*Moonlight* [chapter 5]

I slept all night without being awaken and without having nightmares. Personally, I prefer just that. Awoke suddenly. As if my body just knew that sleep is enough. I looked with half-open eyes and saw the clock – 5:30 am. Damn! I climbed out of bed with a groan. I took off my clothes, and then took a shower. This helped me to wake up. I could go back to bed and to sleep yet, but I didn’t. I went down; I made two sandwiches and returned to my room. Then I heard a strange noise. Come from outside. Like something light hit the window. I put the plate on the desk and went to check. At first I did not see anything because the light was low. But then I could distinguish the silhouette. I opened the window and saw him.


-Mike? What are you doing here at this time? – I did almost whisper, but I knew he would hear me.

-Let me in. We need to talk. – And he spoke quietly.

-You are crazy!


However quietly crept downstairs and opened the door for him. He went and just as quickly hid in my room. I closed the door and even locked. This is crazy.


-Talk faster. Why are you here at this time?

-I was worried after you escape like that. A little too far.

-Yeah, sure!


We sat on the bed I took a plate of sandwiches in my lap. Mike randomly walked around the room. He was silent, but I knew he wanted to say something. I was nervous and began my dizzy.


-Please, Mike, just sit down. His head ached from you.


He sat next to me, but he was nervous.


-Want a sandwich? – I asked and I gave my plate to him.


He took it because he was obviously missed breakfast. And I do not want a hungry wolf in my room. He ate it in less than five minutes and left me with rapt attention. I smiled and rotated eyes.


-Why are you so interested in my post? You know me from one day.

-And yet… You’re my friend. Only you know my secret without being involved with me or this place.

-By the way… Kate will not you be angry?

-You know about Kate?

-Yes, Tara told me… while you were not looking. She is your girlfriend, right?

-Mate. Simply put… she’s my female.


-She knows that we are friends. I explained to her.

-And she doesn’t mind?

-Well, no.

-You must meet us. We’ll calm down. I do not mess with boys who have girlfriends. Especially if they are my friends.

-If you want I will introduce you today.

-Great. – I smiled.


Then came a signal from the laptop that I have a new message. I put the plate aside and went to check. Immediately regretted that I did it. Again it was a message from Sean. I was visibly worried. Like in my stomach had a flock of bats. It felt nasty. Mike jumped from his seat and stood behind me. He read the message. I felt he looked at me and put his hands on my shoulders.


-Are you okay? Who is Sean and why you’re so worried?

-He… He was my boyfriend. My biggest mistake.

-Why? – I felt myself tense.

-Treat me like property. Once even hit me. Wow, how mad I was then. I could not get out of anger.

-He hit you?


The anger boiled up in him. His eyes have become species. He was breathing quickly and heavily. I was sorry that I told him. I do not know why I did it. I speak about this incident for the first time. I was worried.


-Please be quiet. It’s not much.

-You are my friend, just like the rest of the group. I keep my friends safe. If someone hurt you I’ll kill him.

-Don’t be like that.

-For starters, everyone will know that you know the secret.

-But you said…?


-This change just now. You’re part of our little pack and we’ll keep you. Kate will be worried about you.


-As I told her about our deal, she was glad that I found someone with whom I can talk. We share the same feelings and thoughts… so to speak. Only that she is more sensitive.


He was right. I only managed to hide the presence of Mike. Mom and Dad went out early because of a party (one of many) in which participated. All people participated in the preparation. This was easier to hide Mike. Then he called and the group came almost immediately. I saw Kate. Very nice girl. With pleasure I would call her “Goldilocks”.  As I said it was… When Mike told them what happened with Sean and slap and they like him were angry. Only Kate hugged me and said that no one will hurt me again. I was surprised that no one is angry that Mike has told me that they are all wolves. I really felt like part of the group. I even made breakfast and fun. I told them about the visit of two families last night.


-Lynn was here? Seriously? – Mel could not believe it.

-Yes. She did not look bad, but I do not like it. I do not know why.

-No wonder. She is a real bitch. She seems quiet, but will tear you to pieces without thinking. – Freddie said while bit off a piece of his sandwich.


I smiled to his comment. I do not think I ever smiled sincerely. At least since I came here. But they made me feel good. Incidentally, I learned that Freddie and Mel are a couple, and Tara and a Jonathan, but he was out of town for two days. For now, Chris was not bound “officially” but he knew who was his mate – Leticia. Since I found out about this… tradition. But I will not hide that he was looking me very tempting at times. Just irritates me. I did not pay attention.


At one point, Freddie became restless.


-What is it? – Mel sat on his lap and kissed him on the cheek.

-Alex was here?

-Yes. Yesterday. I told you.

-No. I do not talk about yesterday.


Just then someone knock at the door. Everyone knew who was there. And I came to understand from their reactions. Alex. They do not like him and I understand them. He has a nasty character, and nod hiding that not like my friends. No way. I went and opened the door. Alex looked great with this gray t-shirt. Anyway.


-What do you want? Francine needs me?


-Then why are you here?

-Your mother worries that you’re alone.

-Well, I’m not. Do you want to come in?


I felt embarrassed in front of him and yet it seemed so right. I pull back and make him space to came in. This time I noticed something strange in his behavior. He does not exuded coldness as before. I closed the door behind him and walked into the kitchen, where were the others. They were not fascinated by his presence. Chris decided that it cannot hurt if he annoying him.


-What are you doing, Alex? Are you Lynn has granted the strap?

-Shut up! – Alex growled because he was worried that I will understand what I already knew.

-Calm down!

-Lynn is not my…

-Mate? – I smiled.


He looked startled. Oh yes! Perfect look, but I did not like this… fear.



-Oh yes! She knows it, Alex. – Mike said. – She knows and be quiet. If you or others try to hurt her… there is someone to take care of her.

-To hurt her? – With utter bewilderment he said. – Are you insane?

-Come on, Mike. Don’t start this again.

-This bastard Sean…

-It doesn’t matter. – I sighted wearily. I do not like controversy.


But Alex was not satisfied with that. He insisted and Mike told him about the blow. Oh! This topic is so stupid and old that I do not want to remember that. Alex was angry more than it should to be. We all were surprised by this because it was quite sincere. I was most surprised of all.


It so happened that my friends had to go to the town. Called them a man named Lucas Michaelson. They do not tell me anything, and I did not ask. And Alex had to go, but did not. He stays with me and I do not know why. But somehow I was glad.  


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