PureBlood Tale: chapter 3

     The rain stopped just before sunrise. I didn’t feel tired, but I went to my room and hid under the covers. The thick curtains were drawn, but deliberately rolled them so that they take small slivers of light. Somehow it keeps me alert. I relax and did not realize how tired I am.




     The man moved. Pain was missing. Quickly came to his senses when he realized the strange place. No doubt he smelled the smell of vampire around. This made him cautious. Don’t feel movement. He does not expect it of the middle of the day. He looked around. The room seemed dark and worn, but was positively gorgeous when it was… new. Time had not pitied it and lack of care too. Dust and cobwebs cover everything. It seems that he was the first occupant from the long time. Of course, he wondered how he ended up in this place. Who dressed him with these clothes? Who took care of his wounds? The answer of that appeared in his mind. But what he wants to know was… why? And want an answer right now.

      He stepped to the door. He got darkened by time and hit the lock. Old wooden door creaked open. Revealed the sinister and dark corridor. The smell of decaying wood hit him in the nose. He sneezed, but then continued as was always extremely vigilant. Suddenly it flew past few bats. He bent slightly and hid his head with his hand. Then lifted and swore. Then continue through the corridor. He heard a noise. Or lack of it. He could hear the chirping of mice that were hiding in the corners. He almost gets tangled in a large web.

      He decided to look elsewhere. Do it to make sure that it is safe for him. For now was. At least until he felt something. Someone. The vampire whose odor was sensed. It was nearby. His dark eyes flashed. He was prepared for battle. He crept quickly and found the source of this… smell. He stood at the door. He got the lock so carefully as if it was something breakable. Open slowly. He expected to find darkness, but found only gloom. He saw that someone is lying in the bed. He moved slowly.




      Only a fool would think that would fool a vampire. I felt him long before the wolf came up to the room. Actually I have my ways to watch it. Especially when a combative individual is in my territory. I heard him open the door, after a thorough check around. Crept inside and approached. He looked at me searchingly. He was surprised that in the room enters light. I decided to startle him a little. As I lay and in the next moment I was standing behind him. He was very tall and strong. Let’s check this. The moment he decides to pay, I collapsed him on the bed and nailed him. My eyes sparkled and malicious smile on my face.


-Staring is rude. Moreover, you rushing into another room,… wolf.

-Let go of me, you bitch! – He growled.

-That’s the spirit. Although big ingrate. I helped you and you…


     I dropped him and jumped to the floor. I have no fear that he can attack me from behind. He is strong, but not as much as me. I went to the window and jerked the curtains. The bright light blinded me, but only for a while. Then I pushed the window and opened it. Into the room burst fresh air. I smiled.


-Great battle…

-You were there?

-Naturally. It was fun. I bet that hurt a lot after I broke his bones. And their leader is a real asshole.

-Don’t interfere in our work. This territory…

-This is MY territory! – My voice sounded like a thunderous echo. – It was so long before your ancestors come here. You’re here because I’m so authorized. The fact that a dog thinks he controls things is not my problem.

-He’s dangerous. You hardly…


     I don’t let him finish the sentence. After a moment he pressed against the wall. One move and I’d break his neck. The fact that he underestimated me was so annoying. I pressed him harder, and my face was only inches from his.


-Don’t underestimate me. You don’t know me. I killed a lot stronger and more evil than him. And I don’t care. Now get out!


     I let him and pushed him toward the door. Long time since I was so angry. That’s why I ran away. What a nuisance. I crossed arms on my chest. My black gown was smelled on wolf. I reached out to take it off, but I didn’t. I pressed it to my body and took a deep breath. I let the scent to fulfill my lungs. I bit my lips. Maybe I should to play with him first. Well, what the hell. Big lost. I shrugged my shoulders and went into the kitchen. I had a brand new refrigerator. It was full of all food. Being a vampire doesn’t mean that I eat only blood. This is a problem only on “turned” vampires. Of course, I had a special thermos. I held the blood in it. This was a deer’s blood. I left the thermos on the table. I got eggs and bacon. I cook them and left them on the table. Then I warmed the blood. I prefer to drink it straight from the source without killing him. Only now I had this one. I was about to drink when I heard it. Rapid heartbeat. My whole body shivered.


