Between Two Worlds: Which One Is The Real? [Chapter 3]


Itachi Uchiha but in my story he is Ryuuki Bea

Ryuuki and Bea

 Lydia was glad of what she heard. Even if I do not want to admit it, my sister is a little flighty. She liked handsome men. And look here, they are many of them. She seemed excited. But I was suspicious as ever. I don’t believe in good intentions. This made me think of my parents. I heard clearly what James said. That they were gone. I did not tell anyone, but the evening when it all happened, they both behaved strangely. Speaking conspiracy. They dared not look at me in the eyes. Then Jamie (so we called our brother sometimes) and Lydia were gone. I could not even think that they might have something in common.

     It made me feel sick. I got up and walked out of the small restaurant. Lydia was shocked, but I told her that I would be outside. I needed air. I wouldn’t cry. I was just confused and frustrated. Also I was angry. I wanted to scream. Then I saw a girl who dropped the basket with vegetables. No one tried to help her. Because of this I went to her. I collect the vegetables and she looked at me. Surely she had not expected anyone to help her. Then someone’s shadow hid the sun.

-Get out of the way!

     One soldier said that. It was not a good idea to hang me right now. I stood up and looked at him angrily. I could not see anything. I just ran away from there. I heard that James and Lydia shouting after me, but I could not and did not want to stop. I ran. I did not know where I was going, but I did not care. I did not want to talk to anyone.

     Before I knew it I was sitting on a nice little bridge and decided. I hid under the bridge. I sat on the soft grass, leaning my forehead on my knees. I could not stop my tears, but I can hide them from the others. But for my regret I could not cried for a long time. Someone interrupted my. Woman. I wiped my eyes and looked at her. She looked like a porcelain doll. She wore a beautiful kimono and she had beautiful face. She handed me a beauty cloth with embroidery.

-Are you all right, Miss?

-I… I’m sorry. I did not expect anyone to see me here. – I said, wiping my eyes.

-Why are you so sad?

-Long story, miss. I don’t want to bore you with my problems.

     She smiled at me. She handed me a hand. She turned out stronger that she looks. I think we were the same height and age.

-My name is Mika. What’s your name?


-You’re not from here, right?

     I shook my head. We sat on a small wooden bench and I told her everything. I have unburdened my soul to an unknown woman. I never knew how much I was sad until I have spoken aloud. She took my hands.

-Don’t worry. Everything will be okay. But tell me… Why do you run? Your family will be worried for you?

-Surely, you’re right about that, but… I did not want from them to see my tears.

-I understand. Listen… I’m sure that you will find work very soon.

-I hope so.

      Then I heard someone calling me. I looked around and saw James and Lydia together with the group of men. They’ve been looking for me?  Mika was embarrassed. When the group approached, she bowed slightly.


-Commander Gaia…

-You caring for the girl. From today she and her family will work in the house of the Master.

      My eyes opened wide. I blinked. Mike was surprised, but she smiled.

-Really? This is good news.

      Before I could say anything, my brother hit me. I should not have been surprised. It hurt me but only that. Lydia and others were startled though most covered up.

-Do you know how worried I was, fool girl? To escape like that in a world that we does not know.

-There’s no big deal. One person less, who cherish.

-Oh, you…

     He reached to hit me again, but someone grabbed his hand. They all turned to the intruder. But the guards and Mika was taken aback.


     My sister stumbled slightly. As if she had seen a ghost. Beautiful but terrifying apparition. I just stood there and stared without even trying to hide my surprise. A tall, strong man, with long dark hair and dark eyes. He looked like a man who never smiles. He wore a sword (katana). He looked and probably was nobleman. He let go of James.

-Master, why are you here alone? – Gaia asked.

-Do I need permission? –He said.

-No, sir. I…

     I dared not even flinch, but I knew it was right at least to thank him. For this I looked at him.

-Thanks for your help, my lord. It was not necessary, but thanks anyway.

     I didn’t look at him in the eyes. Not because he was an important person, but because… I just didn’t dare. Something told me that this meeting is not accidental. The meeting would probably drag in time or just anyone will go away, but events changes their course suddenly. There were screams and a load roar. The air was as electrified. The energy was not very strong, but it was ominous. Soldiers ran there, and my brother as well. Me, Lydia and Mika followed them, although the girl obviously knew what was happening. It happened on a small square. Huge monster had attacked people. Several nearby buildings were damaged. There was blood and limbs everywhere. Lydia fainted and I left her in the care of Mika. I could not take my eyes off of that thing. My brother received a sword. Men (all I had seen and those I did not saw) rushed to the beast. God, the air crackled from the tension.

      The scene of this battle seemed familiar to me. I tried to search my own conscience to discover how and why. It took awhile, but I remember it. A dream. I saw this in a dream I had when I was a child. I remember that I waking up screaming and Jamie came to comfort me. He stayed with me until I fall asleep. Now the dream had become a reality. I noticed with what ease my brother fights. If it were his second nature. Like he belongs here. It was hard to figure this out. I didn’t understand my own feelings and thoughts. I stood there speechless. I heard Lydia screamed my name. I looked up at the moment when a monster lunged at me. I could not scream. I could not move. I stood and watched, but even then I could not see it clearly. I came to myself when blood splashed on my face. It wasn’t mine. The man who was called “Master” stood between me and the beast. He wounded the monster but he was wounded too… Wounded because of me. I did not know what to do.

-Get out of here, woman! – He ordered to me.

       Someone pulled me back until the battle continued. They were Lydia and Mika. I could not take my eyes off the man and his bloody clothes. However, he continued to attack. I really create only problems. But it did not stop there. I saw archer on one of the rooftops. He was pointed his arrow to the master. No one saw him because the monster. The scream would not come in time. I plucked from the hands of the girls and ran to the master. He released the arrow. The master looked at me and in the next minute the arrow stuck me in the shoulder. Well, yes. I was shorter than him.

      At first I felt no pain. But the taste of blood fulfills my mouth. My clothes were… wet. As if I was not in my body, and I watched from the side. I fell to the ground. I moaned until everything went black. If nothing else, at least my debt was paid. Life for life. Blood for blood. But damn… It hurts like hell.



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