Chapter 1




     I am Alice and this is my story…




     I will not talk about my life from the beginning. It is like on the any other girls of 23 years. Well, maybe not quite. Let’s say that I was… little strange… It sounds plausible, but not then. Like I said I will not talk about that what it was. I’ll talk about what happened to me now. Me and a few others. Well, let’s start from the beginning.








     At first it was just a feeling. The pain from the blow… Blow, that I could not remember how I received. How? Who? I had no idea. I only know that my head ached just like after a drunken night. Not that I’m very familiar with drunkenness. Then came flashes. My eyes began to open. Slowly… cautiously… Groaned because of embarrassment I felt. Inhale deeply, but choked. The air smelled like a basement. You know…? That strange smell of mold and something that is difficult to determine. But back to the question.


     I lay on the floor. Wet and cold. At the time I was welcome that feeling because my body stilled. When I tried to stand up I realized how much worse I am. I had bruises around my wrists. Traces of ropes. Ropes? I’ve been tied up?  I could not remember anything and it seemed very strange and frightening. However, I managed to sit down. Run my hand through my tangled, damp brown hair. This time I breathe slower. I was unpleasant surprised when I saw that I’m wearing clothes that are not mine and that I did not like them. It looked like a cross between a hospital gown and a uniform. If I can describe it that way. In short – it was a rough cloth and wider that it should. Like it was made without specifying the size of the one who would wear it… in this case I do.


     It took me a while, but I came to myself. I got up very carefully and very slowly. I looked carefully. On either side were stone walls. The outline of the blocks was clear and it was obvious that they were not build soon. They were old but well maintained. The other two sides had space. I was in a tunnel. Tunnel? How…? My heart was pounding like crazy with fear. I was shaking and I was pretty sure I will fall back on the floor. I felt the wind. My entire body shivered. It was cold.


     I had no choice. I walked forward. Or at least I think it was ahead. I moved close to the wall on my left. I came in a very special feeling. Fear and anxiety. Tension. I wanted to quit, but I had no choice. I went forward. Suddenly I heard something behind me. Something like howl. Acted on first signal. I ran. I was in such shock that I could not even cry. But later it would happen.


     I ran like crazy not knowing if I’m going to another danger. But what could I do? Suddenly I tripped on something. I flew forward and fell. I do not hit my head or something. Although I felt a pain in my leg. I stood up to see what I tripped. Oh My God! Bones… I stumbled on human bones. Now I wept. I turned into a ball. Damn it. Where am I, in hell?


     Suddenly I reached to the echo of footsteps. He ran. He ran towards me. I was too tired to get up and run. For that I just lay there and prayed not to be someone who wants to kill me. Because this place definitely looked like a tomb. Then the footsteps slowed and finally disappeared entirely. I heard someone’s heavy breathing. Whoever was there was no longer moving. I looked quite a bit. Above me someone was a leaning, but I could not see well because of the darkness that enveloped everything. If I judging by its size, it was a man. Tall. He bent down and held out his hand to me. He said something, but I did not understand because he spoke in a strange language. I had not heard anything like that before, but I like how it sounds. Somehow… comforting. Whoever it was, I do not think he wanted to hurt me. Actually he helped me up.


     Even close to him I could not see him well. Again I heard that howl. This time comes closer. Approached. I repeat only that I can’t continue to run. I had no strength. But I was not sure that he could understand me. The man grabbed my hand and started to run. I could not stop. After a few minutes I realized that my feet barely touching the ground. And the speed with which we move… My head swam. One thing was clear. I will not stop running. I don’t want to become a food for monster. Wait a minute. Monster? How did this come to my mind? Why this?


     Suddenly the man stopped and pushed me into a large gap between the rocks. It was like a little side corridor. He pressed me against the wall and he hid me with his body. He was so close that we actually stuck to each other. I was embarrassed. I don’t do something like that with the stranger. In fact, so far none of this had happened to me before. How do I’d ended up there?  What chasing us? I don’t know why, but I felt safe with this man. Although something is told me that he was much more than I thought.


