*Moonlight* [chapter 4]

Mom parked in front of department store. We both got out of the car. I started looking around. There were hardware, library, hair salon… At least on this street. They looked decent. There was a restaurant. Fast food more accurately. There I noticed a group of young people on my age. The boys and girls did not look different from teenagers in the big city. I’m sure they noticed me too. I felt their studied eyes when I entered after my mother in the store.


My mother spoke with a woman. Medium-high with red hair and dark green eyes. I heard that her name was Reina Miller. She was the age of my mother. The two laughed. They were joined by another woman. Black beauty with thick black hair with crimps. There was a typical black eyes. I watched three of them few minutes and then decided to look around. I heard them to mention my name and I felt their eyes. I did not stop and went to look. Almost bumped into two girls. They sat and watched the three amused women. I decided to apologize because I do not want to create enemies from the first day.


-Excuse me! Maybe I should watch where I go.


As I looked them better, I realized that they are daughters of the new friends of my mother. Oh yes! The “black” woman was Fiona Brooks. The blonde was obviously the daughter of Mrs. Miller. She spoke to me.


-So you’re the new girl? Nice to meet you. I’m Mel and this is Tara.

-Hey! – She smiled with sparkling white teeth.

-Hello! I am Anita Wilmington. – I nodded slightly.

-I think our mothers liked each other. – Mel said.

-I agree. – I smiled slightly.


The two girls looked at each other, and then I was offered to show me the town. I agreed involuntarily. Anyway, now dying of boredom there. And they seemed friendly. I just told my mother, and so I met Reina and Fiona. And they were nice to me. Then I followed the girls out.


They looked to the group in the cafeteria and just rolled their eyes. They don’t like them. They probably have a reason, but I intend to ask. Then there stopped dark green jeep. From it came Alex. He goes to this group. He saw me and paused. I do not look for more than thirty seconds. With the girls headed in the opposite direction, which means the small drugstore.


-Did you see? Alex collected these morons. – Mel said (her whole name was Melissa but prefer to be called Mel). – Oh yes! Anita, this was Alex Monroe. He…

-We have met. Last night my parents were at dinner at the home of Monroe.

-Only they? – Tara watching me with curiosity.

-Yes. I suffered a little… accident. – I showed my hands. – And I was tired.

-And how you met him then?

-Well, Mrs. Monroe was worried about me and sent him to check me if I was OK. Nothing special.


Both of them looked at each other conspiratorially. Then they stood on either side and gently took my hands. Probably wanted to get out more information.


-You and Alex Monroe… Alone…

-This guy freaks me out. – I shared. – When he sees me I think that rather he will kill me than to check me.


They laughed. I thought that I flushed slightly. Then we had to stop because there were three boys. In response to Tara and Mel, I judge that they know and are friends. One had dark hair. More precisely, dark brown. He had pierced ears. His eyes were brown and warm. He was dressed in black, as if preparing for a funeral. The second had a golden-blond short hair. His eyes were blue, but not cold. He wore light blue jeans and dark sneakers. There was a white shirt and dark blue shirt unbuttoned. The third was a redhead. He had golden eyes that immediately attract attention. He wore a black leather jacket with a white fluffy collar. He wore it on his naked and stood well because of his incredible musculature of his body. A dark blue jeans and approached him.


The three stood with us. I looked up and down. Just let me be judged and they did satisfy with what they saw.


-Hey! – Dark-haired said. –  I’m Chris.


He handed me a hand. Shaking then met his friends. Redhead was Mike and the blonde was Freddie. All three looked nice.


-Hello. I’m Anita. – I said timidly, and my heart was beating very fast.

-Where you going? – Mike asked.

-We will show the city on Anita. She will live here after all. – Mel answered.

-Why do not you come with us? – Tara asked. – Anita, you do not mind, right?


Her eyes begged me to agree. I shrugged my shoulders and agreed. Why not? In less than twenty minutes I got five new friends. But still I felt that they stared us. Chris also saw it and he threw leer. Then past me and gently pushed me forward. His hand was burning on my back. I just went along with others. They joked and we all laughed. This attracted attention. But nobody cared.


