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Tarot Cards – Meaning

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The Fool (Le Mat)
The Spirit of the Aether

Card Number: 0
Key Number: 11
Rulership: Air
Hebrew Letter: Aleph
Translation: Ox
Numerical Value: 3

Divinatory meaning

Upright – Beginnings, most probably of journeys which may be possibly mental, physical or spiritual.  The beginning of a new life-cycle.  Energy, force, happiness and optimism.  The overturning of the status quo or existing states by unexpected happenings.  Innocence, naivety, and spontaneity.  Important decisions to be made.


Ill Dignified or Reversed – Ill advised risks, impulsive action, choices and rash decisions.  Foolishness, gambling, instability and the wasting or frittering way of creative energy.  A bad time for commitments and can be an indication of someone who starts many new things but never finishes them.  They may also consistently seek changes in their environment or job.



The Magician (Le Bateleur)
The Magnus of Power

Card Number: 1
Key Number: 12
Rulership: Mercury
Hebrew Letter: Beth
Translation: House
Numerical Value: 9

Divinatory meaning

Upright – Mastery of the material world, creative action, self discipline and a willingness to take risks.  An ability to recognise one’s own potential, the power to initiate, communication and wit.

Ill Dignified or Reversed – Confusion, hesitation, inability to make decisive choices.  Inability to properly utilise time or talents.  Lack of inspiration or energy.  Giving up easily, poor self image, poor co-ordination and sometimes learning difficulties.


  The High Priestess or Papess (La Papess)
The Priestess of the Silver Star

Card Number: 2
Key Number: 13
Rulership: The Moon
Hebrew Letter: Gimel
Translation: camel
Numerical Value: 9

Divinatory meaning

Upright – Intuition, wisdom and secret knowledge, the feminine side of the male personality.  Something remains yet to be revealed, but patience must be observed. Duality and mystery.  Hidden influences affect both home and work and intuitive insight suggests new solutions.  The influence of women.

Ill Dignified or Reversed – Lack of personal harmony and problems resulting from a lack of foresight.  Suppression of the feminine or intuitive side of the personality.  Facile and surface knowledge.  repression and ignorance of true facts and feelings.  In women, an inability to come to terms with other women or themselves.  Things and circumstances are not what they seem.


  The Empress (L’Imperatrice)
The Daughter of the Mighty Ones

Card Number: 3
Key Number: 14
Rulership: Venus
Hebrew Letter: Daleth
Translation: Door
Numerical Value: 9

Divinatory meaning

Upright – The promotion of well-being and security.  Creativeness in financial affairs, love and parenthood.  Maternal care, domestic stability, abundance and material wealth.  Fertility, security, achievement of goals and growth.  Depending on surrounding cards – sometimes marriage and pregnancy.

Ill Dignified or Reversed – Possible domestic problems, financial difficulties, lack of affection and achievement.  Creative blocks and possible problems with a relationship.  Infertility, sterility or promiscuity and/or unwanted pregnancy.  Poverty.


  The Emperor (L’Empereur)
Son of Morning: Chief Among the Mighty

Card Number: 4
Key Number: 15
Rulership: Aries
Hebrew Letter: Heh
Translation: Window
Numerical Value: 12

Divinatory meaning

Upright – Competitiveness, forcefulness in development and execution.  Authority, structure, governmental and corporate identities.  Worldly power, self control gained through experience.  Ability to shoulder responsibility. Powerful individuals, ambition together with the possibility of long term achievement.

Ill Dignified or Reversed – Loss or dislike of authority, corporate governmental or parental.  Immaturity and indecision.  Weakness, manipulative friends or colleagues.



  The Pope (Le Pape)
The Magnus of the Eternal

Card Number: 5
Key Number: 16
Rulership: Taurus
Hebrew Letter: Vau
Translation: Nail
Numerical Value: 12

Divinatory meaning

Upright – Ritual and routine, religious guidance and authority, education in its formal sense.  A seeker after knowledge and wisdom.  Good sound advice, teaching and constructive counsel.  Marriage, partnerships and morality.

Ill Dignified or Reversed – Misleading or dubious advice, poor counsel, slander and propaganda.  Beware of first impressions.  Distortion of truth and a bad time for signing agreements.  Misleading advertisements.  Unconventionality and rejection of family values.


  The Lovers (L’Amoureux)
The Children of the Voice; The Oracle of the Mighty Gods

Card Number: 6
Key Number: 17
Rulership: Gemini
Hebrew Letter: Zain
Translation: Weapon or Sword 
Numerical Value: 12

Divinatory meaning

Upright – Harmony and union, choices to be made using intuition and not intellect.  Difficult decisions to be made not necessarily about love.  Some form of test and consideration about commitments.  Abstract thought, internal harmony and union, second sight.  Possibly a struggle between two paths.

Ill Dignified or Reversed – Contradiction, deception, disharmony, duality and one’s own internal conflict.  Infidelity, and romantic disturbances.  Indecisiveness, postponing choices and a warning not to make important decisions at this time.


  The Chariot (Le Chariot)
The Child of the Powers of the Waters; The Lord of the Triumph of Light

Card Number: 7
Key Number: 18
Rulership: Cancer
Hebrew Letter: Cheth
Translation: Fenced or Enclosed Field
Numerical Value: 12

Divinatory meaning

Upright – Triumph over adversity, overcoming life’s obstacles, decisiveness and ambition in achieving one’s goals, well deserved victory.  A period of struggle ending in worldly success.  Self control, effort, perseverance.  Working within the boundaries of one’s life to build up a successful existence.

