*Rose Garden* [chapter 9]

As expected, Bly and his group had gathered in an old warehouse on the harbor. Their leader, whose name was Adam Morgan; he was not particularly pleased that the bloodsuckers walk freely around the city. It was more for territory than any other reason. And it is well known that the two kinds are blood enemies.


-And you made a bloodsucker to overthrow you?

-I was unprepared. It will not be repeated.

-I hope so, Bly. I hope so. – The leader hissed.


After Mr. Morgan left the meeting, some of the younger follow him. In store only three remained: Bly, along with two of his closest comrades, Michael Landon and Jason Mitchell. The three were confronted with vampires. Well, one of them had met directly. Bly was only one who felt the attacks of Alexander. Moreover hated him for personal reasons. Apparently it was true that Bly had feelings for me. He could not bear the thought between me and the vampire might have something. The thought maddened him and made him break everything stood before his eyes.


-Calm down, man!

-Don’t tell me what to do. She and the vampire… I will kill him.

-Maybe he used some of his tricks. But when we kill him everything will be as before.

-Yes. I want the blood of this wretch.


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