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Forbodden: Love in Wartime [chapter 2]

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Chapter 2


David’s POV


I woke up in a strange place. I was alone in a strange apartment. I sniffed the presence of someone who has recently left. Woman. Her smell was on my clothes. I felt her fear. And something else. Food. Coming from the kitchen. I stood up.  The pain burned through my body. I had not broken bones, but it hurt. Those nasty bastards caught me off guard. I could smash them, but the “boss” forbade us to get in troubles. Or he is fool, or blind. But not for long.


I stood up. With one hand, hold my ribs as if they would break any moment. I went into the kitchen and found a plate of stew. Almost was cold, but I didn’t care. I ate everything. It was delicious. I confess. I felt better and it helped me to feel something else. There was someone like me. Wolf. If properly understand, this apartment is on that wolf. And speaking of it… I turned around and he was standing by the door. Bigger and older, but his strength not be questioned.


“You’re alive. Good.” – He said coolly.

“You got me here? Thanks, sir.”

“Don’t thank me. You almost to reveal me. That stubborn girl…”


He paused. He was angry but also worried. This is quite confusing.


“I’m David.” – I presented myself.

“Simon Hawkins.” – He said coldly.

“Here was a human. I can smell it.”

“Yes. One stubborn girl who is looking for trouble. She took care of you. You’re alive because of her.”

“A human? This is…”

“Not all humans like this position. She, i.e. her family is neutral. We’re friends.”

“But they do not know that you’re not a man.”

“And it’s better.”


I watched him as he sat wearily on the couch. Has gotten with people. This is not good. Still, I was curious.


“It means that… girl… Why is she helped me? What’s in it?”

“You mean what she wasted. Will be bad if someone understand about that. She refused to accept that it’s just evil. Optimistic view of the fact that she grew up in this nightmare. She does not remember the time before the war. This was when she was five.”

“How old is she now?”

“At 24.”

“How…? What’s her name?”


He looked at me. Study to me. He wanted to know why I asked that question. I guess that’s normal. But it was offensive to question the member of his species.


“Her name is Alice. That’s all I’ll say. And stay away from her.”


It’s sounded like a threat. Obviously there was a reason to keep her safe. I don’t care. It was just curiosity. She saved me, but this wolf protects her. Nothing more.




I was distracted and scared from his voice. I looked him in the dark eyes. There rising anger. Perhaps a certain amount of danger.


“You better get out. Try not to see you. Forget about me and this place. Forget about the girl whose face you never seen and will not see.”

“I’m leaving. But I have a question. Why defend this human being?”

“None of your business.”


He growled and this time I was convinced that the cause is serious. I thanked him and left the apartment.




Alice’s POV


Thanks to my tiring day and what happened in the morning, I slept soundly. Hours sweet and deep sleep. I’d probably sleep my whole free day, but Kelly woke me up. She is my best friend. She lives next door. She is thin, blond and blue-eyed. Beautiful like a doll. But she does not know like me other life than this one. She had a habit of sneaking into my room and startled me. Today was no different.


I got beat of waking like this. Not to mention the headaches. I sat up in the bed and rubbed my eyes. She sat across from me and smiled.


“Come on, Alice! Are you going to sleep through the whole day off?”

“Actually, yes. And stop scaring me like that. It is no longer fun.”

“It is. It’s fun. Again you were working late?” – She asked, her smile disappeared.

“Yes. That bastard keeps us up at three o’clock in the morning.”

“Bastard! Is he still…? He…”


No wonder he left. My boss, Gordon Lutars, attacked her. If it had not appeared some workers… Kelly could have been one of his victims. For now I got lucky and was able to defend myself. But someday my luck would be over. Then I had to be prepared.


“What is it, Alice?”


“You are somewhere else.”

“Sorry. I thought over your question.”


“Well, you know him. He likes to torture over his subordinates. Soon I’ll be out of there. I can’t stand it anymore. If not, I’ll…” – I paused before to say one of the most cherished desires.


My friend picked it up over this topic. While I took a shower and dressed, she made me a sandwich. While bathers remembered my secret. I began to wonder if I could look Simon without put out myself. But I know how to keep secrets. I needed because the secret meetings that are organized every month. I refused to go.