Ill Dignified or Reversed – A disregard for others, envy, avarice.  Loss of control and chaos in one’s personal life possibly due to personal flaws.  Imbalance. Destruction.  A warning against overwhelming ambition and high expectations.  The continuation of outdated ideas and traditions.  


  Strength (La Force)
The Daughter of the Flaming Sword

Card Number: 8
Key Number: 19
Rulership: Leo
Hebrew Letter: Teth
Translation: Serpent
Numerical Value: 12

Divinatory meaning

Upright – Courage. Self control. The virtue of Fortitude.  The power of love.  Control of passion against one’s baser instincts.  Determination. Generosity.  Strength and power under control.  Energy. Optimism. Generosity, resolve and reconciliation. 

Ill Dignified or Reversed – Power wrongly used.  Defeat. Lack of willpower.  Feelings of inadequacy.  Pessimism. Surrender to unworthy impulses. Tyranny. Concession.  Inability to act.


  The Hermit (L’hermite)
The Prophet of the Eternal;  the Magnus of the voice of Power

Card Number: 9
Key Number: 20
Rulership: Virgo
Hebrew Letter: Yod
Translation: The Human Hand Closed to Grasp or Hold
Numerical Value: 12

Divinatory meaning

Upright – Caution. Discretion. Need for prudence.  Counsel sought and taken.  Inner calm.  A need to reach into one’s inner resources.  Assimilation.  Planning. A wise guide or spiritual mentor.  A time to stand back and reflect upon circumstances

Ill Dignified or Reversed – Refusal of counsel or assistance.  immaturity.  Isolation from others.  A negative resistance towards help. Groundless suspicions about the motives of others.  Imprudent actions or decisions. The continuation of bad habits or unproductive lifestyles.  Foolish obstinacy.  The reliance on one’s own resources that are inadequate.



  Wheel of Fortune (La Roue de Fortune)
The Lord of the Forces of Life 

Card Number: 10
Key Number: 21
Rulership: Jupiter
Hebrew Letter: Kaph
Translation: Hand 
Numerical Value: 9

Divinatory meaning

Upright – Effortless success. Good fortune that is unexpected.  Coincidences.  Luck.  The beginning of a new cycle.  Advancement.  Positive upheaval.  Change.  A card of good fortune, the appearance of destiny and Karmic change.

Ill Dignified or Reversed – Bad luck that is unexpected.  Resistance to change.  Unexpected interruptions.  A warning against gambling.  Difficulties. Delays.


  Justice (La Justice)
The Daughter of the Lords of Truth; The Ruler of the Balance

Card Number: 11
Key Number: 22
Rulership: Libra
Hebrew Letter: Lamed
Translation: Ox, Goad (Noun) to Teach or Instruct (Verb) 
Numerical Value: 12

Divinatory meaning

Upright – Amicable and favourable resolution of conflicts.  Triumph over bigotry and prejudice.  Legal action.  Litigation. Contracts.  Settlement.  Divorce.  Sometimes marriage depending upon the other cards and normally only when marriage contracts, legal or financial documents are a necessary part of the intended union.  Clarity. Fairness. Arbitration. A straightforward choice.  Judgement.

Ill Dignified or Reversed – Injustice.  Inequality and bias.  Separations not yet ratified or legalised.  Delay. imbalance.  Confusion surrounding legal or tax affairs.  Complicate negotiations.  unfair or delayed judgement.


The Hanged Man (Le Pendu)
The Spirit of the Mighty Waters

Card Number: 12
Key Number: 23
Rulership: Water
Hebrew Letter: Mem
Translation: Water
Numerical Value: 3

Divinatory meaning

Upright – Devotion to a worthwhile cause.  Temporary suspension of progress.  Flexibility of mind and a willingness to adapt to changes.  Sacrifice in the present to reap benefit in the future.  A waiting period. Rebirth. Sacrificing one thing to obtain another.  Transformation.  Circumstances literally turned on their head.

Ill Dignified or Reversed – Loss.  Lack of commitment.  Preoccupation with selfish and material things.  Despite drawbacks a preference for the status quo.  Oppression.  Apathy in pursuit of goals.  Taking the view ‘Better the devil you know’.  Failure to act with an inability to move forward or progress.



  Death (La Mort)
The Child of the Great Transformers; The Lord of the Gate of Death

Card Number: 13
Key Number: 24
Rulership: Scorpio
Hebrew Letter: Nun
Translation: Fish 
Numerical Value: 12

Divinatory meaning

Upright – The beginning of a new life. As a result of underlying circumstances transformation and change.  Major changes.  The end of a phase in life which has served its purpose.  Abrupt and complete change of circumstances, way of life and patterns of behaviour due to past events and actions.  Alterations.

Ill Dignified or Reversed – Change that is both painful and unpleasant.  A refusal to face the fear of change or change itself.  Agonising periods of transition.  Inertia.  Lethargy. Mental, physical or emotional exhaustion.


  Temperance (Temperance)
The Daughter of the Reconcilers; The Bringer Forth of Life

Card Number: 14
Key Number: 25
Rulership: Sagittarius
Hebrew Letter: Samech
Translation: Prop 
Numerical Value: 12

Divinatory meaning

Upright – Combination.  Co-operation.  Co-ordination.  Innovation through combination.  Diplomacy.  Successful Negotiations.  Maturity in dealing with certain matters.  A placid, balanced temperament and good outlook.  Meaning literally, temperance in the sense of harmony and balance.  good management.  An ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

Ill Dignified or Reversed – Imbalance.  Volatility.  Poor judgement.  fickle decisions.  Conflicting interests.  Physical stress.  Disagreements.  Restlessness and instability.  trying to combine too many or the wrong elements in too short an expanse of time.


