SWAP: The Dark Hunter ch 2 part 1

Chapter 2


 At 9 pm in front of my home a car stopped. Just like a clock, huh? My father was not there yet. He is working overtime again. Anyway. I got in the car with the man who I met earlier at the hospital. He presented as Shinjiro Okami. He does not tell me where we are going, and I did not ask. It was irrelevant.

-Are you against if I smoke? – He pointed to the box of cigarettes.


-You are not talkative, huh?

-And you do not look like a person who likes to chat.

He laughed.

-Do you know that your father likes the boys in the office?

-Direct and without tack, eh?

-So, you know. Does your mother bear it or she does not know?

     -More like she does not care. She is busy with her own life. They think I do not know about their affairs.

-As I look at you, seems like you do not care much.

-It is their life. Moreover, they would not divorce.

-You are a strange type.


      He still smiled, though not like a man who laughs often in public. Or he was trying to create a good impression, or trying to get information. It will be a little difficult. I learned not long ago not to trust people. I do not accept everything at face value. Oh, yes! When I lived in lies easily recognize liars. I have twenty years of experience in this field.

     The car stopped in the garage and we went out. We walked to the elevator. We waited 2-3 minutes and then we climbed. We were silent. Instead of climbing up, we went down. I take this seriously, because I did not know what I am into. I am serious, but do not mean I am boring. If I find something that I like I will find a way to have fun. However, until then, I am alert.

    The floor, which we went down, was like this in the office in the company. I guess I expected something more… mysterious. What the hell.  We met a few people. They stared at me. I understand that everyone is in a deal and each received the desired in exchange for their work here.  However, the politics kept the deals in secret. No matter what you asked for in exchange for their partnership. This is good. Although I doubt anyone to remembers their own past. In every deal is different, but the memories of our lives before is deleted. Nice.

     Saya welcomed us. There were other people and everybody was looking at me. I was focused on the woman.

-Welcome to the Citadel, Julian Coleman.

-Dramatic presentation, Ms. Saya.

-You are polite as always. Follow me. The Master wants to meet you personally.

     I nodded and followed her. Master, hah? I have not fallen into a parallel world, am I? This word is not used often. Although for me, it did not matter. The orders are orders. And I admit that I was curious.

     From the bright corridor, we passed in the gloomy tunnel. It is looked like we were in a cave. Nevertheless, that was just an illusion. Well established trickery. I found it senseless to ask questions. I just had to wait and I would know what I need. Let us leave that to a side… I noticed that this woman throws me a hot looks. It is normal… I guess. I am like a new toy. And when we got to the door of the office of the Master of the Citadel, she tightly in me. She drank me with her eyes. She run her fingers across my chest and spoke almost in a whisper.

-Don’t worry. Everything will go well. And the night is still young.

-Yes, it is. And full of unexpected surprises.

-I will wait for you to seek me. I waited form long time to meet you.

     I smiled and opened the door. I went and hung behind it. Too bad for her. I am not interested in women like her. She looked her own interests. She is a dangerous woman, and I know when to be careful. And now I have been interested in someone else… though not exactly romantic.

     As I expected in the office was grim. And as I thought about it, the lamps lit on the walls. They were built directly into the wall and they were not easy to see. There was a small library. In the center of the room had a large desk and leather chair. I stood a few steps away from the desk. I waited patiently. I did not intend to rush events.

     The man stared into my eyes without even flinching.

-Is my father knows about this?

-Of course not! For years, I know how difficult was for you. I waited for you to ask for change at will. But the result turned out to be much more impressive. You completely destroy your former self. “It” no longer exists.

-Grandpa… How…?

-Everyone is born with a certain role.

-Damn it! – I cursed. –Well, it could have been worse. At least I know whom I am working with.

     He laughed, but I do not cheerful. If he is strict with others, with me he would have been more ruthless. He expected more. But at least he is from the family. He will help me to hide. Or…

-Grandfather? Or I should call you… master?

-When we are alone you can call me grandpa.

-Will you object if I move in with you? This way I will save the troubles to lie to my father.

-Good idea. Incidentally, I heard that you took his assistant. Is he your type or something?

-What are you talking about?

-I know that you are bisexual.

-Maybe, because the choice is greater. But that is now why. He is a good man, and I saw that he is more sensitive that his other lovers. I do not want to see another broken life.

-You mean the case from three year ago?

-Yes. At least now I want to do something.

-You are a smart young man. Do what you think is necessary.

     Then he released me. Of course, he explained to me that I would first have to go through a mandatory course. I am still new in this. It would be worse than my training so far. Even I suspect that old man was preparing me for service in the Citadel from my childhood.

     On leaving he told me not to mention anything of what happened in this office. I do not need to be genius to grasp that his identity is a secret. Hmmm… Anyway. In front of the office was waiting three people. One of them was Mr. Okami. The other two I did not recognize. At least I was glad that “this” woman is gone. One of the strangers was tall and slender. Attractive, I admit. The other was more of a kid with glasses.

-This is the team. – Mr. Okami said.

-I understand. Tell me… Is Ms. Saya part of the team?


-This is good. She gives me creeps.

-Is she flirting already? – The boy asked with playful smile.

-She is not my type. I am Julian Coleman.

     I decided it was better to present myself. The boy named Katagawa Rei, and the other one – Tokigawa Hayato. Hayato looked at me, as I was undress. I would not mind, but he is part of the team. It is better to save hassle.

     All together, we went down the hallway to the garage. They invited me to drink and I accepted. There was no reason not to do it. It was pretty fun. We went to a cool bar and the girls there do not left us alone.

-So you have a twin sister? Is she cute?

-Hayato! How do I look like? She is my female version.

-So she IS a real beauty.

-Thanks. – I smiled and sipped from my whiskey. – But she is like a true diva.

     And we speak of the devil… My phone rang. How is she realized that I was talking about her? Jenny always felt when I have a good time, but before she always ruined my mood.


“Where are you? Dad said you will come home late?”

-Does is matter? I have a lot of fun. Bye!


    I knew what she would say to me so that is why I do not let her speak. Surely, she would be angry at me, but what can be done. Why would I comply with her? I noticed that I was being watched.


-You were a little rough with her, don’t you think?

-Someone should be. She is accustomed that everyone has to pleasing her and complies with her wishes.

-And you don’t?

-No. Although I will take a break of her annoying outbursts.

-Why? – Hayato asked.

-I will live in the home of my grandfather. At least I’ll have a little peace. Now excuse me, but I will get up early.

-Are you leaving? – Rei sulked. – I thought you were having a good time.

-I am, but I do not need trouble from my first day.

     I gave them my phone number and email address to contact me. Then I left money on the table and left.





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  1. FINALLY! yay! Thank you for the meal~ 😀

  2. Jessica Says:

    Awesomeness. You’re a good writer can’t wait for more. ლ(⌒▽⌒ლ).

  3. This book is sweet

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