*Moonlight* [chapter 3]

I fell asleep just before nightfall. I don’t even off my clothes. I just cringed a soft bed. I did not hear when my parents went. I did not know that I’m really tired. I hugged the pillow. I do not dream anything. Slowly inhale and exhale. My heart beat was with normal rhythm. Nothing different. Everything was fine.


It took several hours. Not much. I woke up at 1:00 am. I climbed out of bed and I took off my clothes. I put a T-shirt and shorts. I went down to the kitchen and poured me a glass of milk. I took a few sips when someone knocked on the door. I turned towards the door, still holding a glass. I do not leave it. Slowly I went to the entrance. I opened. It was not a smart decision, but hardly here are psychopaths.


I almost dropped the cup. Before me stood a man. Maybe about 25 years old. He was tall and with muscular body. He had tattoos. His hair was short and dark. His eyes were also dark and somewhat… alarming. He wore jeans and t-shirt. Strange. I do not know him.


-Are you Anita?

-Yes… Why? Who are you? – My voice was tired and slightly hoarse.

-She sent me to see if you’re better. My mother insisted.

-Your mother?

-Francine Monroe.


Now I clarified. This must be Alex. I slightly went off to do way for him. I invited him to come. He passed me quickly, but gracefully. I shuddered. Perhaps because of his icy demeanor. Just that now I could not think about it. At least not very clear. I closed the door and followed him. He stood in the living room. He studied the room.


-It’s not need to send you. I’m fine. I am sorry that you lost time.

-You don’t know this woman. She can be a real bitch if she wants.


I can’t argue, since I do not know her. I went to the kitchen to leave the cup. My heart was beating fast. Even if I’m not fully awake, but that does not mean I’m not impressed by him. I left the cup and turned, but that I was scared. He was there.


-You already know my name. Will you tell me yours?

-Alexander, but everyone calls me Alex.


I nodded. Then I decided to ask him a question that made me exited. I hesitated. The words swirl in my mouth like candy. Finally, I decided.


-Tell me something. You… Have you seen wolves around?


I don’t know if my question was wrong or not, but Alex is visibly upset. Something flashed in his eyes. He slowly stepped away. He made me and me to distress.


-Why ask me this question? The reason?


I don’t know why, but I got the impression that he already knows the answer but he wanted to hear it from me. Obviously a family trait.  I was scared, because around him was wracked sinister power.


-Answer me! – He growled.

-Well, I… I… I saw a wolf. The same… twice.

-And how it looks like?

-What is the matter? It was a wolf.

-Describe it to me. What happened?


He was really intrigued. And certainly seemed worried.


-Well… it was a large wolf with dark (brown) fur and golden eyes. – I could not hide my admiration.

-Is he hurt you? So you have your hands bandaged?

-No. I tripped and hurt so. The wolf just… licked the blood.

-Is that all? There he attacked you or…?

-No. Just smell me. He did not want to approach him and growled. But when I fell down he came toward me. He runs away when my father appeared.


He seemed to me that my words startled him.


-He… Your father… Is he seen it? Are you told someone for this… wolf?

-He does not see it.

-Did you tell anyone?


Why was he so insistent? As if that was crucial for him. He makes me afraid. I quickly left the kitchen, but he followed me. Got me by the shoulders and forced me to look at me. I was really afraid. My heart was beating very fast. How strange. This man frightened me more than the wolf. I felt my body trembling.


-Get off me! – My voice was quiet and scared.

-Did… you… told to… someone? –My eyes widened with surprise.


In his voice I heard growling. Don’t mock, but the purely animal growling. Even his eyes were not… human. I thought I imagined. That appears to be just me, because of fear. But I did not risk. Stepped back.


-No. I did not say. Nobody knows. I swear I will. – Tears streaming down my face.


Maybe Alex realized what he did because he let me go. I moved away as quickly as possible from him. I do not remember how I was rolled to the wall. Shivered, though I tried to calm myself. He took a step forward, but seeing that I turned more stopped and did not move.


-I will not hurt you, fool! Why’d you have to be stubborn? Look what you made me to do!


I said nothing, so he continued.


-Why did not you say? Why hide that you saw a wolf? Are not you afraid?


This time I looked out of the corner of my eyes.


-You scared me more.


He froze in place. My words shocked him. To be more afraid from him that from a predator? Sounds ridiculous.


-I did not tell them. I did not want to know. The Wolf… He’s my secret. The only thing that makes this place… interesting. I do not want to be here. But what choice do I have?

-You… You want to protect him? The wolf?

-Yes, so what? – Confident way through fear.

-Why? Why you doing this?

-I do not know, okay? I just don’t. Now get out.


I was surprised that I did not yell to him. I just looking at him angrily and burning him with eyes. It was hardly the reason, but he walked away. I waited until I hear noise from the engine of his car. Then I hid in my room. I almost stumbled as I ran up. Even locked the door. It was inconceivable that I could sleep. Only that I was wrong. I fell asleep almost immediately.


The nightmares began shortly thereafter. They were not exactly nightmares, but rather memories intertwined with possible consequences. I do not stop to see the inhuman look on the boy. The growl resounded in my head. I dreaming of running through the forest. I was barefoot, just like tonight. The darkness was everywhere. Fog crept along the ground and the trees shook like angry giants. I ran and looked over my shoulder. I tripped. I fell on wet soil. Then something pounded on me and I screamed. I woke up.


I was sitting in my bed. Breathing heavily as if I really ran. I was in sweat. My mother stood beside me and held my hand. She looked at me startled and tried to reassure me. Dad was probably in his new job otherwise he would be here. Not that it would make any difference. I had to breathe deeply to calm down. Inhalation… Exhalation… Again and again. A few minutes later I was well again.


-Nightmare? – My mom asks.


-What was it? Your scream was very loud.

-I do not remember, mom. Honest.


But I remembered that damn dream very well. But why to worry her with nonsense? I alone can handle this. At least I hope so. I smiled at her uncertainly. She suddenly changed the topic, because she knowing that I do not want to talk about it. Mothers know their children well. Or nearly so.


-Tell me… – She started. – Alex Monroe came to you last night? Francine was upset when she heard that you was injured and led him to examine.

-Yes, he was here.


I do not raring to talk about this bully. Yet it would be suspicious.


-What do you think? Nice guy. Not very talkative, but everyone likes him.


“Or almost everyone”, I told to myself to my mind. Too bad I could not share to her my true opinion.


-Well, yes… I guess. You know… I will take a bath. I’m sweaty because the nightmare.

-Okay. Then we will go to town. Will shopping and it’s a great opportunity to look around.


With reluctance out of bed. I took a change of clothes and went to take a shower. The bathroom was wonderful. There was a large tub and shower. As a large mirror. I took off my sweaty clothes and threw them in the laundry basket. I put the water and went under the hot spray. The water makes my muscles relax and so I felt better. My hair was tightly on my back and looked darker than it really is. Strawberry flavor shampoo made me smile.


I do not stay long, though I wanted. I dry my hair and put on clean clothes. Black t-shirt and dark blue jeans and brand new black boots. Mom gave them to me. I think that their intention was to bribe me for removal. Anyway. I tied my hair in tight ponytails and dress my black leather jacket that I received from my friends as a parting gift.


We left shortly thereafter. Mom includes the radio. There sounded a ballad that I could not recognize. I do not even listen to it. I leaned on the window and looked out indifferently. I had not big expectation for this “city”. What can be expected from a town in the mountains?


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