  The Devil (Le Diable)
The Lord of the Gates of Matter; The Child of the Forces of Time

Card Number: 15
Key Number: 26
Rulership: Capricorn
Hebrew Letter: Ayin
Translation: Eye 
Numerical Value: 12

Divinatory meaning

Upright – Money matters.  Feeling the burden of the material side of life. Desire for physical and material things.  Feeling of frustration and oppression.  A tendency to collect and hoard money and material objects.  Lust.  Sexual obsession.  The querent’s knowledge of his or her own needs, wants and desires.  Security versus creative or spiritual fulfillment.

Ill Dignified or Reversed – True evil.  Abuse of authority.  Material success is the focus to the exclusion of all other things.  Uncontrolled ambition.  Greed.  Bondage to a person or situation or thing.  Emotional blackmail. More severe forms of the above.  True evil.


  The Tower (La Maison Dieu)
The Lord of the Hosts of the Mighty

Card Number: 16
Key Number: 27
Rulership: Mars
Hebrew Letter: Peh
Translation: Mouth 
Numerical Value: 9

Divinatory meaning

Upright – Disruption. Conflict. Change.  Sudden violent loss.  Overthrow of an existing way of life.  Major changes.  Disruption of well worn routines.  Ruin and disturbance.  Dramatic upheaval.  change of residence or job sometimes both at once.  Widespread repercussions of actions.  In the end, enlightenment and freedom.

Ill Dignified or Reversed – Negativity.  Restriction of desires and imprisonment.  Less sever forms of the above.  Drastic change that may rob the individual of freedom of expression.  Sometimes bankruptcy and imprisonment.  more usually imprisonment within a set of circumstances which cannot currently be altered.  Sudden changes out of one’s control.  Less sever forms of the above.


  The Star (L’Etoile)
The Daughter of the Firmament; The Dweller Between the Waters

Card Number: 17
Key Number: 28
Rulership: Aquarius
Hebrew Letter: Tzaddi
Translation: fish Hook 
Numerical Value: 12

Divinatory meaning

Upright – Fresh hope and renewal.  Healing of old wounds.  Hope. renewal of faith and hope.  Spiritual love.  A mental and physical broadening of horizons. Promise and fulfillment.  inspiration.  Influence over others.  Vigour and confidence.  Protection.

Ill Dignified or Reversed – Self doubt.  Stubbornness.  Unwillingness or inability to adapt to changing circumstances and accept the opportunities it may bring.  Lack of trust and self-doubt.  Obstacles to happiness.  Diminished life.  Inability to freely express oneself.  Rigidity of mind.


  The Moon (La Lune)
The ruler of the Flux & Reflux; The Child of the Sons of the Mighty

Card Number: 18
Key Number: 29
Rulership: Pisces
Hebrew Letter: Qoph
Translation: The Back of the Head 
Numerical Value: 12

Divinatory meaning

Upright – Imagination. Dreams and psychic impressions.  Sometimes psychic work.  Illusions.  Inability to see things clearly sometimes resulting in personal depression.  Sometimes signifies fiction writing or acting, particularly work in the entertainment industry.  Losing control of one’s daily life.  The unconscious mind.

Ill Dignified or Reversed – Exaggerated forms of the above The need for secrecy.  Deception.  Illusion.  Escape into daydreams to avoid dealing with reality.  Inability to discern reality from illusion.  Insincere people.  Hidden forces.  Trickery.  Sometimes an inability to tell the truth.  Despair and a desperate need for help.


  The Sun (Le Soleil)
The Lord of the fire of the World

Card Number: 19
Key Number: 30
Rulership: the Sun
Hebrew Letter: Resh
Translation: The Head 
Numerical Value: 9

Divinatory meaning

Upright – Contentment and happiness on attaining success.  Good Health.  Material happiness. Mental, physical and spiritual vitality.  New inventors or inventions. Academic and particularly scientific success.  Reward.  Acclaim. Approval.  Children.  Abundance of energy. Achievement.  Joy and happiness.

Ill Dignified or Reversed – Troubled partnerships and marriages.  Diminished forms of the above.  Broken engagements and contracts.  Sometimes, autism, learning disabilities or allergies.  Hyperactivity. Failure.  Arrogance. Relationship difficulties.  Vanity.  Hypersensitivity.  Misjudgement.  Delayed Happiness.


  Judgement (Le Judgement)
The Spirit of the Primal Fire

Card Number: 20
Key Number: 31
Rulership: Fire
Hebrew Letter: Shin
Translation: Tooth 
Numerical Value: 3

Divinatory meaning

Upright – Changes and improvements.  Satisfactory outcome to a specific matter or period of life.  Joy in accomplishment.  Awakening.  Rebirth.  A good time for career moves. renewed, health, vitality and mental clarity.  Sometimes indicates important pending decisions that will change the pattern of life for  the better.

Ill Dignified or Reversed – Stagnation.  Delay in concluding a series of actions.  Fear of change and sometimes fear of death.  Lack of progress due to lack of important decision making.  Loss and separation, not necessarily permanent.  Guilt.


  The World (Le Monde)
The Great One of the Night of Time

Card Number: 21
Key Number: 32
Rulership: Saturn
Hebrew Letter: Tau
Translation: Cross 
Numerical Value: 9

Divinatory meaning

Upright – Accomplishment. Fulfillment. Completion of a personal cycle, project, series of events or chapter in life.  Success.  A culmination of events.  A sense of repleteness.

