*Rose Garden* [chapter 7]



My mother gave me a message. Well, but not in the way that she was adopted it. She said to me that nobody else wanted to go. That the supply is very important. She spoke to me a bunch of stupid excuses. I asked just to make her stop the bullshit. I was not a child who can trick easier. But there was another reason to agree to this. Despite my fear and I was curious. Who was the woman of the house? More precisely… what was she?


They say that curiosity can create many problems. It’s true. Well, I did not know that. I just could not hold myself. Nothing was able to stop me. Even my own mind was not able to do so. It’ll sound strange, but we can say that I waited eagerly to the time for delivery. I could not know myself. Of course, I would not go as smoothly as I hoped. Soon it will become clear about what I speak.

I had taken the flowers from the store and headed to the parking. This time I take the car on my mother and she would be home with my father, who often stops into the store. Anyway, I put the flowers in the back seat and headed for the driver’s seat.  Suddenly Bly comes. Unlike out last meeting, now he has serious and far more confident. I would even say arrogant and rude. Take my right wrist and looked at me cold and imperious.


-Let me go, Bly! What are you doing?

-You saw the vampire.

-Yes. So what?

-You are not hurt. He does not even try. Why?

-How can I know?

-I can smell his scent on you. That is disgusting.

-Wait, wait! What are you talking about, damn it? He only took me to do not fell from the shock that you caused me. Now let me go, asshole. I have work to do.

-Why this time? Why in the dark?

-They requested flowers and I wear it. I do not care why.


I was angry and pulled my hang strongly. It hurt, but I was free. I pushed the boy from myself and walked to the car. I drove off immediately. I was angry. I almost bumped into a tree. Thank God, I got there on time. When I leaved the car I had to take a deep breath to calm down. The door was open and I went. This time I was much more confident. Probably the reason was because I was still angry at Bly and I do not think about the possible danger. Before I knew it I was standing at the door. This time I did not even ring. The door opened and before me stood the same beautiful woman. Now she looks at me with a smile. I was little troubled and felt my face flares up.


-Well… These are the flowers you want, Miss.


I handed her the bouquet. She took it with her beautiful white hands. Breathed their fragrance and delight.


-They are very beautiful. Do you want to come in, Miss?

-Well, I…


She gently pulled me inside. For some reason I had not resisted. Once the door closed behind me, I shuddered. I didn’t see anything. So I stayed in one place. The woman apparently had no problem with that. She noticed my difficulty and called Walter. She ordered him to light a few candles. The butler was surprised but said nothing, and fulfills the order. Light give more sinister look of the house, but was better than to stumble in the dark. The woman presented nicely. Her name was Celeste. I also introduce myself to her. She grabbed my hand and led me behind. I do not know why, but I started to worry.


She brought me into the living room. It was a huge room. There were two men. I do not know them, but one of them leave in me some feeling. Celeste made me sit down. I did it.


-Gentlemen, this is Miss Christina. She brought us red roses.

-Yes. Nice flowers.

-This is Mason. – The woman said and he nodded.

-Nice to meet you. – I muttered.

-And that there is Alexander. He always looks so serious and disinterested.


I hesitated for a moment because I wanted to ask them if there were vampires. I don’t know how she did it, but Celeste knew my intentions.


-Come on, lady. Ask us.


-Well, yes.


-Yes, we are vampires. – She said calmly.


In contrast, the other two looked startled. They did not expect it to reveal their secret to a stranger.


-What do you think about this, Christina?

-Well… I… It’s strange.


-First werewolves and now – vampires.


At the mention of the word “werewolf” atmosphere in the house changes.


-Werewolves? Have you seen them?

-I… Yes. I do not know whether to say it but… I know one of them.

-You know any of these obnoxious animals?


She said this with evident repulsion. Apparently she was not a big fan of wolfish race.


-I thought that he is my friend but he behaved abominably to me.

-Why? Is he hurt you? – Her concern was fake, but it did not matter.

-No, not much. He was angry because someone from your kind helps me, if I may say so.

-Vampire? How looks like?

-I do not know, ma’am. I was in shock. For a little I did not become food for three werewolves. I did not see who helped me, and I do not know why he did it. No logic, right?


She did not answer, but I was sure that she knows the answer. I felt the tension rising, so I stood up. I asked them to excuse me, and then simmer to not get run over by the door. They do not try to stop me. And why should they? I and they were aware that this is not our last meeting. Running to the car, I dared not even look back. However, I felt that they watched me.


I got in the car, but did not drive off immediately. I needed to calm down. For this I have set my head on the steering wheel and closed my eyes. At all costs I had to calm down before I get home. But then something happened that I did not expect and that frightened me. When I raised my head I saw him. The vampire stood in the driver seat. I could not breathe.  And he just stood there and did not even look at me. I’m talking about vampire whose name was Alexander. I stood and watched him. What could I do? What did he want?


-Will you go now? – His voice sounded cold and distant.


-“The Park of Statues”.


-You like that place. Well, you are not the only one. Drive towards it.


-These dogs don’t scare me.

-Listen, sir. I am not your personal driver.