     Huge black shadow walked past us. It moved fast and breathing strangely. It was like an animal. The beast stopped. It sniffed the air. My heart sank with fear. I inadvertently pressed myself into the man. He motioned for me to keep silent. I bit my lips and hid my face. Even I held my breath, hoping that “thing” will go away. And it did. Escape somewhere in the shadows. The man pulled out of me and goes out in the tunnel to examine whether it is safe. Finally I could not catch my breath.


     The man again reached out to me. When I don’t catch it, he said something I did not understand.




“Come, take my hand! Don’t be afraid! Come with me!”




     I couldn’t see the expression on his face but it seemed that he had no intention to hurt me. For this I caught his arm. This time we walked slowly and it was somewhat calmer. However I cried. I cried all the time. He did not try to comfort me, because he knew that anyway I cannot understand anything.  For this he just held my hand and let me cry. But even so, it was better. I was not alone and this was enough to calm down for a while.


     I could just mumbled “thank you” and then paused again. I just follow the unknown man through endless dark corridors of this godforsaken place. Soon I would have collapsed, but no complaints. It was pointless, right? I really appreciated when he made the ten-minutes break. I sat with my back pressed against the cold stone wall. I swear I closed my eyes for a moment. Only that this moment was much longer. Later I realized that he was wearing me on his arms on the way. Where? I’m not sure. I know that when I opened my eyes for a moment I found myself in a room. The only light came from a candle. The room was not large and was not furnished with nothing special.  Bed (obviously), a table, two chairs and a wardrobe. Nothing more. Then I thought I saw shadows. An elderly woman said to someone:




“Poor girl… She must be very tired and scared. The rest will come good for her.”




     Then again I lost consciousness. But at times like this I was thankful for that. But once fell into the “world of dreams”… It was not what I expected. I saw myself while walking. In fact, I came home to one of the paths that are not recommended. Who cares? Nowhere was safe. Anyway. I saw myself and received idiotic. Then someone grabbed me from behind. Put a rag in my mouth. It smelled weird. I was dizzy. I tried to fight, but he held me very tight. Stuffed me in a black van. What a cliché. From there, I lost but feeling that I felt… Damn!


     Then something grabbed me. In my dream, I mean. I felt his claws on my body. He dropped my blood and told me that he would kill me. I screamed. I woke up screaming. A woman grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me to come to myself. I cried, and I watched her anxiously. I tried to get out of her grip.




“Calm down, girl! Everything will be okay!” – She whispered, trying to reassure me.




     Everything would be okay? Hell, no. All this terrified me so much that I could not stop shaking and crying. It became clear to me that I am not alone in this place, wherever it is, but it does not improve the situation much. At least now I knew that someone kidnapped me and took me there by force. Only I did not know who or why. I looked at this woman’s eyes and she just smiled at me kindly. For some reason, however, it seemed that behind her comely look she hid something else. From her sprang force. I can’t explain it. Maybe it is called an aura?


     I looked around the room again. This time I was not interested. I was looking for. Where is he?  Where did he go? I was looking for the unknown man who found me in the damn tunnel. I wonder why? I don’t know. And I do not understand it. Yet something inside me told me that I could trust him.




“Where am I?” – I muttered. – “How did I get to this place?”


“It’s a long story, sweetheart. Come, you must eat something. I’ll tell you.”




     She saw that I look around the room looking for.




“He’s somewhere around.”


“What? Who are you talking about?” – I tried to play like a fool.


“His name is Dark. He does not speak human languages that we known. Probably you already knew it. Of course, the reason is that he is not human.”


“He is not human? And what then?”


“I’ll tell you. Come with me. Don’t be afraid.”




     It is easier to say that to do it. As much as I wanted to believe her, I could not bring myself to do it. Anyway, she took me out of the room. This time I could stand on my own feet. Of course, I was barefoot. I do not remember whether I had shoes when I woke up the first time. We walked in the corridor, which was build of gray stone. There were no windows and the only light source were the candled from the makeshift candelabras. In the air was the smell of an old cellar and burnt wax. Given the circumstances I don’t found for very kindly to comment that.