Suddenly Kelly called me. She sounded worried, so I hurried dressing. And I learned and that skill too. In war, we must learn to save time. So when I ran into the kitchen I found Jake and so-called team. Volunteers at PAL. He’s a big jerk. Falls on me since we were kids and had planned to marry me. No way!


“Jake? What are you doing here?” – I looked at him cold as ever.

“I came to see how my girlfriend is. Can’t I?”

“Say hello to her from me as you see her.”

“Come on, Alice.” – He went and tried to caress my face, but I withdrew. – “Last night as you passed the bar… Did you see anyone? Anything?”


The blood in my veins froze. Was he understood? No, no way! Relax! I repeated to myself and tried not to show fear.


“What are you talking about?”

“For a dead beast. Near to the bar of Hawkins.”

“I know nothing about it. They let us at 3 in the morning. I was damn tired. I do not even know how I got home.” – I was angry, not to release it.

“Okay, okay. Don’t be mad. I just wanted to check if you are okay.”

“Yes, I’m fine. Now can you go? I want to rest.”


He did not want to leave, but he did it. He knew me well enough not to challenge me. I felt as if me heart would explode. I had to lean on the table I realized that Kelly looks at me. She wondered what was going on. I would not tell her. I could trust her, but I did not want to endanger her. She’s my friend anyway. Oh, shit!




David’s POV


At home they were worried. My father insisted that I not tell anyone about the beating. He did not want my mother to worry. Not to mention Meredith. I’ve known her for years and she loved me. Or so she says. She liked to boast to her friends with me. Like I was a trophy.


“What are you thinking?” – My father asked.

“Nothing. Relax. None of them was injured.”

“You know why I’m telling you this. Anyway, the situation is out of control. But tell me, son… How you save yourself?”

“They helped me. A man.” – I thought it was better not to mention the human girl.

“Man? Who? Do you know him?”

“No, but he was a wolf. I’m sure of that. His name is Simon Hawkins.”


In speaking of that name, my father was visibly angry. Long time since I’d saw him like that. Growled and simmer. His eyes have become golden.


“This traitor… I’d rather lose my only son instead I owe him something.”

“Why do you say that?” –  I could not hold back my bitterness. Like it’s my fault.

“You do not need to know. He dumped us because damn humans.”


He came out of his office as a nearly broke the door. I heard my mother tried to soothe him, but… It was a good thing that saved him from the other part of the truth. Saved by traitor and human. He probably will get a heart attack. But… Simon was right about one thing: I did not know anything about this… Alice. I knew the name and smell, but nothing more. I could not even imagine her. I could not thank her. Damn! I’m not suggesting that I have to be grateful to… human.


I heard footsteps behind me. The smell of pine I had known. Meredith. She cupped her hands around my waist. She was small and thin… in appearance. With chocolate eyes and light brown (almost blond) hair. Beautiful and popular, but always has a crush on me. And it’s good in bed. Attracted me, but I do not think I’m in love with her. And the thought that they want to engage me with her…  I do not see her like my mate. We have the wolf instinct for it. She was not for me and probably this was the reason for emotional distance.


“Hey, sexy! Where were you been? I missed you!” – She smiled at me.

“I had a little work to do.” – Lies tumbled one after another.

“My darling… Come, I will give you a massage.”


Damn! I was stiff, but I did not want from her to see the bruises and abrasions. Meredith hated humans more than my father. She said that they were nobodies who do not deserve to live if all they do is to ruin. Right now I do not want to foment her hate.


“Another time, Mer. I need to sleep. You understand, right?”

“Want some company?” – She smiled mischievously.

“Maybe next time.”


I tried to be careful with her, but I really had no desire to be with her. I do not think she took it very well, but… still left. Then I hid in my room and went to bed. Soon I would be as good as new and to take care of those fools receive appropriate rewards.


Shit! I could not get out of my head the way the man spoke. Traitor? That may be true. Although the werewolves rarely seen such cases. There must be a good reason. And I can bet that the girl has something with that. And speaking of her… As much as I dislike humans, this time I wanted to see the face of my savior. Damn!