-Are you still here?


      The wolf came through the door. It was hard for him to be here. However, werewolves and vampires are not particularly close. I have no idea what caused the feud. Anyway.


-Sit down and eat! – I ordered and drank.


     Lord, I look concerned. Well, I was not. I was just bored. Maybe I must make him my pet. Why not? Interesting idea. I smiled. Oh, hell! Few of blood ran down my chin and chest. Maybe I will take off my nightgown after all. The wolf responds to animal blood. He sniffing the air and forgot all about eggs and bacon. He stood up and come closer. He stared as if he was hypnotized into the blood. I could feel the tension and excitement of him. Let see… Interesting…


-Have you ever seen blood before?

-It’s not human. Deer?

-Yes. It was fun while chasing him. His heart was racing. Running… My body shuddered with pleasure. Now stop staring at me, idiot. I’m going to wash.


     When I stepped he grabbed me. I knew that the blood work that way, but… I waited to see what was up. What? He licked the damn blood. He looked like a drug addict. I wanted to hit him and rode him like an animal. I bet he was good. Just do not do anything. When he was done, he stepped back.


-Are you finished, junky?

-Yes. – He growled.

-Well? Do you have a name? Wait… Why would I want to know when you leave?

-Raven. My name is…

-I got it. I’m Layla.

-This is not your real name, right?

-No. – I said with a smile. – My real name is Lorianna. What can I say…? My parents have a strange taste.

-Vampires are crazy.


     I smiled at his attempt to insult me.


-Excuse me that I will disappoint you, but… they are humans. Several generations have been deprived of their pureblood. I’m the only one.


-Yes, humans.

-Poor them. They kept monster at home. You drank their blood?

-Yeah right… Tell me… You hate me, but you’re still here… Why? Do you think I care what happens to you?


     I passed him and left the kitchen. I went to the lobby. There was still barren and bleak. I went to the pool and even took off my nightgown. I just did not care that fool is still here. I felt that I was staring. So what? I saw him naked. And I’m not sorry. I reached up and moved on. The house was already empty, and I had no particular shame. I crossed another corridor and found myself in a huge room. There was a huge pool and the walls and ceiling were made of glass. Everywhere were crawling plants. Slowly I went down into the water. At first it was cold, but this has changes. With a flick of the finger and the heaters were involved. I dive. I lay on the bottom and starting to look up. I love that feeling. Full rest. My mind clears.

      Maybe this time I’ve made problems. I knew well that damn dog will not stand quietly after I humiliated him in front of his people. Although… I know that the Pureblood watched over me. If I get in trouble they will help me. Still I work for them, and we were family after all. I wonder how we think about that when we have troubles. But I’ve cleared any of their mess too. But do not trivialize.

      I saw the silhouette hanging over the water. I clearly see the outline. Why does not he leave? He hare me, and I’m not a big fan of werewolves… So why? I watched a few minutes. I was convinced that he would give up and leave. I was wrong. He stood and waited patiently, like a dog waiting for his master. His stubbornness was starting to turn into nonsense. Do I have to cripple him somehow, to show him that he annoys me? It’s OK to do it, but… I ejection from the bottom. I handed over the water. I watched him closely and with visible irritation. I lean on my elbows on the edge of the pool.


-What the hell do you want? Maybe to kill you? Get out.

-So it annoys my presence?

-I’m a vampire. I’m not a charity. – Then I had an idea. – The only solution is to be my pet.

-What? Forget it, bitch! – He growled and stood up.


     The anger bubbled in him. I can smell it. He hated me, and I like it. Even more that that.


-If you do not want… You know where the door is. Don’t think that I’m a charity. I helped you because I saw your courage. Nothing more. I’m a Pureblood. We are not of those vampires who can play with.


     He left. His pride would not allow him another. Pet of the vampire? Hell, no! I couldn’t stop laughing. I’m not bad. At least not that much. Believe me, compared to my family, I am a real angel. Especially my sister. At least she becomes my sister when my vampire blood awakens. She, i.e. my sister is like a child, but… wow, what a bitch. She is evil and she likes to bully everyone. She got pleasure to hurt people. Anyway, now I was alone again.





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