Ill Dignified or Reversed – Frustration. Completion delayed.  Sometimes fear of change. Inability to bring something to a satisfactory end.  resistance to change.  Lack of trust.  Despite appearances to the contrary, an indication that events have not yet come to a conclusion but are nearing completion.  Hesitation.



PureBlood Tale: chapter 3

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     The rain stopped just before sunrise. I didn’t feel tired, but I went to my room and hid under the covers. The thick curtains were drawn, but deliberately rolled them so that they take small slivers of light. Somehow it keeps me alert. I relax and did not realize how tired I am.




     The man moved. Pain was missing. Quickly came to his senses when he realized the strange place. No doubt he smelled the smell of vampire around. This made him cautious. Don’t feel movement. He does not expect it of the middle of the day. He looked around. The room seemed dark and worn, but was positively gorgeous when it was… new. Time had not pitied it and lack of care too. Dust and cobwebs cover everything. It seems that he was the first occupant from the long time. Of course, he wondered how he ended up in this place. Who dressed him with these clothes? Who took care of his wounds? The answer of that appeared in his mind. But what he wants to know was… why? And want an answer right now.

      He stepped to the door. He got darkened by time and hit the lock. Old wooden door creaked open. Revealed the sinister and dark corridor. The smell of decaying wood hit him in the nose. He sneezed, but then continued as was always extremely vigilant. Suddenly it flew past few bats. He bent slightly and hid his head with his hand. Then lifted and swore. Then continue through the corridor. He heard a noise. Or lack of it. He could hear the chirping of mice that were hiding in the corners. He almost gets tangled in a large web.

      He decided to look elsewhere. Do it to make sure that it is safe for him. For now was. At least until he felt something. Someone. The vampire whose odor was sensed. It was nearby. His dark eyes flashed. He was prepared for battle. He crept quickly and found the source of this… smell. He stood at the door. He got the lock so carefully as if it was something breakable. Open slowly. He expected to find darkness, but found only gloom. He saw that someone is lying in the bed. He moved slowly.




      Only a fool would think that would fool a vampire. I felt him long before the wolf came up to the room. Actually I have my ways to watch it. Especially when a combative individual is in my territory. I heard him open the door, after a thorough check around. Crept inside and approached. He looked at me searchingly. He was surprised that in the room enters light. I decided to startle him a little. As I lay and in the next moment I was standing behind him. He was very tall and strong. Let’s check this. The moment he decides to pay, I collapsed him on the bed and nailed him. My eyes sparkled and malicious smile on my face.


-Staring is rude. Moreover, you rushing into another room,… wolf.

-Let go of me, you bitch! – He growled.

-That’s the spirit. Although big ingrate. I helped you and you…


     I dropped him and jumped to the floor. I have no fear that he can attack me from behind. He is strong, but not as much as me. I went to the window and jerked the curtains. The bright light blinded me, but only for a while. Then I pushed the window and opened it. Into the room burst fresh air. I smiled.


-Great battle…

-You were there?

-Naturally. It was fun. I bet that hurt a lot after I broke his bones. And their leader is a real asshole.

-Don’t interfere in our work. This territory…

-This is MY territory! – My voice sounded like a thunderous echo. – It was so long before your ancestors come here. You’re here because I’m so authorized. The fact that a dog thinks he controls things is not my problem.

-He’s dangerous. You hardly…


     I don’t let him finish the sentence. After a moment he pressed against the wall. One move and I’d break his neck. The fact that he underestimated me was so annoying. I pressed him harder, and my face was only inches from his.


-Don’t underestimate me. You don’t know me. I killed a lot stronger and more evil than him. And I don’t care. Now get out!


     I let him and pushed him toward the door. Long time since I was so angry. That’s why I ran away. What a nuisance. I crossed arms on my chest. My black gown was smelled on wolf. I reached out to take it off, but I didn’t. I pressed it to my body and took a deep breath. I let the scent to fulfill my lungs. I bit my lips. Maybe I should to play with him first. Well, what the hell. Big lost. I shrugged my shoulders and went into the kitchen. I had a brand new refrigerator. It was full of all food. Being a vampire doesn’t mean that I eat only blood. This is a problem only on “turned” vampires. Of course, I had a special thermos. I held the blood in it. This was a deer’s blood. I left the thermos on the table. I got eggs and bacon. I cook them and left them on the table. Then I warmed the blood. I prefer to drink it straight from the source without killing him. Only now I had this one. I was about to drink when I heard it. Rapid heartbeat. My whole body shivered.


-Are you still here?


      The wolf came through the door. It was hard for him to be here. However, werewolves and vampires are not particularly close. I have no idea what caused the feud. Anyway.


-Sit down and eat! – I ordered and drank.


     Lord, I look concerned. Well, I was not. I was just bored. Maybe I must make him my pet. Why not? Interesting idea. I smiled. Oh, hell! Few of blood ran down my chin and chest. Maybe I will take off my nightgown after all. The wolf responds to animal blood. He sniffing the air and forgot all about eggs and bacon. He stood up and come closer. He stared as if he was hypnotized into the blood. I could feel the tension and excitement of him. Let see… Interesting…


-Have you ever seen blood before?

-It’s not human. Deer?

-Yes. It was fun while chasing him. His heart was racing. Running… My body shuddered with pleasure. Now stop staring at me, idiot. I’m going to wash.


