*Rose Garden* [chapter 11]

I lay on the sofa, silent and plunged in a peaceful slumber. Light breeze made me shiver. But he only touched my face. Slowly I awoke. I opened my eyes and saw the blanket, which I was covered. When I looked up I saw that the vampire was standing by the window, staring out into the boiling nightlife. I was surprised. I was hoping that I will not have to go to the home of vampires, but here’s what happened. As in the proverb: <If Mohammed does not go in the mountains, the mountain comes to Mohammed!>


-What are you doing here? – I asked with a trembling voice.

-I heard about the anemia.

-Don’t tell me that you were worried. This will be the last thing in which I believed.


He turned to me with astonishment. He expected to hear an explanation of my words.


-Why not have believed it?

-For the same reason I does not believe that Celeste liked me. I’m usually mortal girl, but I’m not stupid.

-You are right. Celeste is with dark thoughts. She wanted your blood.

-So I guessed. But why are you giving so much work?


He came and sat on the couch. He was relaxed and stared into the darkness. I don’t expect to answer me and I could not get him to tell me the truth. Even the slightest attempt to attack him would have ended in death. My death, of course. So I stood up and took a few steps. I felt much better. I do not feel dizzy, but I don’t overreach.


I went to the kitchen and poured a glass of milk. Drink, but I just kept thinking. Something told me that behind this interest Celeste was hiding a secret. On the other hand was the problem with my parents. Where were they, damn it? I took my cup and went into the living room. I expected Alexander to be gone, but he was still there. He looked thoughtful, but I certainly felt me. Before I could blink he stood behind me. I almost dropped the cup, but he caught it. Then he whispered in my ear.


-Because your parents.


-Aren’t they telling you?

-Telling me what? Speak bluntly.


I felt his breath on my neck. I shuddered, but I was not afraid. It was rather the impatience and excitement. I turned sharply and saw his transformed face. There was no intention to drink my blood, but had changed. He wanted me to watch him without forgetting what he was.


-What did you mean when you mention my parents?

-You better sit down.


He dragged me and made me sit down. He told me that my parents are hunters. Hunters? I did not understand what he meant. He told me that they are hunters of supernatural creatures, especially vampires. I was stumbled. I do not believe this is possible. Alexander noticed my confusion, but he paused and continued. He told me about “College of hunters” and the deal with the vampires. Only now I clarify the role of Mary Charles. She was not my nanny or friend of my parents, but rather guard. And as to my parents… they proved to be great deceivers. I could not believe it.


-You can believe that I’m a vampire, but you cannot believe that they kill monsters.

-They lie to me. And the role of Mary…

-She is here because of us. She is out supervisor.

-I know how you feel. And why are you here anyway?

-Your blood has a strange effect on me.


-Don’t be. Celeste is probably loose.


-She wants your blood, and I was the one who receives it.

-Well, I do not know what to say.



-I’ll kill your friend the werewolf.

-Bly? Why?

-Because I want.


As I stood, he twisted gracefully as a cat and lay down. He put his head on my knees and stared at the wall. Frankly I had no idea what to do. My heart is stirred so that whole my body trembled. I could not wield. For the first time I wanted so bad to kiss someone. I tried to think of something else. And just in time someone knock on the door. I thought that was Bly, but the vampire calm me. He said that there are a human. I went to open. It was Sally. She looked confused, angry and sad. I expected as we enter Alex’s left, but he was there. The girl stared at him in amazement. She wanted to tell me something.


-What is it, Sally? You look different than usual.

-Well, Bly is the problem.

-You saw his true nature, right? – It was more statement than question by the vampire.

-How do you know?

-We all have secrets. Soon you will see and mine.

-Alexander? – I looked at him in bewilderment.

-When you come into our world there have not turning back. – His smile revealed long canines.


Sally stepped back and bumped into me. She was horrified. She grabbed me and started pulling me towards the door. She does not stop stutters and asks me to leave. I did not move. I sighed and looked irritably at the vampire.


-Well done, mate! You scared to death my best friend.

-She saw Bly McLane. Why not meet with your friends?

-Chris, he is…he is…

-Vampire? Yes, he is and he is really strange. I don’t understand his behavior, but he will not hurt you. – And I looked at him questioningly and he nodded.


Sally sat down at the end of the couch and I brought her a glass of water to calm down. I sat quietly and told her everything. Or at least that part of the truth of which I knew. And Alexander sat down beside me. He behaved as if we were best friends. He gentle strokes my arm with a finger without looking at me. As if he did it quite deliberately. He enjoyed the fear in Sally. This amused him.


Eventually she (Sally) calm. Of course, I did not tell her that I gave on the vampire to drink my blood. This would only make her mad. Then she explained that she told her family about Bly, but they laughed to her.


-The told me to stop making this up. But tell me how to do it? I do not think those creatures will leave me just like that.

-It’s true. – The vampire said with indifference.


I frowned eyebrows and knocked his hand away.


-Stop frightened her. Listen, Alexander… Don’t you have something else to do? Why don’t go to kill someone or find a lover, with which to enjoy?

-I don’t kill people, but the second one… I have plans on this issue.


He looked at me as he will have what he wants. Both with Sally looked at him with astonishment. Suddenly something happened. Alexander stood up. He felt someone. Then relaxed. He told me that I can go and open. I did it. I stood up and opened the door. Before me stood none other, bur Mason. I was surprised to see him at home.


-What brought you here? – I whispered.

-I heard that Alexander was here and I came.


He looked cheerful, but actually something troubled him. I invited him to come and we went into the living room to Sally and Alex. The girl was startled, because she suspected what is the identity of the unexpected guest. Mason sat and looked at his friend. He wanted to talk with him. I took Sally by the hand and walked to the kitchen. I wanted to leave them alone. It was not necessary.


-Stay here. Anyway, you already are part of it.

-Are you sure, mate? The subject is not so pleasant.

-Speak up! Don’t make an idiot. And you two better sit down.


This was not a request but rather an order. His tone frightened me and accidentally sat. Sally also sat down. We were silent all the time. Mason said that they found the corpse of a man with two stab wounds to the neck. At first glance, was killing by a vampire. Alexander was furious. Both knew that this would worsen the situation with “The College”. This makes the vampires nervous. They create them unnecessary troubles. I don’t dare to intervene because it was not my job.


Finally, we were really tired. Sally went to bed in the room of my parents. Mason left, but Alexander was hard to tell. So I stopped to watch for his presence and went to bed. I let him do whatever he wants. I was so tired that I fell asleep almost immediately. He pulled the curtains tightly to not take any light or at night or during the day. There was no reason for it. Just lie down to sleep at three o’clock in the morning and did not want the sun at sunrise to bother us. Naturally, Mary was not there yet. Maybe she deals with murder, for which Mason mention.


While I slept, I still felt what was happening around me. Then I felt the bed moved. Slightly opened my eyes and tried to get up, but I heard his voice. He told me to sleep. It was needless to say who it was. It was Alexander, of course. He lay down next to me like it’s something natural. But I woke up. I looked at him and asked him why not go back. However, the room was not cold enough. It was dark and quiet. Then I got up and turned the air conditioner. Temperature dropped and I went to bed again. Only that this time I covered myself better. The vampire turned and hugged me and ran his hand over my waist. He did not need from a blanket. It was the crazy situation. Not that it’s unusual for vampires. They did not have particularly shame.


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