Devil Hunt: The Guardian ~Chapter 2: A new beginning~

Nobody noticed that I went home covered with blood. I took a shower and went to bed. Maybe I could not sleep peacefully. Nor would I hide the change. How to hide the labeled with tattoo face? Or the silver eye? Now I have eyes with different color. Well, it was cool. At least until I fell asleep. I had nightmare after nightmare. I dreamed I was standing amid a sea of blood, but from his depths came hands which wanted to grab me. I resisted, but a sword deters me. I woke up suddenly, but without a scream. I realized that I killed someone. Demon. I was… i.e. I AM a demon. If there are demons, there is and demon slayers. Wow…


I got out of bed and went to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror. Run my fingers through the tattoo. My eye was… fascinating. Only that attracted too much attention. But that was what shocked me in the mirror. Behind me there was someone. As in the room. I went there and I was right. There were four charming men. But all four were like me. One had long dark hair and red eyes. The other was with short dark hair and light eyes. I also saw and the other two well. Blonde with blue (and yellow) eyes and red-haired punk with red eyes. All had bodies like Greek gods. All dressed in leather and chains. Very sexy. Strange that I was dismayed not to stand in underwear in front of four men.


-Who are you, guys? How did you get here?

-Zephyr sent us. – The man with the short dark hair answered. – I am Zane.


I nodded. They presented. The blonde was Theo, the man with long hair was Garada and the red-haired was Rock.   I introduce myself.


-I am Laila. I hope that no one see you.

-No. Hates them? – Rock said and grinned.

-It’s harder to say. And why the old man sent you? What does he want from me?

-You’re mercenary like us. We have case. Suit up. – Zane said.

-Mission, huh? Cool.


Garada came over and wrapped his arms around me. So this is a pervert in the group?


-I can help you. Although I prefer to undress you.

-Very funny. I killed a demon, and now they send me on “mission”. This old man does not waste his time. – I passed them and sat on the bed. – No way. I will not be rushed into this without being prepared. There is a mission. Well, go.

-He will not like this. – Rock said.

-If he wanted me dead, he would not make me a half-demon.

-He is just a catalyst. Another makes us. We have another master, but we even do not know him… or her. – Theo said.


I heard footsteps outside the door. I tried to stay calm. It was Sarah. She said:


-Stop the TV, fool!


I clenched my pillow so hard that my demonic nails tore it. I wanted her to be on the place of the pillow. The only thing that stopped me to do it was the human part of me. There is a war between demons, which leads into the human world. We are the knights and protect humanity. Kill me, but I do not know why. I had to swallow her words… this time. It’s time to solve my problems with them and get out of this house.


Sarah returned to her room and I spoke again.


-First I will solve my problems here.

-Your family sucks. So they hold you? – Zane said.

-Most of the time not even noticed me. Easy, I will not kill them. But then I get out of here.

-Where will you go? – Rock asked.

-I do not know. Any suggestions?


They exchanged glances and Garada smiled. He offered me to live with them. They behave as detective agency as undercover and earn extra money. Obviously earn well from killing demons. I agreed reluctantly and they promised to take me on the next day. Then they left. Garada was the last because he stole a kiss from me. I was not angry at this. I was flattered. And he is pretty cute… for a monster.


In the morning I was in a good mood. The cold water does not stop me and my face looked great with the tattoo, which fell in my neck too. My silver eye would not change, but I was convinced that my “normal” eye can change its color. At daylight it was quite real. I should be scared, but I liked to be a half-demon. But I have a debt. The old man clearly made me to understand that I am now part of their little group. I will obey. But first…


I put on tight jeans and black T-shirt. I felt great. I left the room and cheerfully went   down the stairs. I heard joyful shouts coming from the kitchen. That would be fun. I went naturally and I got to pour juice. I knew that they staring me. I do not pay attention. I decided to act straight.


-Oh yes! I forgot. Today I move out. – For the first time I was so smug.

-What is this, damn it? – My mother asked.

-You do not like it? Oh yes! I’m not perfect like Sarah, right? Relax, I’ll not bother you anymore.


My mother reached out to hit me for “daring” me to speak. I took her hand and looked at her angrily. Never again. Pushed her, and drank the juice. Car horn takes my attention. I smiled. For the first time their malicious looks not troubled me. Sarah was startled when the doorbell rang. She hastened to open. Probably wanted to humiliate or banish those who came to me. Only that I did not hear anything like that. Something caused her to shut up. Whichever of the four was achieved this, he will receive very sincere thanks and my respect. I would not say that I was surprised when Garada came through the door. Complacent smile drove my sister to tremble. He was a pervert.


