S.P.Y [shoujo]

This manga is very interesting, so read it just like I did 😀


S.P.Y. V01 CH01 – CH06

S.P.Y. V02 CH07 – CH13


S.P.Y. v01 c01 - Cover2 S.P.Y. v01 c02 - 001 S.P.Y. v01 c02 - Cover S.P.Y. v01 c03 - 002 S.P.Y. v01 c04 - 001 S.P.Y. v01 c06 - 002a S.P.Y_v02_c07_000b S.P.Y_v02_c07_002 S.P.Y_v02_c09_001 S.P.Y_v02_c10_001 (2) S.P.Y_v02_c12_001 S.P.Y_v02_c13_020 S.P.Y_v02_c13_021 S.P.Y_v02_c13_025 S.P.Y_v02_c13_027


2 Responses to “S.P.Y [shoujo]”

  1. You were right. This is really good!! So cute and funny!

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