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Master of the Shadows [chapter 1]

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Chapter 1

My heart was pounding like crazy. I couldn’t say anything. Why? Well, the reason is very simple, so to speak. My brother Jim had brought home a colleague and friend of his named Katsuragi Ren. His first name is Ren. My brother traveled and now worked in a company in Tokyo. But right now he had some work in our town so they came here. They would stay at home. I was very confused because Ren was incredibly beautiful and smart. But I was a most ordinary girl.  Moreover, friends of my sister Lia were here constantly. Stick around and flirting with him. This annoyed me.  However, I did not say anything.

It was early morning when I woke up. I was half asleep when I was going down below. I took a glass of juice from the fridge and went out on the porch. I did not notice that I am not alone. When I saw Ren, I immediately went to the door, but he saw me and stopped me.

-Hi, Risa! You’re up early, huh?

-Well, yeah… I suppose. How about you?

-“You”? – He laughed. – Why do you talk to me so formally? You make me feel old.

-I’m sorry. Probably because I am half asleep.

He came up and dried the sweat from his neck. Then took the glass from my hand and drank the juice. I was certainly blushed. He stared at me the whole time. Then he handed me a glass.

-It’s not necessary. I’ll get another one. But first I’ll get dressed.

-Why? You look nice now.

He definitely annoyed me. Constantly made me blush. I think that’s he like to do it, but Lia was annoyed. Because of that, she humiliated me at dinned with dad’s friends, which were some of the Jim’s friends too. She was happy when she flooded me with red wine and tell anyone how my classmates mocked at me in school. People laughed, and I was shaking with anger. I got up from the table and ran. Not in my room, but outside. I was hoping that the cold air will comfort me. I hated her. I really hated her. I ran like crazy. It was cold and I was in a thin white dress with large red spot. I could not stop crying. I went to the park where played as a child. I hid under the jungle gym. I was shaking and I could not calm down.

I do not know how long I stood there. Minutes or hours… I did not feel anything. My body was numb with cold. At least I did not cry  anymore. I was curled up and lying on the ground. Then someone grabbed me and pulled me out of there. I could not believe it, but it was Ren. Why him of all people?

-Look at you… You’re freezing.

He took off his jacket and enveloped me with it. It was so warm and cozy… He held me close to him to warm me up. We remained stationary for several minutes. I could not figure him out. I raised my head and looked at him.

-Why are you here? Don’t you think you have better things to do?

-And what could it be? Because I do not think there’s anything more important that the health of a beautiful girl like you.

-Beautiful? Me? Do you compliment at me, Mr. Katsuragi?

-And why not?

-You better stay away from me. I do not want problems.

He lifted me slightly to see my face. So far I had not seen him so serious. It seems my words offended him or something. Only that I could not move a millimeter and because he held me tight.

-What kind of problems are you talking about?

-Did you not notice? My sister has a crush on you, and every time when you pay attention to me, she tormented me. Just like tonight. May as thinking… She did not make it just with you. She did it with anyone who noticing me. For this…

-So-so… Well, that’s for me to decide, not her. I’m not into such women.

But he did not know that it was not up to him. I know my sister and when she decided something, she did not stop at nothing. She definitely scares me. And she is one year older than me. I am the youngest in the family. That’s why I had not much freedom.  This time I was able to stand alone.

-Don’t you understand? Jimmy probably did not tell you how hard it may be to deal with Lia. If you do not want to mess with her, you better go somewhere else.

-You want me to get out?

-That’s your problem. I have nothing against you, but…

Suddenly my skin crawl. It was not cold. When I turned around I saw Lia. Her eyes gleamed like a predator. I did not like it. I was stiffly from her looks.

-Here you are, Ren… – She smiled as she kept looking at me. – How stupid, Risa. To drive a man to stand this cold without a jacket.


-I gave it to her.

-You should not do that. But she is such an idiot that runs away without even taking a jacket. You want compassion, don’t you, Risa?


Lia grabbed Ren’s arm and stuck tightly to it. I felt the urge to run away just that there was nowhere to go. I do not know how it happened. I do not know if it was luck or a fluke, but then from nowhere came Justin. He was my colleague at the university. Very nice guy. Girls fall for him, but they did not know that he was not interested in women. I was the only one who knew his secret. Not that we were very close, but once I came to catch him in one of the teachers. The professor was young and cute, and has always been nice to me, so I kept their secret.


I turned and was surprised.

-Justin? What are you doing here?

-Pass on the way home. What about you?


My eyes were eloquent. He knew how to read between the lines, and he had seen the true nature of my sister. So he came to my aid.

-Oh yeah… I was going to call you, Risa.


-Risa? Who is this? – Lia smiled.

-My colleague from the university.

-Nice to meet you, I’m Lia. Risa’s sister.

-Hi. – Justin nodded and turned back to me. – I wanted to invite you.

-Really? Where?

-Well, you remember Kai?


He’s back and today we gather in my house. Alice and Maya will come too. And you’re coming, right? Come on, just not coming alone. Wow… Today I’m lucky. Come on.


I give it back Katsuragi’s jacket and went to Justin. He handed me his jacket and grabbed my hand. Very carefully I looked at Lia. She cast me a dirty look after my colleague ignored her. I went with him without turning. I do not dare to do it. 



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