Howl [1.]



     It started as a simple trip with friends. Hut in the middle of the forest, dense shadows under which to hide in the hot summer days. At night, lighting a fire and told ghost stories. We were young and full of life. At this time of year we get away from the city life and enjoy. Only that this trip just changed everything.

     The day went as usual. We got up early and started to put our house. Boys (Brian and Alex) went for firewood. Me (Jesse Thornton) and Sarah cleaned the house and prepared a meal. We laughed, and I was really happy. But that did not last long. It was just after lunch (perhaps to four hours) and boys were late. I asked Sarah to call them because we needed help. She came out and I was in the kitchen and sprinkle the salad with salt. Then I heard the screams. I missed the salt and ran outside.


-Sarah? Where are you, Sarah? – I yelled, my heart pounding with all his strength.


     I found her near to the barn. She watched something and her whole body shaking. I heard how she cried. I walked over and saw what she was. There were Brian and Alex. They were dead. There was a lot of blood, and their bodies were mutilated. There were traces of teeth and claws. I fell to my knees. I started crying and could barely stand. I took Sarah’s hand and the two of us run to the house. I grabbed the phone and dialed the sheriff’s department. It was hard to talk. They said they would send someone.

     Both me and my friend curled on the couch and tried to assimilate the things. Is there an animal that can cause this? My God! Then we heard the noise. Both jumped. It’s coming from all directions. We jumped to our feet, and Sarah clung to my arm. But the next time the wooden floor makes a noise she runs away from me. I called after her, but the only thing I heard was one single scream. There was growling and howling. Through the door came a huge gray wolf. Not just huge. There was the size of a man, and if he stand up on his hind legs would probably exceed two meters. I watched him with wide eyes. I hardly breathe from fear and surprise. That thing looked at me and growled. On his face was fresh blood.

      I wanted to live. I really wanted, but I prayed to end it quickly. I was about to faint. I remember the wolf jumped at me and I screamed. Then a couple of times I heard voices and saw lights moving fast. I do not remember anything else. I thought I was dead.

     I woke up in a hospital bed. There were so many tubes in my body that I could hardly move. My mouth was dry. I asked for some water, but my voice was so weak that I could barely even hear it. My mother came and immediately took my hand. Wept and stroked my brown hair. Finally I ask how long I slept, and she said… six days. I cried. The memories hit me like a hurricane. I was so excited that all machines have begun to chirp. There were many nurses telling me that I need to calm down. And how the hell can do it? I saw something monstrous and almost gone to the afterlife. A nurse injected something in my system. I began to relax and fall asleep. I did not sleep long. I heard how they all came out and I was left alone. I should be asleep but a few minutes later I was still awake. It confused me. And the pain was gone. I could reach out and saw the wound on my body. It almost gone and it was not normal. I started to release any tubes. I panicked. O started to feel and hear things, and should not have.

     The window was open and entered the cool air that touched my body through the thin nightgown. It seemed to caress. Something was calling me out. I do not know what, but I felt it with my whole body. Slowly and haltingly stepped to the window. I opened it wide. My room was on the fifteenth floor. I wasn’t afraid. For the first time I was not afraid. I felt different. Like burned. I just wanted to run. Before I knew it, I was standing on the ledge now. Mind telling me that’s crazy. That’s suicide. But something whispered to me that it should. That’s something… naturally. What had to hear: the voice of reason or the call of the heart? Before I can answer, I already flew down. Without fear. Without despair. Just… nature.

     I landed on my feet. Feeling hot asphalt under my bare feet… Incredible. I was dazed, but not drugs. I could not focus, but that does not stop me. Then I saw my father. And he saw me. He started to run towards me and calling my name. I do not paid particular attention. I actually started to back away. I ran without knowing where. I let the wind takes me. It was like I was puppet and someone else pulling the strings.

      I do not remember what I did. When I woke up, I was… I was in the forest. Actually, I was in the park in the town. To be precise, this place was located at the opposite end of town. I was a bit dirty, but I had no scratches. Instinctively I began to strangle the air. When I felt… I was afraid. I started to cry. And this strange taste in my mouth… What happens to me, damn it?

      I heard footsteps and looked up. I started to listen. I saw a woman of about thirty years. She had long blond hair that was unkempt and there were tangled branches and leaves. The woman was naked, but it certainly looked good. There was slender and well shaped body. She had muscles, but as long as they are appropriate for a woman. There was a strange smell. Known flavor, although I do not know why that is… familiar. She came to me and started to strangle me like I was a dog. Then she smiled.


-You’re new. You have not turned entirely.

-Turn? In what? What’s wrong with me?

-My dear girl… What is your name?

-Jessica Thornton, but call me Jesse.

-I’m Laura Collins.


     She handed me a hand. I know I need to catch it, but I reacted… different. Sniffed her. I drew back ashamed of my actions. She laughed. She hugged me. She was very warm and soothing. Stroking my hair as if I was a pet. But I felt much more relaxed.


-Everything will be all right, Jesse. I’ll help you.

-Tell me what happened. I don’t know. I don’t understand anything.

-You will understand. Now it is better to go home, right? I’ll send you.

-But you… you’re naked. So do I.

-Oh, yeah! I almost forget about it. – She laughed and her laughter was like the melody.


     Who was she really? Why I behaved like an animal? I don’t understand. She said she would help me, but I don’t know her and do not trust her. Now I could not even believe to myself.

      Laura disappeared for a few minutes and when she returned she was dressed in a beautiful white dress with black stripes. Quite elegant dress really. Then she helped me up and took me to her car. We drove home. My home.


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