Alice’s POV


It was after lunch and we were out. Lately, everything had changed. There were few cars on the move and that the air was cleaner. I do not mind. Kelly was more cheerful than usual. But I do not stare at her. I watched the decaying world around us. I was accustomed to look in the dark. And I did not know otherwise. There were no people on the street. I had a strange feeling. My stomach had shrunk into a ball. I hate those hunches. Not bode well. It’s not fun.


Kelly looked at me. She knew me well enough to know what my behavior mean. It was like a warning.


“What is it, Alice? Feeling?”

“Yes. We gotta get out of here. Now!”


Only that it was too late. We were trapped in one of many groups. Damn! They were humans. It exactly the same who beat the wolf. I recognized them. We were in trouble. That does not mean that we were human we have immunity. They will not kill or beau us, but they would have fun with us. I had a friend who committed suicide after a group of crazies violated her. I would not take it. Not since I still have not been with a man. I will not survive this. Kelly clung to me. She was shivering.


“Look, guys! Young lambs are out for a walk.” – said one of them. I think he was the leader.

“We do not want problems. Let us go home!” – I spoke as calmly as I could.

“Did you hear that? They want to go home. No, baby. Not before we play.”


They grabbed us and startled to drag us to a dead-end street. Kelly cried and struggled. I also resisted, but they were stronger. A sense of hopelessness overwhelmed me. Tore my clothes. I screamed. He hit me and my mouth bleed. I wanted to die. It’s better to kill me than…  And if a miracle happened. Something threw the attacker against the wall like he was… nothing. It shocked everyone. They forgot about us and turned attention to jackanapes. My friend was with me now. She helped me up and pulled me towards the exit. Then I saw him. That was him. The wolf…




He also saw me. Normally not recognized me. He was in unconscious. He calls us to go. He sought revenge, but was not there to protect us. Then Kelly screamed:


“Run, Alice! Alice, please!”


Wolf responds to my name. He looked into my eyes and seemed to know who I am. But I did not stay there. I held my shirt and ran after my friend. Howling screams and muffled behind my back because I ran like the devil was after me. I and Kelly hid in a small shop. The man saw us. Probably supposed to help us.  Yeah! Not here. He banished because he did not want to get into trouble. Little coward.


I took Kelly’s hand and the two of us rushed to the bar of Hawkins. There would help us. It was always open and the bartender was friendly. We were not far away. We do not take long. Once we were inside everyone staring us. Uncle Simon saw us and ran towards us. Immediately take us behind the bar. He gave us shirts. They were big for us, but we do not care. Trembling with shock. Kelly closed in the bathroom and vomited. I stayed with Uncle Simon. He knelt in front of me, looking at me in the eyes and asked me what happened.


“They attacked us. They wanted to… They were the boys from this morning. Those who…”

“Relax, girly. You’re safe.”

“He saved us. Appeared out of nowhere.”

“He? Who…?”


He did not finish the sentence because my eyes said the rest. This surprised him.  He stood up and began to pace nervously back and forth.


“He… You tell him who you are?”

“No, of course. But Kelly screamed my name. Although there is no way to know it.”

“He knows it. I told him. I wanted him to know from who or what he was saved.”


Then Kelly came and snuggled into me. She trembled and she was obviously in shock.  Usually I was the strong one. Not physically, but emotionally. I had to. But now I was about to collapse. I tried to hold on for her sake, but… It was so hard. Simon left us in his room. Change the sheets and told us that he will inform out parents. We both went to the bed together. Slept huddled. Fear was unspeakable and unbearable.


I woke up every hour and checked the girl. She was crying in her sleep. I squeezed her hand to let her know I’m there. Thus reassured her. At least one of us was good. Maybe I was the stronger of the two. But I gave up against the dream.




Simon does not leave the apartment. He keep the girls save and tried to calm down. The stranger took care of the attackers. He knew it. What bothered him was that he for sure recognized Alice. The smell and name. He did not knowing what would be the next move of this… David.  Or at least until he heard footsteps approaching and sniffing the smell of wolf.


Someone knock on the door and Simon opened. He took the young wolf shirt and pulled him inside. He pressed him against the wall and growled when he spoke.


“What the hell are you doing here? I told you to stay away. Do you want to condemn us to death?”