     When I stepped he grabbed me. I knew that the blood work that way, but… I waited to see what was up. What? He licked the damn blood. He looked like a drug addict. I wanted to hit him and rode him like an animal. I bet he was good. Just do not do anything. When he was done, he stepped back.


-Are you finished, junky?

-Yes. – He growled.

-Well? Do you have a name? Wait… Why would I want to know when you leave?

-Raven. My name is…

-I got it. I’m Layla.

-This is not your real name, right?

-No. – I said with a smile. – My real name is Lorianna. What can I say…? My parents have a strange taste.

-Vampires are crazy.


     I smiled at his attempt to insult me.


-Excuse me that I will disappoint you, but… they are humans. Several generations have been deprived of their pureblood. I’m the only one.


-Yes, humans.

-Poor them. They kept monster at home. You drank their blood?

-Yeah right… Tell me… You hate me, but you’re still here… Why? Do you think I care what happens to you?


     I passed him and left the kitchen. I went to the lobby. There was still barren and bleak. I went to the pool and even took off my nightgown. I just did not care that fool is still here. I felt that I was staring. So what? I saw him naked. And I’m not sorry. I reached up and moved on. The house was already empty, and I had no particular shame. I crossed another corridor and found myself in a huge room. There was a huge pool and the walls and ceiling were made of glass. Everywhere were crawling plants. Slowly I went down into the water. At first it was cold, but this has changes. With a flick of the finger and the heaters were involved. I dive. I lay on the bottom and starting to look up. I love that feeling. Full rest. My mind clears.

      Maybe this time I’ve made problems. I knew well that damn dog will not stand quietly after I humiliated him in front of his people. Although… I know that the Pureblood watched over me. If I get in trouble they will help me. Still I work for them, and we were family after all. I wonder how we think about that when we have troubles. But I’ve cleared any of their mess too. But do not trivialize.

      I saw the silhouette hanging over the water. I clearly see the outline. Why does not he leave? He hare me, and I’m not a big fan of werewolves… So why? I watched a few minutes. I was convinced that he would give up and leave. I was wrong. He stood and waited patiently, like a dog waiting for his master. His stubbornness was starting to turn into nonsense. Do I have to cripple him somehow, to show him that he annoys me? It’s OK to do it, but… I ejection from the bottom. I handed over the water. I watched him closely and with visible irritation. I lean on my elbows on the edge of the pool.


-What the hell do you want? Maybe to kill you? Get out.

-So it annoys my presence?

-I’m a vampire. I’m not a charity. – Then I had an idea. – The only solution is to be my pet.

-What? Forget it, bitch! – He growled and stood up.


     The anger bubbled in him. I can smell it. He hated me, and I like it. Even more that that.


-If you do not want… You know where the door is. Don’t think that I’m a charity. I helped you because I saw your courage. Nothing more. I’m a Pureblood. We are not of those vampires who can play with.


     He left. His pride would not allow him another. Pet of the vampire? Hell, no! I couldn’t stop laughing. I’m not bad. At least not that much. Believe me, compared to my family, I am a real angel. Especially my sister. At least she becomes my sister when my vampire blood awakens. She, i.e. my sister is like a child, but… wow, what a bitch. She is evil and she likes to bully everyone. She got pleasure to hurt people. Anyway, now I was alone again.




Unforgettable like the night by Lord Byron

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“Unforgettable like the night”

Unforgettable like the night

under the clear star skies,

she combined in her beauty

from day the face, from darkness the hair

and a look full of clarity,

like shining dew.

Add the shadow, ray withdrawn,

you her charm will destroyed;

he, in her curls  is intertwining

robs her image kind;

there clear thought would be read –

he beauty with  mind is allied.

She has eyebrows and sides

calm, gentle, and underneath

smiles –  waves deceive –

tell for happy laugh,

for past carefree days,

for a loving heart without sin.

Vampire Story: PureBlood Tale [part 2]

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I lay on the old upholstered bench and stared at the dark sky. There was no moon and stars. There would be storm and I was sure of it. I smell it in the air. The smell of ozone was clearly outlined. You would not feel it. In fact, no man would live in such a place. Well, I was not one and that solved the problem. But I felt a real peace. Far from civilization… Away from all…


I lay and air caressing my skin under the thin dress I wore. I closed my eyes, trying to relax, but then something happened that caught my attention. I was surprised and jumped to my feet. I went down to the old balcony. I started watching in the dark. I closed my eyes and listened. Yes… Somewhere in the recesses of the mountain was fought battle. Not with weapons like a medieval movies. This battle was with teeth and nails. I could hear the roar of the beasts. Roar that made my skin crawl. My chest rose excitement. Excitement flowed through my entire body and a smile appears on my otherwise gloomy face. I licked my lips. I tried to get in the side, but I could not contain myself. Not now.


I jumped right over the balcony. I was floating in the air. Desperately looking for battle. The rain that poured down on me does not bother me at all. Neither stuck to my dress… I was like a greyhound, desperately looking for its prey. And I found it. I do not come down directly on the battlefield. I hid in the branches of an old oak. I clung to the old trunk and watched the bodies of huge wolves clinging to fierce battle. The climatic conditions do not bother them. The smell of blood and fury filled the air. The view was lovely. I do not know why I like it. It was not just for fighters. The thought of battle… I wanted to go into something like that. To stick my nails into something… to pull… to shed blood… It’s in my nature, and as such these bloodthirsty beasts.


