Vampire Story: PureBlood Tale [part 1]

It’s so … confusing. I expected my life went … how to say … normally. Well, yes! Depends what you mean by “normal”. It turned out that I had nothing like that. Not only that, I’m not normal, I’m not even a human being. Do not hope to understand. How could the hell? Even I do not understand it. And for what? I pay for that rut a vampire can not refrain and got that fucked a fool girl. Not only that. Miraculously (or curse, as they thought at the time) she took that pregnant. Launched a brand new look. Pureblood vampires. Not converted but born. And what was the most disgusting? She gave birth to four children: three boys and one girl. To keep your blood clean, they started their bloodline. For them, the family has a different meaning. Girl born descendants of three other thoroughbred. A very weird and perverse family. But the idea was to maintain and increase the number of pureblood clan. Able, though very nasty way. Over time, however, appeared like two pure. This facilitated the preservation of blood.

Of course, they, like their ancestor could not resist the human temptation. Have fun not only by the blood of humans and all other pleasures that can offer them. This appeared other vampires. Istoriyate is so confused that it is easy to deceive what is true and what is not. To my great misfortune, I am part of the clan pedigree. My parents, my brothers and sisters … they are people. Death. However, I inherited the genes that are far from human. No wonder they all fall for me. I could mesmerize everyone with ease. I hated for who I am. This is why I choose to run. To leave the world and I know that I despise from the bottom of my black heart.

I do not know how, but where I went, who I knew vampires. Or rather felt that I was not normal. I was stronger than them in every way. This was caused not a single battle. Never lose. This does take a lot of lives. This only intensified my hatred for me and the blood that flowed through my veins. I’m a monster and I can not deny it. Take what you want and nobody can stop me. At least not an ordinary.

I knew that I was looking for. Vampires like me, I mean. They are strong and easy to wipe me off the face of the earth. Sometimes I want to challenge them to such an extent as to destroy me. Eventually it turned out that no matter what you do. They would lock me and leave me to rot rather than kill me. Conservation of the species is paramount. While I’m pure they will not hurt me. My blood is as sacred as their own.

“You can not escape his fate, girl!” They said. Of course, I’m not locked. My actions made them proud. Like what I did was right. Finally gave up. There was no way to fight. As a frightened dog ran away and hung in an old, dark mansion deep in the mountains unknown. There was no one to torture me. Nobody would prevent me, and I would be away from the public eye. There are many animals to satiate my hunger. I did not need people. And as to loneliness … She was painfully familiar to not impress me. I was mistress of nothing. I at ease watching the moon and enjoy the solitude. What could be more enjoyable than that?


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