Arcana Powers [1]

In the Arcana Famiglia series, a mafia member has a special ability determined by the card they picked.


Mondo is the first man to make a contract with his card that unifies all Tarocco cards. Though, Mondo has to provide energy to Tarocco cards that don’t have a host yet. Jolly is the one who researches in making contracts for the Tarocco cards by finding hosts to lessen the burden on Mondo.

Arcana Powers

Jolly states that emotions are foundations for Arcana powers.

Column Head Column Head
1st - Il Matto: the Fool

1st – Il Matto: the Fool
Libertà has the first card, Il Matto: the Fool which allows him, power of words. For example, if he says burn, things will burn.

  • Pensiero Realizzare – Libertà uses this technique to shatter objects.
  • Destino Lustreggiare – Libertà’s final move

Stigmata Location: Forehead

4th - L'Imperatore: the Emperor

4th – L’Imperatore: the Emperor
Dante has the 4th card, L’Imperatore: the Emperor.

Stigmata Location: On the right side of his head

6th - Gli Amanti: the Lovers

6th – Gli Amanti: the Lovers
Felicità has the 6th card, Gli Amanti: the Lovers which allows her to see people’s hearts.

Stigmata Location: On her chest (near her heart)

9th - L'eremita: the Hermit

9th – L’eremita: the Hermit
Debito has the 9th card, L’eremita: the Hermit which allows him to invisible.

  • Tra coppo scomparire – Makes him invisible

Stigmata Location: On his left ankle

10th - La Ruota Della Fortuna: the Wheel of Fortune

10th – La Ruota Della Fortuna: the Wheel of Fortune
Felicità has the 10th card, La Ruota Della Fortuna: the Wheel of Fortune which allows her to alter the relationship between the host and the Tarocco card.

Stigmata Location: On her back

11th - La Forza: Strength

11th – La Forza: Strength
Pace has the 11th card, La Forza: Strength. This allows him to have super strength.

  • Porci! Tutto trapassare! – Pace unleashes a powerful punch.

Stigmata Location: On his right hand

13th- La Morte: Death

13th- La Morte: Death
Nova has the 13th card, La Morte: Death which allows him to put enemies to sleep.

  • La Tenebrore Addormentato – Nova used this to make his opponents sleep.
  • Fuuka Renyuu – Nova’s final move

Stigmata Location: On the back of his neck

14th - La Temperanza: Temperance

14th – La Temperanza: Temperance
Luca has the 14th card, La Temperanza: Temperance which allows him to nullify his opponent’s Arcana Powers.

  • Il pacio dell’angelo – negates Arcana Powers

Stigmata Location: On his tongue

16th - La Torre: the Tower

16th – La Torre: the Tower
Elmo has the 16th card – La Torre: the Tower.

Stigmata Location: Unknown

18th - La Luna: The Moon

18th – La Luna: The Moon
Jolly has the 18th card, La Luna: The Moon.

  • Luna Piena Sonno – Jolly used this move to enter Felicità’s memories.

Stigmata Location: Right Eye

20th - Il Giudizio: Judgement

20th – Il Giudizio: Judgement
Sumire has the 20th card, Il Giudizio: Judgement.

  • Culla Protezione! – Sumire uses her Arcana Powers to wake up Mondo.

Stigmata Location: On her left palm

21th - Il Mondo: The World

21th – Il Mondo: The World
Mondo has 21st card, Il Mondo: The World.

  • Giurati Finalizzare – Mondo uses this unknown power.

Stigmata Location: Unknown



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