Book 1: Darkness: the Blood castle (1)

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Dark Imagination Reborn

Chapter 1


One rule: never trust good and polite promises. I have not met him and got my deserts. But I was too young and naive. Not to mention that my friends were full of grief. Irresponsible party people. Their hormones raging and makes them behave like mad. Maybe this is why our parents so easily agree to put us on this trip. Butto start a row.

It was the beginning of summer vacation. I lay in my soft comfortable bed. I was already awake and staring at the white ceiling. Soft, golden light came through the thin white curtain. I was loose and relaxed. My dark brown hair I had in scattered light pink bag. The contrast was obvious. Sun cast golden brown highlights in my eyes. My skin was very pale. I am often irritated by me called “Snow White”. Rarely pay attention.

There was ten o’clock…

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