~Burning Heart: Part 2~

One evening the butler Herman called me. We were in a small side corridor. It was cold because of the stone walls. Herman was an elderly man with a slender figure and gray hair. Like always looked that way. I did not care who is he or where he comes from. Still less do I care why he works for the conquerors. I stood still before him and gently touched the strap around my neck. Oh yes! We were like dogs. So he looked at me seriously (he has no other terms) and bade me go to the room of the Master. I was terrified. I thought I would be another raped and murdered slave. I was ready to please not to send me there. I am sure that he has sent other before me. But he told me that a vase is broken and needs to go and clean the mess. I felt some relief. He would hardly have noticed dull and dirty creature like me. I hoped to be.


I took a bucket and mop. One of the guards accompanies me. As we walked I felt a strange smell. I’m not talking about blood. It was rather… threat. Death. But every time I slowed, the guard did prompt me to continue. We reached a large oak door with ornaments. The guards there opened and looked at me suspiciously as I entered. Inside was dark and I saw almost nothing. How can I clean, damn it? Than a few candles burning. I froze in place. I was numb with horror. The view was staggering. The Master stood in the soft leather sofa and on his lap was sat a beautiful blonde. Her eyes were closed and her lips were slightly open as if to say something. For the first time I saw a vampire in its true form and at such a distance. He was beautiful. There was a silvery long hair and sparkling gold eyes. His body was like carved by a sculptor. Certainly impressive, but my hatred was too deep to be more… gentle.


He was stuck his teeth in her neck. I saw the blood. I was going to vomit. I looked down my look. It was not safe to watch vampire in the eyes. I dared not utter a word. So Lord Maximilian showed me the direction. I nodded. Without wasting time I went to collect the pieces of broken vase. I had to kneel to assemble the parts. I felt something that made my body shiver. He looked at me. He sucked the blood and life of that miserable woman, but looked at me. I do not know what frightened me more.


I gathered up the pieces and dried quickly to mop the floor. I stood up and held the bucket. I nodded and headed for the door. Suddenly I found myself facing the vampire. I could not move. This was scary. I trembled. He forced me to watch what he does. Tears ran down my face.  I saw him pleasure to see my reaction. I saw the body dropped to the floor. He stands up and slowly walked towards me. I could not move. I could not escape. I could not remember a single prayer. Damn it!


Vampire stood before me. Too close. I could feel it. I tried to close my eyes, but I did not get. He looked at me and smiled approvingly. I saw the bloodied fangs. I was doomed. He ran his tongue in my cheek. He liked it. Then grabbed my chin and looked me in the eyes. He said only:


-You… are… MINE.


He was right; however it is difficult to say. For quite some time I am not master of my own life. The Master pressed me to himself and put his hand under my skirt. My breath stopped when touched me. I trembling, but not because of horror. Not completely. I hated that I liked it. He let me very suddenly. I ran away from there so fast that I did not notice the absence of the bucket and mop. I ran like hell from the incense. I cried and I did not see when I bumped into someone. I stopped and looked up. I did not issue any sound. He was beautiful, but he was a slave. There was collar and certainly not human. There was a soft dark brown hair and eyes color that I could not identify. I noticed several scars on an otherwise beautiful body. He was wearing only pants, but did not seem to be cold. He looked at me. Something made me nervous.




I nodded slightly and walked back down the hallway. I was more embarrassed by him, rather that the demon. It was confusing. But as I experience it, quickly suppressed. I cannot afford feelings no matter what. For that I wiped my face and took a breath. That’s better. I found a butler and told him that I fulfill its obligations. I mentioned that the Master’s room needs a special “cleaning”. He nodded that he understands. Then set me free. He said I need rest. I do not know why he said it. Whether he was understood how the vampire was done to me? What touched me without being able to take a stand. The butler took pity of me. I was pretty grateful.


