Supernatural Special Team – Chapter 4

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Supernatural Team


I wait until dark and went for a walk. I was dressed as usual… comfortable and sexy. I browse the city. I felt how people look at me. One part of the people hated vampires because they are afraid of us. But there was another part. People who love us and felt lust. They give everything to get some of our time. Voluntary blood donors. Modern people are very… helpful.

     At night, the city is full of people. Most of them were honky geeks: prostitutes and pimps, drunks, drug addicts and homeless. As people seeking fun for one night. Of course, and supernatural creatures were out after dark. In short: here is never boring.

     I stopped for a moment and lit a cigarette. It’s cool to be a vampire because we can do whatever we want without consequences. Then some blond woman approached me. She was dressed in an elegant…

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