Then one of them shouted. I thought that said something in human language. Oh, it was more interesting. They were not just beasts. They were people too. So werewolves are actually returned. Fascinating.


“Do you really think that you can beat me, wanderer? Incursion in my territory and wanted MY pack… I’ll tear into small pieces for your boldness…”


I clearly heard the threat. Not shuddered for a moment. For some reason I had trust issues “intruder”. I knew he would be fine. Perhaps it was his reckless courage fascinates me. To invade in foreign territory and fight with everyone in his way… Yes… But not all was as it seems. The leader of the pack using deception. A few males of the wolf species appeared and attacked the newcomer. The battle was not fair. Although he did not give easily. I felt how forces being leaving him. He was tired and could not fight with young and full of energy wolves. He loses consciousness.


My thirst for battle won. I wanted to compete with power with these beasts. I did it. I jumped on the battlefield and challenge them. They never tried to escape. Attacked me and I was excited… My eyes glowed with an eerie glow. I grabbed one of the wolves and squeezed it so that I heard his bones broke. His whining made me even more ferocious. I bumped the other into a tree. Suddenly, the leader recalled them. He looked at me angrily and vowed to avenge me. Then he barely escaped with his wounded fellows. From my throat came an ominous laugh. “Run, dogs! Run if you value your life. I’m not afraid of you”, I thought.


I was all wet and dirty. I had scratches that I do not even notice. I take a deep breath in large quantities. Then look at the wolf headed out. Now he was in human form and was very attractive. But in was not his beauty and his muscular body attracted me. It was his courage and determination. Don’t stop for anything. He was proud and confident. He did not care about the opinion of others. However, qualities that I respected. I walked over to him and crouched. The wounds were deep, but healing. His nudity did not bother me. I picked him up in my arms without any effort.


I took him home. I washed him and put medicine on the wounds. I dressed him in clothes that I hold in reserve. Still, one never knows… I watched him a few minutes. After not wake up (which was normal given his condition and experience while ago) I decided to leave him alone. Sooner or later he will wake up and will find me.




Howl [ch. 2]

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I trembled, but I don’t know why. Well, I did. I was afraid of the reaction of my parents. Not because I was weird, but because I got out of the hospital. Probably they were worried about me and rightly so. I was not well, and not just physically but also mentally. Although my body was in good condition, which is not right.

Laura stopped the car in the driveway in front of my house. She handed me a business card with the office, at home and her private cell number. She told me to call her when I want no matter what time. I nodded in response and left the car. I ran to the front door and it was open. I slipped inside and went to my room. I downloaded my nasty nightgown and crawled into the shower. Water was good for me until something happens. I got cramps all over the body. I cringed on the floor and the water continued to fall on me. I felt as if my organs be removed. All my bones ached. I agonizing, but do my best to overcome it. I drove my nails into my hands, to avoid screaming. I stayed as long as the water had long since become icy. Finally it stopped. I managed to crawl out of the bathroom. I was like a wounded animal. Naked and dragging on the floor. I could not dress, but I hid under the sheets. I breathe rapidly. I closed my eyes and fell into a deep sleep. It was so relaxing and the pain was gone.

Well, I had nightmares. Actually, it was just one nightmare and it was connected with what happened to me. I swiveling and sweating, but my throat did not come out screaming and moaning, but softly growling and whimpering. Then I heard a noise. I opened my eyes. My parents came home and with them had a policeman. My mother was crying. I hesitated, but finally got out of bed. I didn’t want to dress because I felt better naked. But snuck in short jeans and dressed a shirt as under those clothes I did not put underwear. This wasn’t normal for me. Still… I went downstairs and they saw me. They looked at me shocked, and then my mother hugged me hard. She does not stop asking me if I’m okay.

-Yes, mom. I guess, I’m… better. – I wasn’t sure of the answer.

-You have to go to the hospital, Jesse. They will heal you.

-I’m fine. It’s not need…

-You’re sick.

-Sick? How…?

They hesitated. They looked at each other. Even the policeman looked at them. I did not like it. It was too suspicious.

-From what I’m sick? Tell me!

-Lycanthropy. – My father said.

-Lycanthropy? Is not that when human thinks that it’s animal?  Am I turning into a monster?

As soon as I spoke I saw the logic in everything that happened to me. But it was hard to believe.

-Cut the crap! These are fabrications.

-No, it’s not, miss. – Through the door came in a woman.

She was about fifty or sixty years old. Her hair was gray and a tight bun. Her eyes were blue and cold. She was low and weak. She wore a cream-colored suit and white shirt. She looked at me pretty nasty.

-Who are you?

-Don’t growl to me, girl!

-I don’t growl. And I’m not sick.

-Catch her. – She said and two costumed men appeared behind me.

They grabbed me roughly and were definitely very strong… for people. I felt as if I could smash them with easy. If what the old witch said is true, I’m definitely capable of much more than to be free. But I felt confused and scared. I was trapped and did not know how to get out without anyone getting hurt. As it became clear that even if I resist, I still would have hurt. How they could stand and watch? They are my parents… Why…? Why did not they protect me? Why just watch these suckers harass me? The anger quickly replaces the fear and frustration. This has been forward to strengthening and abruptly pulled back. Men lost balance briefly, but I won time. With renewed strength I grabbed them one by one and drove them to the walls. One ran into the dresser and the other went through the glass door leading to the next room. My eyes… My nonhuman eyes turned to the old woman. I wanted to rip her. Contrary to my morals, I wanted to feel her blood. To know that I take a man’s life that threatens me. But for now, just stood and watched. I was waiting. I do not know what, but I waited.