     The woman moved fairly briskly, though she seemed to 60-70 years old. Her hair was silver-white and looked soft. Her eyes were the color of the sea. Blue with green highlights. And despite her goodness, I could not trust her. I could not be calm in her presence. I think she knew it. Read my mind… somehow. This troubled me.




“Who are you? What is your name?” – I asked.


“My name is Liv. And what is your name, child?”




I hesitated. I wanted to escape. However, I stood and stared at the back of her head as she walked in front of me.




“I… My name is Alice.”


“Nice name.”




     Suddenly we came to a large room. There were other people. Some of them seemed a little creepy, but basically everyone was like me. We have all had the same fate. I did not dare ask. And no one looked at me with surprise. They do not be surprised at my presence. I was one of many. Again, I wanted to cry, but I bit my lip and did not. Moreover, at the far end of the room I noticed the man. What was his name…? Dark. Yes… So she said. He watched me for a while and then vanished. I must have imagined it. You can’t just disappear. He’s not a ghost.


     We went to a room that looked like a kitchen. Liv told me to sit down, and then she poured a plate of stew and a glass of water. I was so hungry that I did not care what the food is. On several occasions she told me to eat more slowly, so as not to choke, but I did not listen. I almost licked the plate. Hunger does not recognized the inconvenience and embarrassment. I drank the water. I thanked her then she left me there and went out. She said she will not be delayed.


     Everything around looked so creepy. Candles cast a dark shadows. It was like I was in a horror movie. I stood up and made a few steps. Then cold chill went through my body. Shadows moved in the corner. For a moment I thought I saw face. It started to come closer. It was like magic. It was evil. I knew he wanted to hurt me. No need to see it to know it. I started to back away. I tripped over something and flew away. Then someone grabbed me and I screamed. He grabbed me tightly. He turned me to look at him. He was the stranger. He talked to me something on his strange language, but whatever it was made me calm down.


     The man pulled me behind him and so he was between me and the other demon.  He said something that sounded threatening (demon I mean).




“I’m not afraid of you, vampire! And you will die like all here. You all are food for us. That was the deal.”




     Then I saw it. Dark changes. His eyes glowed a bright blue. Canine teeth are lengthened. Is he really a vampire? How is this possible? While it should not surprised me after the beast in the tunnel and this demon here. But for what price the shadowy figure speaking? We are food? Someone traded us against something. Instinctively I gripped my hand of the vampire. Not very logical, since he is in the “monsters” list, but somehow I knew he did not intend to kill me. At the sight of this the demon laughed and said something before he melts into nothingness. He said:




“What ironic… Lamb seeks protection for the lion… Soon your blood will be spilled around, girl!”




He laughed and evaporated. I started crying and curled into a ball in the corner. I just received a death threat. Judging by this place, it is almost certain that the threat will be carried out. Barely breathing. Dark knelt beside me and wiped away my tears with the back of his hand.




“Don’t cry. I will not let him to hurt you.”


“I don’t understand. I don’t know what you mean. Why did you calm me down? You don’t know me. You are not responsible for me.”


“I found you.” – He said calmly.


“You speak of…”


“I don’t like your human language. People are…”


“Then why are you up for a human? You just had to leave me to my fate. Obviously all demons considered us as cattle.”




     The fear and pain turned into anger. He clearly showed me his attitude. His hatred of my race is offensive. And he said that he will protect me. Hell, no. I jumped to my feet and vigorously wiped my eyes. The last thing I needed now was pity and condescension.




“I… I’m going elsewhere. I will say goodbye to the lady and get out.”


“And where will you go? This is no place for a human.”


“Don’t worry. I can handle it somehow.” – I said confidently. – “And I don’t want you or someone else to suffer because of me when the demon come back for me. Excuse me.”




     I turned, but he caught me. He looked me straight in the eyes. Suddenly I felt my will disappear. My eyes are screwed up, and my body began to relax. I was going to fall, but Dark caught me. He whispered to me that he would not let me go. Now I belong to him. I opened my mouth to protest, but… did not work. I put my head on his chest. I admit that I was surprised. More or less o thought that he is not so bad. Now he tells me that I am his. The more I stand in this place, the less I understand.


