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Genres: Romance, Fantasy

Author: Yuki Ryo

Volumes: 2


Miku is a high school student with a passion for nails. She is enjoying an average day in her normal life when suddenly a car slams into her. When Miku awakens in hospital, she is visited by a Shinigami (Death God / God of Death) by the name of Sei who explains that he has come to take her to the other side. Cuffing Miku to him with a device known as Thanatos Lover, Sei whisks her away to the other world. But when they get there, it is discovered that a huge mistake was made and that Miku was not supposed to die yet. Sei returns Miku to the living world but there is a problem. The cuffs on Thanatos Lover will not unfasten until Miku’s true moment of death. Until that time, they are…

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