“I came to see if they are okay. The girls…”

“Yeah, right. As if you care about them.”

“It was her, isn’t she? The dark-haired is Alice. She…”

“Yes. I told you and I will repeat it. Stay away from her.”

“My father told me that you’re a traitor. He doesn’t like you.”

“Your father? Who is he?”

“His name is Jack Hennessy.”


This name comes as a cold shower. Of course, he knew him. In this quite well.


“You know him, right?” David said.

“Yes. Another reason to get out.”


It would follow a new replica, but something forced them to shut up. Movement. Coming from the bedroom. Someone was awake.




I woke up again. This time, I felt that something was wrong. Got out of bed and headed for the door. Follow my instinct that led me there. Quietly I opened the door and went into a small hallway. I closed the door behind me and a moment later I went into the living room. There, Simon was arguing with someone. That was him. The wolf. Yes, I knew what kind he is. By the time we were all developed flair, which we recognized different types of lycanthropes.


“Uncle Simon…? Is everything okay?”

“Yes. Go to your room.”


My eyes fell on the intruder. He also stares at me. He did not seem to expect to see… me. When I took a step back, he asked me to wait. Uncle Simon held him away, but he could not seem to hold.


“Let me go, old man! I will not hurt her. I just…”


Suddenly someone knock on the door. It was the bartender – Louis. He said he had come as the FDA. Uncle Simon swore and forbade us to go before its safe. I dared not move, but the man stood out. We were alone. I dared not even breathe. He did not lose sight of.


“Stop staring at me like that, man. Scares me.” – I said.

“You’re the one who helped me.”

“Quiet. Do you want everyone to hear?” – I looked at the closed bedroom door.

“She is asleep.”

“That’s good. She needs rest.”

“You too… Alice. I want to know. Why you do that? Why you risk?”


I said nothing. Is this a test?


“I don’t know. I’m tired of this war. I’m tired of killing and terror. I realized that it’s not need to be nonhuman… to be a monster.”

“I… I’m David.” – He said without reach out or something.

“Good for you. Now we’re even. I saved you, now you saved me. Us. Damn! I’m still owed. Because of Kelly. She… Nobody knows.”

“You do not owe me anything. Tell me… What is your relationship with this… Simon?”

“None of your business.”

“It does not have to be like this. We just talk.”

“I don’t want to be rude. I’m always like that. Suspicious. Nothing personal. And I don’t understand why you’re still here and why did you come on first place?”

“Maybe I was curious. Relax. I’m leaving.”


I don’t even try to stop him. Don’t cross my mind. But I kept watching him. I’ve never seen a werewolf before. It was not what I expected. He doesn’t try to kill me. Even behaved normally. Complete opposite of what I had heard. It was messy and I did not know how to react. Then I heard the sirens. They were not very close, but I heard them. They must have found someone and if I’m not mistaken are those who attacked us. Who knows what he did to them. And speaking… He panicked. He began to pace around the door. He dared not to go out.


“Shit! Shit!”


I did not know what to do. I did not move from my place. Then Simon comes in. He was in bad mood. He was not alone. There was a woman with him. She would stay with Kelly. He told me that I would watch the wolf in the sanctuary. I had to run after then in the hallway. There was a secret staircase hid into what we all saw.  Secret door, etc. As in a detective novel. Simon took us to cave and leave us there. He told us to keep quiet and wait for him to come. Then went out and locked the door.


Forbidden: Love in Wartime

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Copy of 2o3ah5YtR1qzy8auo1_500

What I thought for a hoax was one irreparable truth that was very expensive for us. At least in some respects. The war was inevitable, although many were those opposed it. My family was from the minority. So you can guess that things were not “rosy” for us. We had a lot of problems with the newly formed organization named “People against Lycanthropy” or PAL. You could say they are like a new version of the Nazis. Crowd idiots who want to destroy anyone who is different and does not fit into their rules. What it turned out that for centuries among us live people who are half animals? They didn’t bother us. At least most of them. There is not a big difference. But some saw it as the perversion of nature and a violent insurrection. Rebellion, which later turned into a war.


