*Rose Garden* [chapter 8]

Early morning Mary woke me up. In her eyes I knew she knew what had happened. But how? How the hell she was learned? Someone could say that there are spies everywhere. No! There are not spies, but something else. I knew and decided to find out. I did not know whether she will tell me the truth, but I still try. I stood up slightly from the bed, but had to slow down because it made me dizzy. With a weak voice I asked my question.


-How do you do? How do you know what’s going on even when you’re not here? You have spies?

-Not spies. I have my way. Do you believe in magic, Christina?

-Spells? At the moment I can believe in everything. So through the magic you can eavesdrop and learn everything?

-Yes. Maybe you can say that. Someday I’ll show you. Now, however, you are tired of…

-You know that I give him blood, right?

-Yes. But he protected you. I can’t believe he did it.


-He hates people in general. For him they are just food. He has long ago forgotten what it means to be human.

-I suppose so. But how old are they? All three of them.

-Celeste is the oldest. She is 728 years old. Then Alexander, who is 621 years old. Finally, Mason – 524 years.


I could not believe it. They were older than they look. Well, vampires never look as we expected. But this time I stopped thinking about it. I changed and went for breakfast. For the first time there were only sweets. Mary explained to me that in that way I will handle the blood lost faster. I admit that more delicious things I had not tasted. The woman smiled happily. She asked me if I can work. I nodded for yes, because I was slightly excited. And my mouth was full of sweet breakfast. I like a little kid, but it was not a problem for my aunt.


As we drove to the flower store, aunt Mary did not stop give me advices. That I should not overburden, that I need to rest until the anemia is over. I agreed just to calm her down. I was in unusually good mood. It seemed that I was drugged. Even I worked with pleasure. I leave Mary to deal with the documentation. She paying taxes and bills, but that everything was going great, and I did not stop to worry about my parents. Where were they? Why they’re not here and how can I contact with them? If I say that my anxiety was great it will be lie. On several occasions I asked Mary about it, but she always changed the subject. I was sure that she knows something. All she said was that they are not satisfied that I am in contact with vampires. Since I obtained the conclusion that they are aware of the immortals. I did not know what to think. When I came to the door with the correct answer, I discovered behind new three doors. What I’m trying to say is that I found myself still at an impasse. I knew nothing and nobody wanted to tell me the truth. I was really angry by that. I knew it was pointless, but I had no power over my emotions.


After lunch I did not feel very well. I almost fainted when arranged the flowers in the store. Mrs. Charles was frightened and made me go by taxi. Now at least I would not have to go with vampires. Not that I don’t like them, as crazy as it sounds. I just not am looking for trouble. The only thing that scared me when I went home was thought that Bly can return. But when I lay down on the sofa … asleep without to worry.






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