My father tried to get closer. He stepped slowly. I do not lose him from a sight. I stepped back. I really felt like an animal in a trap. The smell of their emotions teased my senses. According to the woman, Laura Collins, I’m not “turned” completely… yet. If I judging by the attack earlier… I don’t have much time.

-Calm down, dear! Everything will be okay. Let us help you.

-I do not want anything from you. You want to betray me to these monsters. You…

I could not breathe. I was confused. The threat has been hanging over me. I would not be able to get my belongings. I looked for a way out and found it. I went to the window. I only knew that Mrs. Collins card is in my pocket. At the moment those men came to mind and stood up, I threw out the window. It broke into my head. I was hurt and scared. My blood was everywhere. Without considering the situation got up and ran. I thought only how to escape. Even I had no shoes. Hot tears streamed down my face.

I felt that I was being followed. Not wrong. Black car tried to overtake me. It was difficult for them because most streets were too narrow. At least one hour I was trying to escape. I hid behind a supermarket. It was hot and I was tired and scared. “How did this happen”, I thought. I had no money and no phone. I cursed my luck.

Not long after that, I took myself in hand. Got out of my hiding place and looked for phone. I was lucky. An elderly woman in a small shop allowed me to call. I asked Laura for help. I could not tell her, but she did not ask. I gave her the address and hung up. The shopkeeper gives me a sandwich and soda. She seemed worried about me. Of course, I did not feel well. Especially given that someone persecute me, and I’m half naked.

I was not relaxed. I just kept staring the shopkeeper. At the moment she reaches for the phone I will run away. Although…   Frankly I’d rather rip her head. Dear God! I really need help.

Not long after, I felt the familiar smell. Laura ran to me and hugged me. I was shaking, and she looked really worried. I do not catch lying. She looked at my face. She stroked me. She saw the scars. Take off her coat and pulled me with it. She thanked of shopkeeper and dragged me to her car. I do not know her and I do not trust her completely, but I can count only on her.

I cringed in my seat and trembling. Laura drove off quickly. Her eyes darted between me and the road. We left the city and headed for the wooded area, which encircled populated areas. And in that region there were houses, but they were at a great distance from one another. Only when we were under the protection of the trees, she asked me about my condition. I explained briefly. Suddenly she braked. She looked at me with wide eyes.

-Did they hurt you?

-Failed. The scars are from the soaring. I went right out the window. I did not care because the fear was stronger. Currently there is no place to go.

-There is. You will stay in my home with me.


-Soon is the full moon. It’s better to be in safe and remote location.

I did not even respond. I stared out the window. It’s just started to rain. Large drops of rain pounded on the hood and caused me headaches. Soon it would be dark. The fatigue began to prevail. I relaxed just a bit, but I fell asleep. I suspect that I would wake up and the slightest danger. I was relaxed. I never thought it would happen.




Howl [1.]

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     It started as a simple trip with friends. Hut in the middle of the forest, dense shadows under which to hide in the hot summer days. At night, lighting a fire and told ghost stories. We were young and full of life. At this time of year we get away from the city life and enjoy. Only that this trip just changed everything.

     The day went as usual. We got up early and started to put our house. Boys (Brian and Alex) went for firewood. Me (Jesse Thornton) and Sarah cleaned the house and prepared a meal. We laughed, and I was really happy. But that did not last long. It was just after lunch (perhaps to four hours) and boys were late. I asked Sarah to call them because we needed help. She came out and I was in the kitchen and sprinkle the salad with salt. Then I heard the screams. I missed the salt and ran outside.


-Sarah? Where are you, Sarah? – I yelled, my heart pounding with all his strength.


     I found her near to the barn. She watched something and her whole body shaking. I heard how she cried. I walked over and saw what she was. There were Brian and Alex. They were dead. There was a lot of blood, and their bodies were mutilated. There were traces of teeth and claws. I fell to my knees. I started crying and could barely stand. I took Sarah’s hand and the two of us run to the house. I grabbed the phone and dialed the sheriff’s department. It was hard to talk. They said they would send someone.

     Both me and my friend curled on the couch and tried to assimilate the things. Is there an animal that can cause this? My God! Then we heard the noise. Both jumped. It’s coming from all directions. We jumped to our feet, and Sarah clung to my arm. But the next time the wooden floor makes a noise she runs away from me. I called after her, but the only thing I heard was one single scream. There was growling and howling. Through the door came a huge gray wolf. Not just huge. There was the size of a man, and if he stand up on his hind legs would probably exceed two meters. I watched him with wide eyes. I hardly breathe from fear and surprise. That thing looked at me and growled. On his face was fresh blood.

      I wanted to live. I really wanted, but I prayed to end it quickly. I was about to faint. I remember the wolf jumped at me and I screamed. Then a couple of times I heard voices and saw lights moving fast. I do not remember anything else. I thought I was dead.

     I woke up in a hospital bed. There were so many tubes in my body that I could hardly move. My mouth was dry. I asked for some water, but my voice was so weak that I could barely even hear it. My mother came and immediately took my hand. Wept and stroked my brown hair. Finally I ask how long I slept, and she said… six days. I cried. The memories hit me like a hurricane. I was so excited that all machines have begun to chirp. There were many nurses telling me that I need to calm down. And how the hell can do it? I saw something monstrous and almost gone to the afterlife. A nurse injected something in my system. I began to relax and fall asleep. I did not sleep long. I heard how they all came out and I was left alone. I should be asleep but a few minutes later I was still awake. It confused me. And the pain was gone. I could reach out and saw the wound on my body. It almost gone and it was not normal. I started to release any tubes. I panicked. O started to feel and hear things, and should not have.

