Story Note 1


Well, what can I say? I live in fucking world and all people who I know are… There have not good enough word for that. Let me tell you something. Don’t believe to people…Never. They speak sweet thoughts and when you believe them…they betray you.

Sorry if I am little rude right now. It’s not a good beginning I know that. Let start again. My name is Sonja and I am 23 years old. I live in small town where people known the others include their dirty secrets. Everyone know everything if you prefer to say. I am pretty one. Well, my mom told me that every time when I am in bad mood. Anyway… I live in small house and porch with little table and stools. Mom have a beautiful garden with roses and other flowers. I love to be there when is summer and it’s night. Well, If you ask me I will told you that I prefer to walk around at night. I don’t know why is that but it is a simple fact. My actions piss off my dad but who cares. Some day I will move out and will be free. Yeah, yeah… I know. I was not kid anymore and I must have my home already but it’s not easy here. The only way to have my own home is to be married. And I don’t want to.

It was night when something happened. Something bad. I was asleep when I heard some noise to come from outside. Like wind but it wasn’t wind. There was a strange energy in the air and I can feel it. I woke up and walk to the window to see it. In the shadows I saw something… Someone. He was just stood there and watching right in my window. I saw him and he saw me. I was terrified but I was not capable to move. Even can’t to look away. I felt my body strange. If someone touched me. Cold and passion feeling. Then I felt how my hand touch my body. It was my hand but I wasn’t the one who controlled it. I know that was him. The man. I saw something. His eyes… They glowing in blue… or silver? They hypnotizing me. He want to do something and I will do it even if I don’t want. Everything in me was burning like hell. He feel it too because I saw his smile. But stop for a sec… Fangs? This is impossible. Don’t tell me that this man… this creature is a… vampire. But his white skin and his handsome black hair… I can not resist. I ran. Against my will I ran. He called me and I must answered. I was downstairs when my parents saw me. Mom called me to stop but I do not listen. I can’t. They run off after me but when they were to the front door… it shut down in front of their faces. And I was outside… with him. I was in his arms and he touched me. My will was gone.

He kiss my lips… slowly. After that my chin… after that… my neck. My vein. I felt his tongue on my skin. Wet and warm… somehow. I felt the fangs. And then…



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