I don’t say that we, i.e. those who chose to remain neutral, stand with lycanthropes. We just don’t mess up. We pretend that we don’t notice what is happening around us. It’s not easy. I certainly can’t, since on the streets constantly are killing so many people. Once while driving home… They shot a guy in front of me. He was not more than 12-13 years old. I was so shocked that I could not move from my seat. Just standing and staring at the flowing blood of the child. I froze on the spot. I am not proud of it, but what could I do? I know what they do with those who help these “creatures”. Tortures… Public executions… Fear had become so naturally feels that it has accepted as routine. I do not remember how long I have not seen my parents smile. It was a nightmare that cannot be found even in a book. If Hell had a look, this is it.


As in any war, and here economy has suffered a lot. People looked like beasts. The strong survive, you can say. I hated that. I hated myself, I cannot do anything. So, I’m just a girl of 24 years. I worked in a small warehouse. It was not much, but many people did not have it. I was grateful, though my boss was a real pig. Not literally, of course. He tried to hang me. He flirted with me shamelessly. That bastard took advantage of unemployment to take benefits from his employees. He was not satisfied with the girls, if you know what I mean. We were like slaves. He paid us paltry wages, and we have no right to protest. Damn life!


One night my life changed radically. I did not like it, but that was the best thing that could happen to me. I was driving home from work. It was late at night. Maybe around 3 am. I walked away because there were no buses. As always, I passed the bar of Hawkins. He’s an old friend of my father. I walked to the back streets, because the journey was shorter and relatively safe for humans. Usually I do not stop, but this time I had to. My shoelaces were loose, but did not want to stumble. I stopped and I started to knit when I heard a ruckus. The place where I was had no light and the darkness hid me. But not the source of the noise. I saw a group of boys. Perhaps my age. Looks like they had found the victim. The way in which they speaking it was a man. They imposed him with metal pipes. Laughing. Entertained by what they were doing. I knew I had to get out, but even the slightest movement poses a risk to see me.  For this I was fixed.


Nausea me. From my eyes dripped tears. Because these morons I hate my own kind. And they say that the lycanthropes are evil. If I had to choose sides, it would not have been that of humans. But killing people was not uncommon. Yet people started everything. Nasty selfish bastards. I am ashamed that I am a human being. Anyway, I do not look away from the terrible scene. I was lucky. Some of them said that the “victim” will not be. They left. Surely they would attack someone else. Morons.


I took a few steps in my direction. And behold, I felt guilty. I could at least to see if he’s dead, right? I growled and slowly walked towards the body. I was shaking, but I was determined to do it. I fell off when I saw how much blood there was. My knees buckled. I knelt. My hand was shaking. I hesitated whether to check his pulse. Finally I did it. He was alive. The pulse was weak, but it was there. I could not look at him because the blood covering his face. My tears just flowed. I checked, but no ID. There was no one to call or who to ask for help. Nobody would risk. But I could not just left him there. Well, I could, but… I was desperate because he was much bigger than me and I could not carry him, anywhere. I did not know what to do. For that I stood beside him and made him company. I could not do anything else.


I was tired. My eyes closed. Only for a moment. Then came Hawkins. He often threw garbage personally and probably saw us on the light. He tried to force me to go home, but I refused. I decided I had to stop running. Hawkins was a man over forty, but he was very well maintained. Often trained with my father. In him always been something special. He was high almost 1.90. There was a body of rugby player. His hair was gray. Always serious. This was Simon Hawkins. He helped us a lot since “the war of species” begins. I was about five years old. Long time, huh? Wow… I grew up in Hell.


“Better get out of here, Alice. Forget about what happened.”


I could not believe he said that. In my full with tears eyes came anger. Sorry that my fury shall come upon him, but…


“How long, Uncle Simon? How much should pretend this is not happening?”

“As it should. You grew up in this world. You had to accept it.” – Calm but mentoring he said.

“Never. I refuse to believe that in this world have only evil.”


I was sorry I increased my tome, but there was no turning back. But I was nervous and scared. I will be in trouble if someone understands that I was helping on “nonhuman”. But deep down I knew that I was doing the right thing. I saw that uncle Simon was watching me. Finally swore and told me that he would take care of the wounded. He bent down and picked him up. He carried him to the apartment above the bar. There was another entrance – on the back street. No one saw us. Only, I was puzzled by his power. I do not ask questions because I do not interfere in the lives of others. So I was taught.


