Super Lovers

Super_v01_ch01_000a Super_v01_ch01_001 Super_v01_ch01_004-005 Super_v01_ch02_065 Super_v01_ch03_117 Super_v01_ch03_174 Super_v01_ch03_175 Super_v02_ch04_001


Title: Super Lovers;


Release: 2009

Author (s): Abe Miyuki

Artist (s): Abe Miyuki

Genre (s): Comedy; Drama; Romance; Shounen Ai; Yaoi;

Info: 17-year-old Kaidou Haru isn’t too happy to be spending his summer vacation in the wilds of Canada with his eccentric, estranged mother, but when she saddles him with civilizing his new adopted brother, 8-year-old wild child Ren, he takes up the mantle with aplomb, gradually learning to navigate the boy’s unruly demeanor and fostering a close bond that prompts him to invite Ren to come live with him in Japan once he graduates, hoping Ren can experience what it’s like to have a real family. But falls from such heights of happiness usually give way to the deepest depths of despair…



Super Lovers extra

Super Lovers v01 c01 – 03

Super Lovers v02 c04 – 06

Super Lovers c07

Super Lovers c08

Super Lovers c09

Super Lovers c10

Super Lovers c11

Super Lovers c12

Super Lovers c12.5

Super Lovers c13

Super Lovers c14

Super Lovers c15

Super Lovers c16

Super Lovers c17

Super Lovers c18

Super Lovers c19

Super Lovers c20

Super Lovers c21



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