*Moonlight* [chapter 1]

We moved to live in the mountains. There was a small town, but my family and I don’t live there. In fact, most houses are located in the mountains. Our house too. As we drove to the house I looked out the window. Most buildings were of wood. At least trim. The two parking lots, which we passed, had only jeeps and other off-road. No wonder. Everywhere you look you will see only trees. This place would be my new home. Just great. I hated it. What can be done eighteen year old girl in the middle of the wildness? I was angry. I hardly talked to my parents. I did not want to listen to their stupid excuses.


We traveled a few kilometers along the highway after the city. Then the car turned down a side road that was not paved. We continued to move. As if we were in a tunnel of trees. All big and dangerously hanging over us. As giants. I could not take my eyes off them. Everything was so… green. I thought that my mother laughed from the seat to that of the driver. I don’t know why. The forest was engulfed around me. The air was really clean and filled with the aroma of the surrounding landscape. It seemed of pine. Fog. Dew. Even on wet soil. The trees were covered with thick green moss. They slightly reminiscent of caterpillars. I hardly hide my smile. At least there is no danger to lose. The moss grows on the north side of trees. So I’ve heard.


I noticed that my mother looked at me in the rear view mirror. She smiles, although I was still serious. That I thought that the place was nice did not change anything. To staying there for a while is not a bad idea, but to live there… This is something completely different.


The car stopped before I knew it. I went down slowly. The ground beneath my feet was soft because of fallen leaves and pine needles. I felt it even in my shoes. It was the morning if I need to be accurate. We had spent the night in the car to get here. It was definitely colder. At least the morning while have dew and fog there. I looked around. Our house was large and almost entirely of wood. It was on two floors, not counting the ceiling. Surely there is a basement. I must admit that the view was not bad. I went to the house site. Since it was high, I could look better.


I looked at the bushes in the distance. Well, it was only about a hundred meters. I could swear that there was a wolf. Big wolf. I could not look better, but for a moment it seemed that he looks at me. We monitored are face to face. Neither he nor I moved for several minutes. I did not realize that I’m clutching the railing tightly. It seemed interesting. So much that I did not felt my mother. She touched my arm and I jumped almost a meter of surprise. My heart would burst. She asked me what I saw and I just answered one: “Nothing!” I don’t know why, but I did not want to tell her the truth. She and Dad went inside. Before I follow them, I again looked at the bushed, but he was gone. Then simply turned and walked inside.


Everything was tidy and completely ready for living. Dad urged me to see my room. The attic was covered into a room. Quite successfully I would say. I liked it. It was kind of cozy. The bed was covered with a coat of blue cover. More precisely blue-purple. It looked soft. Under the window was a couch in the same color, on which were arranged a few decorative pillows. There was a desk where I can put my laptop and power cord outlet. Useful. There was a large oak wardrobe… maybe was oak. There was also a small library. I saw the stereo and TV. On the wooden floor was soft round rug in burgundy color. It looked like a large puddle of blood. A slight smile appeared at the corner of my lips. I bet that this is the first thing that you can notice when go there. Unfortunately there was one bathroom on each floor. Well, I’m not quite so capricious.


I left my bag on the bed and even took my jacket. I went to the window. The view was not different. Trees everywhere you look. I sighed and run went downstairs. I looked everywhere. Catherine and Jake, my parents, watched my sharply. Like through their eyes trying to ask: “Well? What do you think?”, but they said nothing, just waiting for my post. Damn!


-Not bad!


Just what I said. “Not bad!” Fun. Although I did not know what else to say. When they told me: “Anita, we move out!” I did not expect that. Not that I think… not too bad, not counting the lack any occupation.


Smiles of my parents made me feel really uncomfortable. Seemed to recognize that they were right. I would not admit it under any circumstances. You might wonder why we ever moved. Well, my dad works for a company related to the environment. They needed a new leader there. Here’s a reason. And my mother… She is an artist. Besides being a successful writer, she is also an amateur painter. But Wilmington family always does whatever they want. Obviously this does not include my wishes.


I had a life. Friends… Boyfriend… But I lose this and this is their fault. Now I was only one angry girl. The worse was that this damn place seems to take my anger. All bitterness loses power and meaning. It made me give up even before I started to resist. It was not fun. So I returned to me “refuge” and unpacked my belongings. Generally not going to hurry. I had just pulled out my favorite T-shirt when I heard voices. Guests? This is strange. Slowly I put the shirt on the bed and went to check. My parents talked with another couple. They laughed. These people looked exactly as I imagined. Checkered shirts, jeans, jackets and boots. They quickly noticed me. I had to go and congratulate them.


-This is our daughter… Anita. – My father said proudly.

-Hello! – I nodded hesitantly, because I did not know these people and I was on the lookout. Prudence is not redundant when you are on the other land.

-Hi, Anita! – The woman greeted me.


She was beautiful. Tall with beautiful blond hair. Probably was a model or something. As I approached, she do not squeezed my hand and hugged my directly. That woman had strong grasp. She caught me off and I could not hide my surprise. That made her laughs. There was something strange in her eyes something that frightened me. I tried to hide it, but she seemed to know.


-My name is Francine Monroe, and this is my husband John.

-Nice to meet you, Mrs. Monroe. – The efforts to preserve my peace were great.

-Please, call me Francine. – She kept smiling.

-Your daughter is very shy. – John laughed.


It made me blush. I was really shy of his words. They all laughed. Then Francine decided to make the first move.


-Why don’t come home to dinner? Just to familiarize yourself with our son. Alex can help Anita to adapt.


I could swear that in her words had a hidden meaning. Or I’m too suspicious. In both cases I was not in the mood for such visits. I do not quit. Monroe’s left when my parents accepted the invitation. And I hid in my room. I categorically refused to go. My explanation was not ideal, but true. I’m just too tired from the trip. For my surprise my mom did not create problems. My mother told me that everything is okay. And so it was?


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