried to breath slowly and to calm myself.

-What’s wrong, Miss Lane?

-Nothing. Why do you ask?

-No reason. Just… You looks nervous.

-Maybe a little. I have no idea what’s happen. Someone who I don’t know come to my house and tell me that we will work together. I am not pro. I am not a teacher. Why would you want to work with someone like me?

-Well, I have my reasons. – He give me his cute smile.

     Without any warning, he slammed on the breaks. If it wasn’t the belt I would have flew through the windshield. I startled and looked at him.

-What are you doing? Do you want to kill us?

-Don’t move!

     He was damn serious. I followed his gaze and saw what bothered him. There was someone. A man. Dangerous one. I couldn’t recognized him but I can say that he was dangerous. His eyes saw Richard. He smiled. I trembled. Then Richard took my hand and told me that everything will be fine. He will not allow something bad to happens. But what I did not understand was … Who is that strange man and what was the connection between them?


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