Devil Hunt: The Guardian – Chapter 1: From the unhappy life to the Hell

"Two sides of the human" 

I was not born a monster. I don’t like to be one.  I’ve always been a good girl. Nice with people. It’s true, I was neither skillet nor very good at learning, but… I always disappointed my parents. I realized that they would replace me with another if they could. They have not told me in person but I knew it. I felt it. They did not know how much pain caused me. I was neither good enough nor smart enough for them. It made me hate their very existence. Why disappoint everyone around me? Why not just disappear? With my sister Sarah would forget that I ever witnessed in their lives.

I wasn’t brave. I couldn’t take my own life. It’s a sin. But I want it. At night I lay in the dark and wondering what would happen. They probably would not notice. My anger is building up. I hated myself, but I hated them too. “This world is not for me. I did not belong.” This I thought, night after night. During the day I wander aimlessly, just not to stay home. I would be pleased to be able to disappear at the night too.

It was summer morning. July. Since the dawn the air was hot. I got up of bed reluctantly. I took a shower, but there was only cold water, because Sarah had spent all the hot water. I truce to and endured the cold. My tears were hot enough. I clenched my teeth and endured it. I put on shorts and t-shirt. I put on sneakers. When I came down for breakfast, my mother commented how I’m dressed inappropriately. I’ve been too shabby. But she said nothing to Sarah, who looked like a slut in that short pale pink dress. I and my sister were almost the same age. She was 20 years old and I was 22. She was “the golden girl”. Good at everything. For this she is a real bitch. Anyway, I ate a quick bowl of cornflakes for breakfast and hurried out. I did not give them explanations.

I put my headphones and let my player. Jogging is useful. Of course, my first stop was a small diner. I love pizza and pastries there. They have good coffee too. They already know me. Nice place. Painted in white and pale blue. There were small tables and yellow leather chairs. Artificial leather, of course. And around the bar counter high stools with red upholstery were lined. There were cute pictures on the walls. I spent some time there, but not too much to not interfere. Too bad that they do not seek new employees.

I went to the park. There I took food of pigeons. You would probably think me of some “old lady”. I don’t care much. You could say that so I spend most of my days there. Only that day was different.  I never noticed that I fell asleep in the shade of a tree in place for a picnic. When I awoke it was dark and deserted. I cursed softly and stood up. I shake my clothes and went down the alley. Unfortunately, between the lights was quite a distance. I used to feel chills. There was something ominous. I do not know how to describe it. A nasty feeling. And if someone is watching me. And the stench of sulfur… Before I knew, something threw me to the metal fence. All the air out of my chest. My head is dizzy. I hope I haven’t a concussion.

I raised my head and immediately regretted. Huge hairy monster with size of house was overhangs over me. His red eyes stared at me. “This is a nightmare”, I thought. What else could it be? The next thing happened was his nails driven into my body. The blood drained from me, not only the body but from my mouth. I was losing my sight. I was dying. Alone in the park, killed by a demon. What filthy end of my life. Or so had to be.

I do not know if I was in Hell or in nothing, but I definitely was somewhere. I still had wounds, but they were no longer a problem. It was hot and not very pleasant. From the shadows appears figure. As if it was human, but not quite. He wore a long black robe with hood. The come closer.

“Where am I?” – I asked.

“You will die.”

“Tell me something I do not know already. I was stabbed by a demon.”

“Do you want to do something about it?”

“Am I? I do not know. I will hardly lose much. But why am I here? And where is “here”?”


He said nothing. He walked through the dark corridor. I had to follow him. There was a strange and sinister. I do not think I should be there on my own. I’m not stupid. Aside from the fact that I followed a creepy stranger in the dark… cave. The choice in not mine anyway.

“What are you going to do with me, stranger?”

“You have two options. The first: to die.”

“And the second?”

“To serve us.”


I smiled because I thought he was joking. Just that quickly realized that he was not joking… ever. What is meant by this “serve us”? How can I serve? Who? With each step more I was sorry that I followed him. But quickly had to decide. Death or serve to this man? On second thought, I wanted to have disappeared. Only that now… I took a breath, though it was difficult. Damn!

“Well? What is your decision, girl?”

“I… – A trickle of sweat ran from my forehead. – I will serve.”

“Wister decision.”


When he turned I saw his real face. Demon. Sinister demonic smile had written in his face. He raised his hand and in the air shows magic. Black energy. Grabbed hold of me. Engulfed my body. Break it and created it again. I was in pain. The agony could not be described with words. But there was something else. Throughout my body overlap energy. I was no longer human. Neither at least nor entirely. I was something more. But I felt that something is… missing. In the process of “transformation” something was taken from me. I understand what it was. My soul. Half of it. This part, which was hurt by people. Could hardly miss. For this, it was replaced by something else.

Quite suddenly I came back to reality. I do not think I was dead, and if time had stopped. The demon was about to raise his hand to inflict the last deadly blow. Not this time. I rolled out and avoid impact. I stood up on my feet. The flowing blood does not stop me. As I had not left and drop of fear. I felt one of my eyes a little different. Unnatural. On my face appeared a smile. I did not felt like myself. If I was looking from the side. The demon responds. He called me “half-demon” or “mongrel”. I did not care how he called me. Now I attacked him. I felt an irresistible need to do it. Well done, but one thing was certain: I need to training. And I need weapons.

I broke off a piece of the metal fence and began to impose the demon with it. Who would assume that I can kill with ease? With the metal rod I was able to cut the hands of the demon, and then his head too. Wow, how much blood. Everything around me was covered with a sticky red liquid. So do I. But it was not that bad, as I expected it to be. Perhaps because of the change. At least now I did not felt it. Shock? Oh yes! But soon it will befall me.  So I hurried to get home before that happen.


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