     I looked at him. I was weak, but I was still in conscious. I saw the look on this face. He looked angry, but I did not understand why. I did not know what to do. So I slightly raised my hand and touched his face. He looked down.




“You’re angry!” – This was not a question. – “I’m sorry I yelled. It’s okay to hate my if you want.”




     Dark smiled slightly.




“I’m not mad at you.” – He said. – “Can you tell me your name?”


“Alice. You’re Dark. She said so. Liv…”




     Then I recognized the truth. However, I am not a complete fool. He was angry on the woman. She disappeared and the demon appears. As if it was all planned. I stay alone and he kills me. So would not blame her. Sneaky bitch betrayed me. Not that it was surprised. Given the situation in which we are all… Matter of survival, I guess.




“Is she…?”


“The old witch is thought to trade your life. Look, Alice! You will not stay in that room. You will sleep with me. You will not stand alone when you are on the yard. During the rest of the time you will lock you in the room and will not letting anyone else.”


“And you?”


“I have a way to go inside. Magic that I make will keep the monsters out.”


“Are you wizard?”


“No, but I know enough to protect you and me. The magicians put us in this hell. Do you understand what I told you, Alice?”


“Yes. Why keep saying my name?”


“Just so. No reason.”




     I nodded. Then he touched my forehead with his fingers and I felt better. I returned my will, but not the desire to run. Where would I go? I was safe with him… roughly. And what he said… What are these magicians who capture humans and other races? This interested me, and it makes sense. I was also involved.


     I pulled away from him. I took a few steps to the side. I bit my lip. Wizards, huh? Suddenly my spine chills. I hugged myself to warm up. I sighed. Suddenly Liv come in. My look stuck in her. She was surprised to see me… alive. Dark suddenly stood between me and her.




“I’ll say this once, witch. This girl is my property.”


“No…” – She was surprised that he speaks out language.


“If you touch her… You’re dead. Come on, Alice.”




     He grabbed my hand and led me behind him. I have a strange feeling about this. Well, he would not attack me sexually. I don’t need that right now… Although if I’m “his”, he can do with me whatever he wants. Oh, hell! In what am I getting?




Chapter 2


     Shit! Vampire kept me locked in his room. He was not drinking my blood. Maybe for that he stood away from me. So four days… At least I thought that everything would be fine. One night (at least I think so) he returned to his room. I waited for him. However, he was the only one with who I can talk. But now he doesn’t look good. Breathing hard and was nervous. He doesn’t come closer.


“What is it, Dark? Are you okay?”

“No. I…”


     I tried to get closer.


“Don’t! Stay there. I can’t control myself.”

“You need blood, right?”

“You’re smart girl.”

“I… Take my blood. I own you anyway. Take it.”


     He looked at me. His eyes were strange. He reached out his hand and I grabbed her. Then I found myself on my back in the bed. He took me in his arms and I head slightly to show my neck. I was so afraid. Dark slowly stuck his teeth into my skin. I heard how he drinking my blood. The strangest feeling was how I felt. The heat which made me whole… Every corner from me was in fire. I was happy that I did not expect. I was embarrassed. I did not even notice when he stopped drinking. I lay barely breathing. My eyes were slightly parted. I was not hurt.

     Vampire stroked my hair. He said that I will not have scratches. Not that I cared. I just watched him. I was so… obedient… I’d let him do whatever he wants with me. At least at this point.


“Soon you’ll be fine. The effect is temporary.”

“I understand.” – I answered quietly. – “Tell me about magicians. Tell me what’s happened here. Why not try to escape? You’re a vampire.”

“I tried.” – He said and his voice was irritated.  – “All we have tried. The more you run, the more confusing. The tunnels became a maze.”

“Why is all this?”

“Exchange. Give us the demons, and in return receive power. We are a bargaining chip. Just objects.”


