Inu x Boku SS [ The Dog and I Secret Service] Episode 01 – First Impressions Review

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Look into my eyes

I found myself taking to this anime quite a bit. It revolves around the character of Shirakiin Riricho, a tsundere type of female protagonist, who has a complex about her own personality and her consistent tendency to insult people without good reason. Although she cannot help but do so, she also desperately hates herself for it. So to remould her character, she enters the Ayakashi Kan. This is an apartment complex which features a Secret Service member per resident. Although Riricho has rejected an SS member to accompany her, Miketsukami Soushi turns up to serve her – she soon learns he was the fox spirit she saved in her past. The plot doesn’t sound majorly original but actually it is quite interesting. This show has action, humour and looks like there is a pretty good story behind it – I’m not sure if there will be…

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