*Moonlight* [chapter 2]

I spent the day exploring the surroundings. Traveled slowly through the house. I saw everything, as if I trying to save it. Touched the wooden paneling of the walls. Absorb the feeling that inspired the house. Probably the side looked a bit silly. For me it was not. If I know the place would be easier to accept. My parents left me alone and started to arrange their own things. Mom had her own studio and dad make his office. Both seemed absorbed in their own activities. I smiled against my will. Like has happened nothing. They are adapted immediately. This is admirable.


After me exploring the inside of the house, including basement, I went outside. The fog had lifted. The air was pleasant. Neither too hot nor cold. I took a deep breath and let saturated with mountain air fragrance to fulfill my chest. Then slowly exhale. It’s nice to not smell of burnt gasoline. And here is pretty quiet. Song of the birds made me feel good. Slowly I began to descend the wooden stairs. I felt the sun on my face. It was scattered over large trees. The shadow did not allow the heat to reach us. Another plus in favor of this place. Obviously I would lose faster than expected. But honestly, it does not bother me. I said I would not be sorry.


I took a few steps toward the woods. Then I felt a sense to steal me. Curiosity. I wanted to look around. I really wanted it. On the other hand I was afraid. Rushing is not something I allow. Once I let such a mistake. It was not fun. For that I did not leave the house. I only walked around. The rear was only a few meters from the thick part of the forest. There were lots of bushes and I do not dare to approach. The house had a pavilion. Not very big but enough to accommodate at least six people. I went there.


The wood, which was made, was smooth. Craftsmanship.  The ceiling height was little more than two meters. There was a small round table in solid wood. It had carved ornaments on the periphery. Flowers. Instinctively I ran a finger on them. I was careful. As if caressing a living thing. I sat on the bench. It was much more comfortable than it looks. I stayed there for more than a few minutes. I got up and walked out of there. I turned towards the house when something caught my attention. Noise. It came from the bushes.  I stood and stared at them, but I saw nothing. My heart was beating fast, but it was not fear. At least I think it was not. I filled with anticipation. There was no wind, it was calm now. There you go again. Behind the bushes had something.


My breathing quickened. I was ready to flee if necessary. Then I saw them. Two golden-yellow eyes looking at me. Test is staring at me. My fear is strengthened but I don’t move. Don’t look separated from those eyes. Like they hypnotized me.  Of fear and panic crept spark curiosity. Little by little it gained strength. I didn’t wait long. Wolf himself showed up. No wonder I don’t noticed him. His fur was dark and merges with the shadows. He just stood there. He watched me how I watching him.


I was both frightened and fascinated. For the first time I saw a wolf from a distance between us without a grate. “Would he attack me?” If he wanted to do it, I’d already be dead. I am sure of, though there is always room for doubt. I tried to precede step forward, but he began to growl.  I stepped back, but I don’t saw a fallen branch and stumble. While I knew I was sitting on the ground. I wiped my dirty hands in my jeans. So what. I’ll live it. But the injuries hurt. I hissed in pain and for a moment I forgot about the predator who watches me.  I didn’t hear his footsteps. I never saw him before it’s too close. Our eyes met. We were almost the same level. I hid a breath. Any scream would make him angry. I stood there speechless. Tiny beads of sweat beading on my forehead and my upper lip. I dared not even breathe. I held my hands pressed it to my chest. They were clenched in fists and have caused me pain. Even there was blood. Oh no! This fact brought to my mind fearful thoughts. What if the wolf attacked me because of the smell of blood? I could not scream. He probably would have ripped my throat before that.


I tried not to think about it. I closed my eyes very slowly. I did not see it. After no more than two or three minutes the animal smell hit me in the nose. I felt his breath. His wet nose touched my hands. He sniffed irritated by blood. Persistently tried to fling my arms. He growled in annoyance. Oh! I did not see another solution. Slowly relax my hands and opened the palms. He stuck them with the nose. I winced at his touch on the cracked place. I did not open my eyes. I did not show such courage.


I felt his coarser tongue. Licking the blood. As if my heart stopped for a moment. I prayed not to kill me. I had hoped. The wolf did not bit me as I thought. He just choked me. Hands… Clothes… I felt his muzzle on my neck. I thought, “Just one wrong move and I’ll be dead!” But yet tickled me. I should not laugh. I had at any price to master. Failed. I chuckled and he pulled away. Involuntarily I opened my eyes. Wow… How close he was. Our eyes were not on meters but centimeters from each other. Wow!


I don’t know why, but I felt a strong desire to touch him. He was not the only one who was curious. But I let my hands to lay motionless in my lap. I did not move. He was motionless for several minutes. Then the voice came to me of my father.




He was looking for me. He was calling me. I did not answer. And the wolf with incredible speed back into the bushes. I did not feel his presence, but his smell was on me. Somehow primary. It was not like that of dogs. The difference was huge. But that day… was excitedly. If I was not come here, it would not happen. For the first time I rejoiced that I was there. Maybe it sounds silly, but it’s true.


Dad found me to sit on the ground among fallen leaves. It was not autumn, just the wind was stronger at times. I heard my father came. He was panting, and his face was worried.


Are you okay? What is it?


I smiled to him. My poor father. I did not want to worry him. In front of the other people he was unshakable as a rock. Inspired respect and even fear. And when he was with me was so attentive and kind. As if I was a little girl.


-I’m fine, Dad! Just stumble. I saw above the trees and did not saw these below. – I laughed.


Why lie? Why not just told him the truth? No… He would be much more afraid than me. He saw my hands.


-Oh dear! Look at your hands.

-I’m fine. Really. It no longer hurts. – This is the truth but I could not tell him it was because of the fact that they have wolf saliva.

-Come on! Come to take care of scratches.


He helped me to stand up. I know that he treats me like a child but I did not dare to tell him anything. Once I did it and hurt his feelings. I did not want to see him again so sad. I truce it. I stood up with his help. Shake my clothes and walked briskly towards the house. I had the urge to turn around and look at the bushes, but I did not. Damn! I have been here a few hours and I already have a secret.


It doesn’t matter. I got and my mom takes care of the scratches. She doesn’t say anything. Unlike my father, she abides with me. I thank her for that. She bandaged my hands and told me to be more careful. Then jokingly added:


-Well, now you have a good excuse not to come.


I looked at her with wide eyes. She was not angry. Indeed, she seemed that fun. I was embarrassed. Apparently my original justification for the fatigue crack. I shrugged my shoulders. This was my chance.


I went to my room with a delicious ham sandwich. I lie on the soft bed and indulge in speculation. The main topic… Well, it had fur and fearsome teeth.


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