     I turned to one side and cried. This is the top. We are like cattle. And humans are the lowest in the chain. Why I wonder? I am a pet of vampire. He looked at me and stroking me like I am animal. But I do not protest. I looked at him. I bit my lip. Dark smiled. He bent down and kissed my forehead. Who knew that there is such a world? In darkness and filled with supernatural creatures. It sounded amazing and if it had not happened to me I probably would not believed it.

     Suddenly someone knocked on the door. I was scared and I hid close to the vampire. He invited the unexpected guest. It was Liv. She must come to see if I’m alive. She came in.


“Can I talk to you alone, Dark?”


“I… You know you can’t stand up to them. They want the girl. Give her to them. They will give you strength.”


     I was terrified. But he reached worse. I felt how he was incensed. Monstrous energy slipped on him. His eyes shifted from rage. Probably doesn’t like someone else to give him orders.


“Get away from my eyes, stupid woman! So as not to tear you apart. Tell your masters that human girl belongs to me. If they want her, let them come.”

“Dark…” – I clung to him. – “Surrender! Don’t create problems for human. I’m object, right? And you hate my race.”

“Shut up! Once I say something doesn’t backslide. You’re mine, no matter what they want… or you. Now get out, Liv. Leave!”


     She runs off as if she saw the Devil himself.   Leave us alone. It scares me. I stood further than Dark. I instinctively recoil. I was ready to hide on the other side of the room. I hate my weakness, but I could not compete with the Vampire. I wasn’t brave or strong. I was just a scared child. Well, I wasn’t child, but…


“Come, little one! Don’t be afraid!”


     I didn’t move. I could not turn away from him, but couldn’t get closer. It unnerved him. He ordered me to go with him. In direct order my body could not disobey. I don’t know why, but I obeyed. I stood face to face with him. I felt like a fool. When vampire raised his hand… I thought he would hit me, but… He stroked my hair. Bowed my eyes and cried. I bit my lip. Then I felt something warm on my face. What was that? I opened my eyes and saw… Dark drank my tears.



“Don’t be afraid. I will not kill you if you think that. But really… Don’t interfere in my work.”

“Well, they… They would take me. You know it. We went through everything. I don’t know why.”


     He became serious. He answered, but I was not scheduled to hear it. He said:


“I know why.”


     I gripped in his hand, although it is disturbing. I looked him in the eyes. This surprised him. I asked him to tell me. Damn! He didn’t tell me. He told me to go to bed, then left. He would not answer me, but he knew. And why so offended when I told him that hates me? But it is true, right? He said it. He said he hates humans. So why keep it?




     Three days the vampire avoiding me, so I could not resist. I got out of the room, i.e. his room. I walked down the hallway. Suddenly I remembered what Liv said. Well, yeah. I made the most stupid and irresponsible thing. Got out of the asylum. Nobody saw me. I went out into the hallway. That one… the darkest… I forgot what kind of hell was there. But it is better to stay away from Dark. I would not be angry if it was all in my style. But I’m a fool.

     I walked down the hallway. I moved slowly and leaned against the wall. It was damp and cold. I was not afraid. Yeah right… I was terrified. Demons lurking at every turn. But I would not go back. I think that is fond of vampires and would not bear to suffer because of me. Not him.

     I wonder why I do that. Why am I trying to protect someone else, since I’m the one who needs protection? But the reason was not only that. I stubbornly refused to give up. I wanted to get away. I wanted to know what was happening. Is no one looking for me? My family… I could not believe that I am forgotten. I did not want to believe it. I clenched my fists. Fear was strong. Chills all over my body. However, I did not stop. My face was burning with tears. I swallowing the panic and keep moving.

     That’s the last thing I remember. I thought that something hit me. But I can’t be sure. And the darkness that swallowed me did not help me much. It was not peaceful. I could hear voices. Human, I guess. I felt something grabs my wrists in cold grip. Going up. The pain in my hands was unbearable. I struggled with myself. I wanted to open my eyes and to see what happens. Only it did not work. Like in front of me had raised barrier. But one thing was clear. This is a Nightmare!




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