Ero-Pinku Gallery

38accd8d3ae2496bdc86d0c410b3f0ae-d66mucsAlone by Ero-PinkuC R I P T O B I O S I S P005 by Ero-Pinku DaF - NPC - Ero-Pinku FF Final by Ero-Pinku Happy B-day, Maba by Ero-PinkuNezumi by Ero-Pinku


4 Responses to “Ero-Pinku Gallery”

  1. Hello. I’m Ero-Pinku, the author of all these images.
    I would like to ask you if you could delete them from your blog, please. Some commissioners paid for these works and I saw you erase part of the text in their works;;;, which have copyright (even in professional published works;;)…
    Please, if you like my work, don’t edit it;; and don’t post all of them in your blog, I have a tumblr, DA, twitter, facebook… a lot of places where people can reblog/RT it in a right way, I post them in all of these places for people who is only in one of them. Thanks so much and I’m sorry for asking it but I will really appreciate your respect deleting this post with my gallery. *hugs*

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