*Rose Garden* [chapter 10]


Mary delivers the roses in the house of the vampires all alone. Celeste was a bit disappointed by my absence. But when Mary mentioned the word “anemia” the vampire was rage. She doesn’t stop calling Alexander, and he was gone. She knew that he is guilty for my condition. It made her furious.


-I will make him pay for it.

-Relax, Celeste. The girl just does what is necessary. He defended her and he felt worse. Chris just felt guilty through her blood has paid her debt.

-You don’t understand, do you, witch? She belongs to him now. Such are the rules. He was the first vampire drink her blood.

-And you want this honor. Now Alexander will not feel lonely. You should be happy for him.

-Alexander is an idiot. But it does not matter. I can always transform her. – Celeste chuckled.

-No, you can’t do it. Otherwise I will inform “College of hunters”. You know what this means, right?

-They will hunt us again.

-Exactly. And most of them still believe that we should not allow you to live among humans. They don’t believe in your rehabilitation.

-It’s secure.


Mary smiled mischievously, while Celeste looked at her with contempt. The two of them were not friends, and have never been any. Rather Mary led as overseer of these vampires. The only thing Celeste was sorry now that she could not break her neck like a chicken. And so much she wanted.



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