Hana wa Saku ka [shounen Ai]

Hana_wa_Sakuka_v01_c01_-_002 Hana_wa_Sakuka_v01_c05_-_001 Hana_wa_Sakuka_v02_-_Cover2 Hana_wa_Sakuka_v02_c07_-_005 Hana wa Saku ka v03 - 000c Hana wa Saku ka v03 c13 - 006 Hana wa Saku ka v03 c14 - 037 Hana wa Saku ka v04 - 001



Other Titles:

不知花開否; 花は咲くか;Hana wa Sakuka;

Does the flower bloom?;Hidden Flower;

Klang der Zikaden;

Released: 2007

Author (s): Hidaka Shoko

Artist (s): Hidaka Shoko

Genre (s): Drama, Romance, Shounen Ai, Slice Of Life, Yaoi


Download from the link:

[0] Hana wa Saku ka – DRAMA CD bonus chapter – In The Rain

[1] Hana_wa_Sakuka_v01_c01-06+Extra_Nakama

[2] Hana_wa_Sakuka_v02_c07-12_Nakama

[3] Hana_wa_Saku_ka_v03_c13-19+Omake_Cesegura+Mishi-eru

[4] Hana_wa_Saku_ka_v04_c20-25

[5] Hana_wa_Saku_ka_v05_c26

[6] Hana_wa_Saku_ka_v05_c27

[7] Hana_wa_Saku_ka_v05_c28

[8] Hana_wa_Saku_ka_v05_c29



9 Responses to “Hana wa Saku ka [shounen Ai]”

  1. This is such a beautiful story. I can’t wait to see where it’s headed. I really, really love this mangaka’s mature, non-cliche stories.

    • yeah, I can agree with you. I like that kind of stories. I love all manga but shounen ai and yaoi are really good genres. Well, shojou manga too. Do you know the manga called “Lip Smoke”? It’s really good one. 😀

      • No, I haven’t read that. It’s still ongoing, right? I wonder how many chapters ’til she draws it to a close. Sometimes it just seems worth it to me to wait until a story’s done, especially if it’s one the mangaka will wrap up in a single volume…

      • well, I do not know when the story will end but I can’t wait until then so I read it. By the way, I think your image/avatar is really cute.

      • Thanks! It’s a chibi Rintarou from Katekyo! — I just love those sweet, naive ukes. And devilish semes…

      • Awwww… another Rintarou and Kaede. Cute! They’re also my current avatar and sig over on Aarinfantasy. Just can’t get enough of those two.

      • Oh yeah! Me too. I just love them ❤ There are 4 volumes and I wonder if there are more. By the way what do you think about ViewFinder – the manga.
        And I wanted to ask you – can we chat somewhere? skype or facebook maybe. It's better in skype. Tell me if you agree and I will give you my nickname in skype. See ya!

      • There are only 4 volumes of Katekyo, but then there’s the one volume spinoff, Koi Tomo, which has only recently finished.

        Yes, I’d be happy to chat! And I have lots of opinions on Viewfinder. 🙂 I almost never use facebook or skype, but we could get started if you go to my contact page: http://joyofyaoi.com/contact-form/ — you can send me a message there and give me an email or some other way to get ahold of you (it sends me an email).

      • Oh, and I did do a brief write up on Viewfinder back in my top 25 list, if you want to take a look:

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