Note of my imagination [1]


I don’t know how that happen. I was just an ordinary girl from a small town. Yeah… But it wasn’t how I though. Something strange it’s going on. The fog covered the woods around the town. Strange noise was heard. Like wolves howl. But it wasn’t… wolves. The professional hunters say so. They never heard something like that before and I think that I can believe them. They have no reason to lie.One night until I was asleep, something scratching on my window. I wake up from the noise. It was strange and creepy. What the hell was that? I couldn’t say it aloud so I just keep it in my mind. I got up and walked to the window. I pull the curtains and looked outside. On first I saw nothing but darkness. After I decided to go to bed something crash into the window. It was a bird. Raven, I think. It was dead. There was something in the shadows. Something watching me from there. My heart skip the beat. I was scared. I hid myself under the blanket. Yeah, I know. I am 25 years old girl but that’s doesn’t mean that I can’t be scared. Well, at least I didn’t scream. I heard footsteps in front my door. I was scared to death.

‘Lane, dear! Are you okay there?’

It was the voice of my mother. I take a breath. I thought that it was not necessary to tell her something strange. She would say something like that it was just my imagination. But it wasn’t.

‘I am fine, mom.’

‘Okay. Get ready.’

Huh? Ready? I look at the clock on the shelf. Damn, it was already morning. But how?

‘Someone is waiting for you, Lane. Be quick.’

Who would waiting for me? I have no friends. I have no lover. No one who would care for me. Then who was it? Because of that I prepare myself quickly and run down on the stairway. In the living room I saw a man. Nice one. Tall and good-looking. In suit and ware glasses. He has black hair and blue-gray eyes. I didn’t know him. Who was he? My mom was polite with him. Even serve him cup of tea.

‘Come on, dear. Don’t make the young man to waiting for you.’

‘Sorry, but I don’t know him. Do we met before? If that’s the case I don’t remember.’

‘My name is Richard Gray. Nice to meet you, miss Lane. From today we will work together. So I decide to come to get you. Sorry, if my presence here is not welcomed.’

‘It’s not that. I just don’t understand what you try to say. Working? I just help in the middle school. Are you a teacher?’

‘Something like that. Can we go now? I don’t want to be late in the first day.’

There is something in this man that makes me suspicious. But I get outside and get in his car. I had strange feeling about that. And it wasn’t for good.


6 Responses to “Note of my imagination [1]”

  1. yashi Says:

    I really like your imagination& I am really enjoying it. You are a very good thinker. I read It & I flow in the blow of it. I forgive myself,
    when my mother call me then I came in real world.

  2. yashi Says:

    I want its whole part. I request you to send me the whole part of this fantastic book please send me its all part. I am so excited to know about what will done with the girl.

  3. I hope that you like it and I will try to write more

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