Even I did not notice how time flies. Fun all the time. For a moment I forgot where I was. That was nice. At least until it started getting dark and I did not have to go home. My mother was not there from long time and it seems that I must walk alone. I say goodbye to the girls and then left. Only that Mike caught up with me. He told me that he live near to my home. We were neighbors, just as with the Monroe family. He offered to send me home and I agreed. Who should assume that we have to walk there? Thank God than Mike knew a shortcut through the woods.


We walked in silence. Here among the trees was darker and I had to go near the boy.


-Don’t be afraid. I know this place like the palm.

-I don’t doubt. – I smiled uncertainly.


Suddenly I remembered the wolf. Involuntarily I looked into the darkness. This gesture did not go unnoticed.


-Are you okay?

-Yes. Why?

-I am afraid that you expect something. Or someone?


I bite my lip and it confirmed his assumption. He watched in anticipation. I hesitated whether to tell him. However, Alex reacts strangely.


-Come on! You can tell me.

-Well, it’s a secret.

-I’m listened.

-Well, yesterday I came across a wolf. Twice. Or rather he came to me. I do not know.




I looked at him. His reaction was more relaxed that that of Alex and this surprised me. Even I thought that on Mike’s lips played a smile.


-Strange… – I began.


-Well, you reacted calmly. When I told that moron Alex… He straight off.

-You told him? Why?

-Long story.

-I have time.

-Well, he checked of I was OK.


I explained everything to the smallest detail. Mike listened attentively without interrupting me. I appreciated that. Although the way he responded was not what I expected. He was calm, as if what I said was something normal.


-Interesting story. – He said.

-You don’t believe me, right? – I slightly raised eyebrows.

-On the contrary. I believe you.


Then he stopped on the spot. I had to stop and turned to look at him. He looked really serious, but he does not scare me as Alex.


-What is it? – I asked. – Are you okay?

-Yes. I will reveal you a secret, but I want to give me a word that you would not tell anyone about it. Otherwise, we both will be in trouble.

-You have my word. – I nodded.


Then he led me to the trees where nobody sees us. Not that there was somebody to do it. Mike stood in front of me and looked into my eyes. His voice was quiet but hard as steel.


-That wolf… That was me.



I laughed because I thought he was joking with me. But when I stared into his eyes I realized that he was talking very seriously.


-How were you?

-I am a wolf. In fact 90% of people here are wolves. You can call us werewolves, shape-shifter, lycanthropes… That we are. People do not know this because we keep this secret at all costs.

-For that Alex…?

-Yes. He thought that you know our secret. This is dangerous. If people know about us they will attack us.

-Damn! Then why are you telling me this?

-You do not issue me yesterday. You did not tell that you saw me, and I thought I could trust you. Can I?


I nodded.


-Okay. This will be our secret, Anita.

-Why me? Not only because of confidence, right?


He paused. “Right in the top ten”, I thought. This time he looks in my eyes. He looked… sad.


-You are right.


He turned back to me because he did not want to look me in the eyes. Or rather he did not want me to look in his eyes. I felt uneasy. I approached him and touched his back. He knew that I was there and still be surprised by my touch. He jumped and forced me to walk away.


-I did not wanna startled you. –My voice trembled.

-I… The reason I tell you this secret is that I need to talk to someone else. With someone who is outside the pack.

-So you’re chosen the right person. And I need to talk to someone who is not telling me how great is here.

-And you like me. More precisely, you like the wolf.


I flushed and departed my gaze. This made him laugh. I felt I would be in fire. My heart was beating as if I ran. Just like in my nightmare.


-Just kidding, Anita!

-Maybe, but you’re right. I did not believe that is possible. It was just surprising.

-I was surprised that you do not shouting. Did you know that your blood is delicious?

-What? – I watched him with amazed eyes.


His words really startled me and I involuntarily stepped back. Because of that he got serious. He was afraid that I’m scared. He pleadingly toward me.


-I am just kidding. I will not hurt you. I swear.

-Don’t joke with that. Everyone here is crazy.


Perhaps my reaction was hastier than I wanted. I turned and plunged into the flight. It was a miracle that I do not stumble. I did not know if I’m in the right direction, but I did not stop. It turned out that I’m not wrong. I found myself in the rear of the house where the gazebo was. I had to stop because it was hard to breathe. My chest burned as if filled with coals. However, I continued to walk, because otherwise I would have found myself on the ground and I could not stand.