The hallway and stairwell was dark. I almost fell. I could feel the railing and grabbed it. Even I did not think that my parents will be worried about me. We reached the green door whose paint was chipped. Simon told me to get the keys from the pocket of his shirt and open. I did it as quickly as possible. We went inside and I closed the door. Uncle put the wounded man down on the couch. He groaned, and that was a sign that he is alive. Simon handed me a bowl of water and towels. He told me that he is my concern now and I have to take care of him. He said that in the apartment has everything I need. Then go to change, not to walk around with bloody clothes. Not that anyone would notice. Then he leaves the keys and left.


Here, now I was alone with a lycanthrope. Well… okay. I took my jacket and left it on the chair. I took a bowl of water and towels. Knelt beside the couch. I dipped the towel in the warm water and I took a breath. Slowly I began to clean the blood from his face and neck. My hands were shaking. Even the slightest distraction could cost me everything. I did not stop. God! Behind the bloody mask hiding a lovely face. He was handsome. Too bad that he is not human. He had a short beard. His hair was short and slight curly. This… I should have looked if there were fractures. I touched him. I did not notice something was wrong. There were no fractures, but there were scrapes and bruises. It would hurt him. It’s not my problem. I… I did what I could.


I covered him with a blanket and did something to eat. I ate some food and left on the table in case he woke up and was hungry. And this would happen. I do not know what else I could do for him. And I was too tired to think. It was probably five or six o’clock in the morning. I hardly kept my eyes open. For that I was quick. I got my stuff and got dressed. I came to the door and instinctively looked back. He slept peacefully. All right. I left. I locked the door and put the keys under the mat. Without thinking I left. I ran like crazy. I ran ten blocks. I got home and there was no one. No wonder. At that time, Mom and Dad are on their way to work. I hardly took off my clothes. I lay down on my bed and immediately fell asleep.

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Copy of изтеглен файлDavid     [werewolf]    

Story Note 1

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Well, what can I say? I live in fucking world and all people who I know are… There have not good enough word for that. Let me tell you something. Don’t believe to people…Never. They speak sweet thoughts and when you believe them…they betray you.

Sorry if I am little rude right now. It’s not a good beginning I know that. Let start again. My name is Sonja and I am 23 years old. I live in small town where people known the others include their dirty secrets. Everyone know everything if you prefer to say. I am pretty one. Well, my mom told me that every time when I am in bad mood. Anyway… I live in small house and porch with little table and stools. Mom have a beautiful garden with roses and other flowers. I love to be there when is summer and it’s night. Well, If you ask me I will told you that I prefer to walk around at night. I don’t know why is that but it is a simple fact. My actions piss off my dad but who cares. Some day I will move out and will be free. Yeah, yeah… I know. I was not kid anymore and I must have my home already but it’s not easy here. The only way to have my own home is to be married. And I don’t want to.

It was night when something happened. Something bad. I was asleep when I heard some noise to come from outside. Like wind but it wasn’t wind. There was a strange energy in the air and I can feel it. I woke up and walk to the window to see it. In the shadows I saw something… Someone. He was just stood there and watching right in my window. I saw him and he saw me. I was terrified but I was not capable to move. Even can’t to look away. I felt my body strange. If someone touched me. Cold and passion feeling. Then I felt how my hand touch my body. It was my hand but I wasn’t the one who controlled it. I know that was him. The man. I saw something. His eyes… They glowing in blue… or silver? They hypnotizing me. He want to do something and I will do it even if I don’t want. Everything in me was burning like hell. He feel it too because I saw his smile. But stop for a sec… Fangs? This is impossible. Don’t tell me that this man… this creature is a… vampire. But his white skin and his handsome black hair… I can not resist. I ran. Against my will I ran. He called me and I must answered. I was downstairs when my parents saw me. Mom called me to stop but I do not listen. I can’t. They run off after me but when they were to the front door… it shut down in front of their faces. And I was outside… with him. I was in his arms and he touched me. My will was gone.

He kiss my lips… slowly. After that my chin… after that… my neck. My vein. I felt his tongue on my skin. Wet and warm… somehow. I felt the fangs. And then…


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