     The window was open and entered the cool air that touched my body through the thin nightgown. It seemed to caress. Something was calling me out. I do not know what, but I felt it with my whole body. Slowly and haltingly stepped to the window. I opened it wide. My room was on the fifteenth floor. I wasn’t afraid. For the first time I was not afraid. I felt different. Like burned. I just wanted to run. Before I knew it, I was standing on the ledge now. Mind telling me that’s crazy. That’s suicide. But something whispered to me that it should. That’s something… naturally. What had to hear: the voice of reason or the call of the heart? Before I can answer, I already flew down. Without fear. Without despair. Just… nature.

     I landed on my feet. Feeling hot asphalt under my bare feet… Incredible. I was dazed, but not drugs. I could not focus, but that does not stop me. Then I saw my father. And he saw me. He started to run towards me and calling my name. I do not paid particular attention. I actually started to back away. I ran without knowing where. I let the wind takes me. It was like I was puppet and someone else pulling the strings.

      I do not remember what I did. When I woke up, I was… I was in the forest. Actually, I was in the park in the town. To be precise, this place was located at the opposite end of town. I was a bit dirty, but I had no scratches. Instinctively I began to strangle the air. When I felt… I was afraid. I started to cry. And this strange taste in my mouth… What happens to me, damn it?

      I heard footsteps and looked up. I started to listen. I saw a woman of about thirty years. She had long blond hair that was unkempt and there were tangled branches and leaves. The woman was naked, but it certainly looked good. There was slender and well shaped body. She had muscles, but as long as they are appropriate for a woman. There was a strange smell. Known flavor, although I do not know why that is… familiar. She came to me and started to strangle me like I was a dog. Then she smiled.


-You’re new. You have not turned entirely.

-Turn? In what? What’s wrong with me?

-My dear girl… What is your name?

-Jessica Thornton, but call me Jesse.

-I’m Laura Collins.


     She handed me a hand. I know I need to catch it, but I reacted… different. Sniffed her. I drew back ashamed of my actions. She laughed. She hugged me. She was very warm and soothing. Stroking my hair as if I was a pet. But I felt much more relaxed.


-Everything will be all right, Jesse. I’ll help you.

-Tell me what happened. I don’t know. I don’t understand anything.

-You will understand. Now it is better to go home, right? I’ll send you.

-But you… you’re naked. So do I.

-Oh, yeah! I almost forget about it. – She laughed and her laughter was like the melody.


     Who was she really? Why I behaved like an animal? I don’t understand. She said she would help me, but I don’t know her and do not trust her. Now I could not even believe to myself.

      Laura disappeared for a few minutes and when she returned she was dressed in a beautiful white dress with black stripes. Quite elegant dress really. Then she helped me up and took me to her car. We drove home. My home.

Vampire Story: PureBlood Tale [part 1]

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It’s so … confusing. I expected my life went … how to say … normally. Well, yes! Depends what you mean by “normal”. It turned out that I had nothing like that. Not only that, I’m not normal, I’m not even a human being. Do not hope to understand. How could the hell? Even I do not understand it. And for what? I pay for that rut a vampire can not refrain and got that fucked a fool girl. Not only that. Miraculously (or curse, as they thought at the time) she took that pregnant. Launched a brand new look. Pureblood vampires. Not converted but born. And what was the most disgusting? She gave birth to four children: three boys and one girl. To keep your blood clean, they started their bloodline. For them, the family has a different meaning. Girl born descendants of three other thoroughbred. A very weird and perverse family. But the idea was to maintain and increase the number of pureblood clan. Able, though very nasty way. Over time, however, appeared like two pure. This facilitated the preservation of blood.

Of course, they, like their ancestor could not resist the human temptation. Have fun not only by the blood of humans and all other pleasures that can offer them. This appeared other vampires. Istoriyate is so confused that it is easy to deceive what is true and what is not. To my great misfortune, I am part of the clan pedigree. My parents, my brothers and sisters … they are people. Death. However, I inherited the genes that are far from human. No wonder they all fall for me. I could mesmerize everyone with ease. I hated for who I am. This is why I choose to run. To leave the world and I know that I despise from the bottom of my black heart.

I do not know how, but where I went, who I knew vampires. Or rather felt that I was not normal. I was stronger than them in every way. This was caused not a single battle. Never lose. This does take a lot of lives. This only intensified my hatred for me and the blood that flowed through my veins. I’m a monster and I can not deny it. Take what you want and nobody can stop me. At least not an ordinary.

I knew that I was looking for. Vampires like me, I mean. They are strong and easy to wipe me off the face of the earth. Sometimes I want to challenge them to such an extent as to destroy me. Eventually it turned out that no matter what you do. They would lock me and leave me to rot rather than kill me. Conservation of the species is paramount. While I’m pure they will not hurt me. My blood is as sacred as their own.

“You can not escape his fate, girl!” They said. Of course, I’m not locked. My actions made them proud. Like what I did was right. Finally gave up. There was no way to fight. As a frightened dog ran away and hung in an old, dark mansion deep in the mountains unknown. There was no one to torture me. Nobody would prevent me, and I would be away from the public eye. There are many animals to satiate my hunger. I did not need people. And as to loneliness … She was painfully familiar to not impress me. I was mistress of nothing. I at ease watching the moon and enjoy the solitude. What could be more enjoyable than that?

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