Vampire Story: PureBlood Tale [part 2]

I lay on the old upholstered bench and stared at the dark sky. There was no moon and stars. There would be storm and I was sure of it. I smell it in the air. The smell of ozone was clearly outlined. You would not feel it. In fact, no man would live in such a place. Well, I was not one and that solved the problem. But I felt a real peace. Far from civilization… Away from all…


I lay and air caressing my skin under the thin dress I wore. I closed my eyes, trying to relax, but then something happened that caught my attention. I was surprised and jumped to my feet. I went down to the old balcony. I started watching in the dark. I closed my eyes and listened. Yes… Somewhere in the recesses of the mountain was fought battle. Not with weapons like a medieval movies. This battle was with teeth and nails. I could hear the roar of the beasts. Roar that made my skin crawl. My chest rose excitement. Excitement flowed through my entire body and a smile appears on my otherwise gloomy face. I licked my lips. I tried to get in the side, but I could not contain myself. Not now.


I jumped right over the balcony. I was floating in the air. Desperately looking for battle. The rain that poured down on me does not bother me at all. Neither stuck to my dress… I was like a greyhound, desperately looking for its prey. And I found it. I do not come down directly on the battlefield. I hid in the branches of an old oak. I clung to the old trunk and watched the bodies of huge wolves clinging to fierce battle. The climatic conditions do not bother them. The smell of blood and fury filled the air. The view was lovely. I do not know why I like it. It was not just for fighters. The thought of battle… I wanted to go into something like that. To stick my nails into something… to pull… to shed blood… It’s in my nature, and as such these bloodthirsty beasts.


Then one of them shouted. I thought that said something in human language. Oh, it was more interesting. They were not just beasts. They were people too. So werewolves are actually returned. Fascinating.


“Do you really think that you can beat me, wanderer? Incursion in my territory and wanted MY pack… I’ll tear into small pieces for your boldness…”


I clearly heard the threat. Not shuddered for a moment. For some reason I had trust issues “intruder”. I knew he would be fine. Perhaps it was his reckless courage fascinates me. To invade in foreign territory and fight with everyone in his way… Yes… But not all was as it seems. The leader of the pack using deception. A few males of the wolf species appeared and attacked the newcomer. The battle was not fair. Although he did not give easily. I felt how forces being leaving him. He was tired and could not fight with young and full of energy wolves. He loses consciousness.


My thirst for battle won. I wanted to compete with power with these beasts. I did it. I jumped on the battlefield and challenge them. They never tried to escape. Attacked me and I was excited… My eyes glowed with an eerie glow. I grabbed one of the wolves and squeezed it so that I heard his bones broke. His whining made me even more ferocious. I bumped the other into a tree. Suddenly, the leader recalled them. He looked at me angrily and vowed to avenge me. Then he barely escaped with his wounded fellows. From my throat came an ominous laugh. “Run, dogs! Run if you value your life. I’m not afraid of you”, I thought.


I was all wet and dirty. I had scratches that I do not even notice. I take a deep breath in large quantities. Then look at the wolf headed out. Now he was in human form and was very attractive. But in was not his beauty and his muscular body attracted me. It was his courage and determination. Don’t stop for anything. He was proud and confident. He did not care about the opinion of others. However, qualities that I respected. I walked over to him and crouched. The wounds were deep, but healing. His nudity did not bother me. I picked him up in my arms without any effort.


I took him home. I washed him and put medicine on the wounds. I dressed him in clothes that I hold in reserve. Still, one never knows… I watched him a few minutes. After not wake up (which was normal given his condition and experience while ago) I decided to leave him alone. Sooner or later he will wake up and will find me.





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