The Cursed Guardinas {chapter 1}


      The life really sucks when asked. We all live in peace until one day something happens, something really terrible. The war began out of the blue. Or maybe not. Maybe it was prepared in secret. However, you can’t wake up one morning and say that today will conquer the world. While there are all sorts if strange people. Anyway, this war changed everything… literally. The world, we know or we think we know that disappeared before our very eyes. In its place remained only ruining that reminds us our destiny. That’s what happens when you underestimate the nature. Although in this case it is not her fault.  At least not entirely. The arrogance of the human race brought us to the brink of destruction. We thought that we are the greatest creatures in this world. Well, we were wrong and the price was cruel. All governments have fallen. People are fighting for their survival. We thought we were the only reasonable creatures on Earth. Some believed that for the entire universe. It turned out that we were wrong. There were many other creatures that we thought were a figment of someone’s imagination. That is a fairy tale with which to frighten naughty children. Now I can say that they were real and definitely frightened everyone.

     The human race has created a new home, so to speak. Six of the seven continents took six kingdoms or six new states. Their names were these:

  • Asia – Republic Laymar
  • Africa – Republic Oleralind
  • North America – Republic Galeimos
  • South America – Republic Eredrisean
  • Europe – Republic of Devon
  • Australia – Republic Jeryndra

     People’s imaginations run wild when selecting the names. As they say, it was a fresh start and can choose how to put it. But there were many new things. Our world has become a copy of one of those fictional worlds in video games or movies. Like the magic was sleeping deep in the bowels of the earth and has now awakened. These small republics belong to the humans and everything else to the conquerors or I call them rebels. They just stopped hiding in the shadows.

     The war was just the beginning. Then came something that can be called Cataclysm. There was a big explosion in the middle of the ocean. It awakened the hidden side of the world. If everything rearrange. The atlases which we previously used now were already useless. There were four mysterious mountains. On top of each was a temple or so it seemed. But it can be said that they were rather mysterious castles or fortresses. Not that it mattered. They were at the four corners of the world. The North was called Forbidden Highlands, the South – Windless Cliff, the Eastern – Shadowed Rise and the West – Lifeless Summit.

     I tell you this for a reason. The human race has angered not only nature, but also force more powerful that we had imagined. Some call it God, others just mysterious energy. As I said the name does not matter. They say that this power took shape. But whether or not no one can say. The figure coated in mist lived in the Clouded Palace in the center of the sky. From there it chose four people to become Guardians. They would live in the temples of the four mountain peaks. But for the Mysterious was hard to select worthy and powerful warriors. For this it decided to choose and himself to create them. Four Cursed Guardians. Forbidden Highlands beware of Darkhole Bounsbreaker – he was Orc who come here after the Invasion. He was a strong warrior who showed no mercy to his enemies; Windless Cliff was guarded by Skyler Madison – once he was a human, but for some reason he had drawn the attention of the Mysterious one and now he was a werewolf with astonishing strength and courage; Lifeless Summit beware of Raven McBain – young and handsome man who could conquer the heart of everyone who sees him. He was turned into a creature like a harpy. He has huge wings and possessed extraordinary abilities; Shadowed Rise – well, it was entrusted to me. On an ordinary girl named Rose Ravenwood. Well, yes. I was once an ordinary girl. I’m a powerful vampire whose abilities is known to all. Fine. They are just rumors. People love to compose. Don’t be fooled. Being a vampire does not mean I am like those ordinary characters from the movies. I can go out during the day and to eat plain food.

     I live alone in my own kingdom. I have servants, of course. But I was not the same. I was not cheerful. I was always moody and did not even smile. I was beautiful, but what when no one dared to approach me. The magic of this place lets me observe what is happening around the world. Honestly this was our main concern. To observe. Each of us kept a Gateway to the Clouded Palace, as well as on an ancient artifact. We kept the world safe and the order in it. Only when was necessary, of course. Humans and other races had themselves to learn how to understand each other. But we like our Creator can create our own kind, though not with the same abilities. Family, huh? It seems our ancient master had mercy on us after cursed us against our will. But it was not an easy choice. Who is worthy to share eternity with us? Tough choice, I’d say.

     The years past. I forgot what it is to be human. Everything I ever call my life I felt alien. The vampire in me awoke completely. But I was bored. The inaction was not something easy to be accepted. To this day I am improving my fighting skills and reading books written not only by human writers. I am enriching my knowledge. Before I hated school, but now I like it because killing boredom. Believe me, if you live forever just have to invent new things to do to pass the time. If there are no battles in which to participate, it was an alternative.



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