You’re My Loveprize in Viewfinder

Ayano_Yamane_Ch_book_008 Ayano_Yamane_Ch_book_009 Ayano_Yamane_Ch_book_013 Ayano_Yamane_Ch_book_014 Ayano_Yamane_Ch_book_026 Ayano_Yamane_Ch_book_027 Ayano_Yamane_Ch_book_030 Ayano_Yamane_Ch_book_031-032 Ayano_Yamane_Ch_book_034 Ayano_Yamane_Ch_book_035


ViewFinder Characters

ViewFinder v01 + Extra 01-03 (Target in the ViewFinder)

ViewFinder v02 + Extra (Cage of ViewFinder)

ViewFinder v03 + Extra 01-03 (You’re My Love Prize in One Wing)

ViewFinder v04 +_Extra (Naked Truth – HongKong)

ViewFinder v05 + Extra

ViewFinder v06 + Extra

ViewFinder v07



2 Responses to “You’re My Loveprize in Viewfinder”

  1. !!!! My favorite!!!! Yay!

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