When I walked around the side entrance, I saw a pickup. I thought I knew it. Not a delayed response. Francine’s voice resounded merrily. I stood up and I took a deep breath, hoping to calm down faster. With effort I climbed the stairs and came to the door. Once I reached to hold the lock, the door opened by itself. I startled, when Alex stood before me. I was under control more quickly than I expected. I said nothing, but I passed him. No doubt that he us incredibly sexy, but his attitude is quite unacceptable. I did not even greet. I went straight into the living room to congratulate the other members of the Monroe family. Just that I saw other people too. One family and their daughter. Immediately I recognized the girl. Earlier I saw her with the others to the cafeteria.


-Anita! – My mother came and gave me a smile and shows me her new friends. – These are Jill and Martin Clifton and their daughter Lynn. She is on your age.

-Hello! – I began with some indifference.


Why do parents think that if you’re the same age with someone you should be friend with it? It’s silly if I must be honest. I would not saw that I want to be friends with anyone here… now.


-You know, baby…? I was worried that you remained in the town alone. – Mom said. – But I saw that you have new friends. Have you fun?

-Maybe so to speak. But “friends”… Let’s not rush. Hello! – I greeted and the Monroe family.

-Anita, dear… – Francine took my hand gently. – Why do not you call? I would send Alex to bring you home.

-No, thank you! Mike sent me… in a sense.

-Michael Parker? – She raised her eyebrows slightly, but was hardly surprised. Rather, she was slightly… annoyed.

-Yes. He was lives nearby as I know.

-You hang out with them? – Jill asked.


I looked at her with a very relaxed look. She was not tall, but there was a slender figure and nice face. Her hair was brown and although it was straight this was not the natural form. She had warm brown eyes that watched me carefully.


-Well, I honestly do not know. I like them. Fun group. I’m sure we will align.


Let’s see if the trap will snap. Obviously, they would not want from me to be “close” with Mike and others. I wonder why.


-They are a group of morons. – Martin said.


That’s it… The trap snaps laud and clear.


-Who knows? – I lifter my shoulders. – I will be in my room. Running through the woods is fun but soon my body would collapse from fatigue. I’m really glad to meet you.


I turned to Alex and I passed him without looking. I trained my indifference for a long time and now apply it in practice. It was indeed painful to pass the stairs to my room. However, I did it. I inserted in my room and deliberately did not close the door. I could hear for what they say below.


-Excuse her for her attitude. Everything here is new for her. It was hard to leave her friends. – My mother said with her typical tone.

-Probably she misses them. – Jill said.

-Yes. There were very close. Especially she and Sean. Nice guy.


Yeah, right! Sean is my boyfriend. Or at least he was before I knew that behind the mast of “good boy” hiding real jerk. Do you remember what I said about the “premature”? Well, he’s the reason. I will never forget the slap that he hit me. That bastard was thinking that he owned me. Because of him I do not regret that I removed from there.


-She has a boyfriend? – A surprise in the voice of Francine was somehow offensive.


Only Alex and Lynn stood there silently. Maybe they were obliged to attend. Interesting was the way how Lynn watching Alex. She has a crush on him. Maybe they are together. She did not like how his mother likes me. Will be interesting.


-Yes. Even I think they are still together. – My mother said. – I do not know for sure.


After her answer came silence. Or so I think because I stopped to paying attention to them. I got to check my mail. I had a lot of unread messages from my friends and especially from Sean. I checked them one by one. Most sounded monotonous. “How are you?”, “You arrived?”, “How looks like the place?”…  They told me how well they spend in the club or the pool. Apparently still lives without me. Only messages from Sean were different. “I miss you!”, “I should not let you go!”  And “I want to see you!” I rolled my eyes and delete them all.


If they continued without me so quickly, then I can too. Here I met cool… people. And I must confess that I felt guilty of my behavior towards Mike. I was too far and I had to apologize. I would do if he still wants to be friends.


I relaxed on the bed only for a moment, but it took longer than expected. Apparently I fell asleep. This does not prevent me to feel strange perfume in my room. Were female. Only that I can say.



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