-Are you ready? Where is your luggage?


-Cool. Rock will take it.

-Who is this? – My mother said. – How long…?

-Me and your daughter are close. You jealous? – He really spoke to her rudely. – Come on, babe! We have… work.

-If you say so.


I heard someone go up and down stairs. When I got out from the home of my stricken family, I saw a Hummer with tinted windows. It attracts attention. Yeah, right! I got into the backseat with Theo and Garada. The car drove off. Rock drive. I expected from him to be more reckless, but he was extremely careful. I wonder if always be like that or I am the cause. I relaxed back and closed my eyes. I sank deep into my mind. In the demonic part of it. But it was a little strange. I felt that I was not alone there. I kept cool. It was not difficult. I waited.


“Do you like the company that appointed you?” –The voice said.

“Who the hell are you?”

“I see that the old man did not tell you that you have Master.”

“I know that. Nobody knows who the Mysterious Master is. Or whether he exists.”


His laughter caused me headaches. I growled nervously and irritable. And then I got enlightenment. Is it him? He…?


“Clever girl. Now you understand who I am.”

“Your voice doesn’t reveal anything… sir.”

“It revealed a lot. You know I’m real and you could talk to me. Just you and the old man have a direct connection. Don’t tell him.”

“I am your spy, huh? Cool.”

“The connecting is easy, but this time it was more dramatic. Now wake up before boys are disconnected.”


Like my own mind discarded me. I opened my eyes and I saw four boys. I blinked and said nothing. And they did not ask questions. They are smart after all. It is not right to snitch, but I do not know them enough, to be loyal. Anyway, I noticed that we stopped at a slightly ramshackle building. We got off the car and Rock said: “Home, sweet home!” I rolled my eyes and smiled. Better in the old building with good friends than a nice house with hypocrites. I took only a laptop bag. The boys would not let me alone to carry my luggage. Gentlemen? Yeah… right.


I alone looked everywhere. My room was very plain, but I did not care when I said I would not stay there long. In contrast, however, the training center in the basement was well equipped. And soundproof, of course. The offices were in the central part of the building, which was separated by corridors. There was a separate entrance. So you can come and go unnoticed. And the weapons room? This was the most awesome collection of weapons that can be seen. And each weapon was unusual. Each was backed by magic. Perfect.


I liked this place more. But I needed to fight. To kill. Not people. They are weak. There are worthy opponents. And this boredom… I probably would cause some of the guys just to attack me.


-Come in the office.


I startled look behind.


-Theo… Don’t sneak behind my back. Why should I come?

-We have a customer.


Wonderful. I followed Theo. He was the quietest in the group. He seemed quiet, but that made him more dangerous. You never know what to expect. But he was cute. Only that I do not think he likes girls. I do not know why I had this feeling.  I do not resist a smile. But it did not seem sweet and playful. Well, yes! With the tattoos and demonic eye is not easy to look nice.


-What? Why are you smiling?

-For nothing. I was wondering what your story is. How did you get in this position? That’s it.

-Garada is born demon. Only that I can say.

-Huh… Interesting.

-I understand that you do not want to be here.

-Actually, I like it. I’m just bored.


When he smiled I felt my heart miss a shot. Beautiful smile. Yet he could not fool me. Anyway, we reached the office. There was a strange man. Talking with Zane. Rock and Garada stood by the wall and watching. Apparently we missed the important part. Anyway, I did not care. I leaning on the wall and just watched. Mission? It seemed important. The man stood up and both with Zane shook their hands. The man turned and walked toward the door. He looked at me and seemed… surprised. Strange. He looked like man, but he was not human. I saw his  essence with my labeled eye. I do not resist and smiled.


-You scare the customers, little one. – Zane laughed.

-Only those who are not humans and know what I am. Becomes interesting. Well? What did he say?

-He wants to supervise a boy.

-Nanny? Damn!


My phone rand unexpectedly. Unknown number. I replied without hesitation, but the voice on the other side of the line surprised me.


“You’re one of us now, Laila. Cool. Soon we will meet. I’m Zoe by the way.”


I would say something, but she closed. I hate it. My eyes became cold and devoid of humanity. Demon-child? Interesting and annoying.


-Who was that?

-Not worth talking about. I will take a shower and get to work. Nanny… That is nonsense.


I just went from there.





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