The room in which I usually sleep was employed. Some of the guards are “entertained” with the slaves. They started when I’m gone and they usually leave a sign on the door. As I said earlier, they left me alone. So it was now. In these cases, I slept in a small room to the infirmary. It was more relaxed. It was nothing special, but there was a mattress and blanket. Else I did not need. I ate in the kitchen. I turned on a dilapidated mattress and closed my eyes. I could not stop thinking about what happened. How his fingers penetrated in me. It was a nasty feeling. The memory I mean. I would not forget his pleasure of my helplessness. Shame and disgrace. He wanted to break me. Bastard!


And here, in my mind the memory of the man in the hallway. Why I thought about him? Why does my body tingling? Remembered for his scars. I felt pity. Only gloomy feelings were left in me. I do not remember the others.


Slept an hour or two when I heard a noise. There was someone in the infirmary. I heard the doctor. He spoke bitterly. He said someone alone to bind the wounds and left him materials. I heard the leaves. He is a big jerk. That got out of my place to sleep and went in the infirmary. It was dark. There was no one, and I do not saw the patients. At least until he grabbed my throat and pushed me against the wall. I was trembling, but I saw who he was. That man! He looked at me sharply. I saw the wounds on his body. I understand how they used him. And the signs were of a vampire. She was called Zyra.  Crazy bitch in my opinion. Anyway, he let me go and turned back.


-What are you doing here? – His voice was tired, but sounds nice.

-Well, now… I sleep in the adjoining room.


He looked at me puzzled.


-Guards forbid this.

-They do not touched me. Today on the premises of the slaves and… they do not let me go there.

-You have contract with them? – He said with surprise.

-I would not give them to touched me. I do service them and they do not…

-Good for you.


I was hesitant, but I approached him.


-Do you need help for…? – I mentioned the bloody wounds.



I can’t get him by force. I shrugged my shoulders and turned around. I went to the door when I heard he swore.




I turned and went back to him. Carefully clean the blood started. I shudder every time it hurt. The wolf looked at me and makes me nervous.


-I am Raphael.

-Nice to meet you. – I said without looking up to him.

-You have a name?

-Keira. – I whispered.

-Nice to meet you too. Today I saw you in the hallway. You were upset.

-Well, yes. It can be said.


I do not know why, but I told him everything. I was humiliated and I wanted to get away from there.


-Have you never done it?


I shook my head negatively, and this surprised him. I saw it written of his face.


-Are you serious?

-You can laugh at me if you want.

-At least you are not like me. I am… – He was ashamed of this. – I’m just a vampire whore. Alone you can see.

-Don’t speak that. – I do not know why I said it.


Even I did not saw that I was already over. I did it automatically. I step away from him and nodded. I did not looking at him in the eyes.


-Well, I will… I gotta go. You would not interfere.


I turned back on him. What else could I do? This man made me feel uncomfortable. My heart was beating fast and I was very hot. Then I heard a noise. Laughter. The guards are drunk again. This is not good. Then arrangements do not apply. I was scared to death. I could not move, and they were coming. I bit my lip. Suddenly Raphael grabbed me and forced me to hide behind a cabinet. He hid next to me. He was so close to me. I could feel his heart. His body was warm and if current passed through it. I dared  not even breathe.


There were two guards. They went and they were not alone. Slaves, probably. I had to see everything. Panic and terror were stronger than me. Raphael hat to grab me and pressed his hand to my mouth. My tears ran down his skin. I felt how he trembled. I could not think of anything. Aversion impurities with other emotions. They were like a whirlwind and I could not fix them. I was lucky that I was not alone.


After awhile the infirmary was empty again. Then I could relax. The tears were like a flood. I could not contain myself and Raphael hugged me. It was pleasant in a strange way and would probably cause me misery. But now it was nice to know that someone supports me. I was horrified when I remembered something. Stand back. I wiped my eyes.


-Sorry about that. I will not do it again.


I stood up and took a breath.


-You better wash. Your mistress will punish you if smell me on you. Thank you for your help.


I ran away from there. I had to, before to incur problems to myself. Right now I do not need it.





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