He did not answer. He turned to me and his eyes pierced me leaving me speechless. Suddenly, as under foreign control, I started it and drove off. I do not dare to resist more. I drove, and my heart was beating like crazy. We almost reached the goal when something stands in front of the car and I braked. I was very scared. I can’t say the same about the vampire. Alexander was rather annoyed. I tried to leave, but he (the vampire) stopped me with his hand. I saw his teeth and his red, fierce look.


-What happens? What was that?

-May one of your friends?



He nodded.


-Oh no! If Bly is there…

-I will kill him along with others. – He spoke quite seriously.


I was completely sure he was serious. But the strange was that nothing happened. They do not attacked us, not even appeared. On top of all Alexander was gone. I never thought and started it and drove off towards home. As I came back there was no one. I found a note which said that they went with some relatives and they do not know when will return. I was left enough money if I needed something I could take account of the store. On top of that I had to work in the store and take care of business. I began to wonder how many more surprises I will receive.


I made dinner for myself, bathed and sat down at the computer. I wrote to Sally and asked her to apologize. She replied cheerfully as ever. I was glad I asked her early in the morning to come home. She agreed. Then I went to bed. I fell asleep, but the nightmares were falling one after another. I woke up to 4:00 am covered with sweat. I was breathless and a little restless. Well, how else? So many things happened to me that now I would be crazy. I went to take a shower to refresh. Anyway, I could not sleep again. A few hours I walked up and down the house and wondering what to do. I tried to get in touch with my parents, but without success. Before dawn the doorbell rang. My surprise was mixed with a certain amount of fear. I walked slowly towards the door. I do not think that it was Sally because it was too early. On the other hand, vampires and their opponents the werewolves were not so stupid to come. I was wondering who can be. I took a breath and opened the door. Before me stood an old woman. She smiled at me. She wore a suitcase.


-Hello, Christina!

-What? Do I know you?

-Oh sorry! Probably you do not remember me. The last time when I saw you… You were a little girl. Maybe 3 or 4 years old.

-Please, come in!

-Thank you!


She went and I made her tea. She told me that she is a friend of my grandmother and my grandfather of the maternal side. Even showed me pictures. She told me that my parents had asked her to watch me and help me. I did not know this lady, but I was grateful. The name of this woman was Mary Charles. At 52 years, with silver-white hair piled in a bun, but I was more impressed by her eyes were gray and somewhat mysterious.


-Tell me something about the city, Christina. Is there anything interesting?


I wondered. There were interesting things. But who would believe me? And I do not want to have problems, but exactly what would happen. So I carefully chose to deflect my questions.


-Well, I would not say.

-Are you sure?

-I don’t understand.

-I heard that Celeste was in town.


I shudder with surprise. The hairs on my neck goosebumps. I could feel drops of sweat beading on my forehead.


-Calm down, dear. I know what’s going on here. The problem between vampires and werewolves.


-You’re in quite a disadvantage.

-And you know it, ma’am?

-Yes. – She smiled. – Please call me Mary. “Madam” sounds very formal.

-Okay. I’ll call you “Aunt Mary”. So okay?

-Absolutely. Now tell me what think to do?

-Well, my best friend will come and I can share her all. She will help me in the store. As long as she agree, of course.

-You sure? I don’t think Celeste would approve.

-I do not ask her to gets me into this.

-Don’t you realize? She revealed her secret with purpose. You are too righteous to revealing her secret.

-I had not thought about that. – I raised an eyebrow as a sign of astonishment.

-There is something else.


-The vampire who helps you in “Park of Statues” was Alexander.


My breath stopped. My pupils expanded and my heart racked in my chest. I could not understand. He held me like I am nothing, but now it appears that he has helped me. I felt a little uncomfortable. How would I look at him after what happened? I mean, he almost licked my neck. He knew it from the outset and still didn’t care. Its looks like that is not for the first time for him. For him was common and insignificant.


I plunged into my own thought and I did not realize when Sally came. She stood and watched me with her usual curious expression. I almost jumped when I saw her.


-How long have you here, Sally?

-Enough to know you’re thinking of someone. Who is he? Bly?

-No. There is none. At least Bly.

-Why do you say that? Not have quarreled?

-Something likes that. The last time he was really rude to me.

-I can’t believe it. But I’m sure that you would not ever invent such a thing. Well, tell me.

-My parents left. The woman you saw will help me, but I need help in the store too. If you have not another job… I will pay you.

-I will help you with pleasure. You’re my best friend.


My heart broke with grief that I had to lie. Because to hide something is tantamount to lying. But Mary was right. I was entrusted with a big secret and I had no right to give up. I felt torn.


While getting ready, Mary and Sally talked. Someone knock on the door and I went to open. It was Bly. I was not happy to see him. And seeing me he started to fidget. Got my by the wrist and yanked me sharply.


-His smell is on you. The smell of damn vampire.


-You were in the car with him.

-So you were there? You blocked my path and nearly bumped.

-Yes. What you have with them? Where are they hiding?

-Go to hell. I have nothing to say.


My hand hurt badly. Then came Sally and my new aunt. They forced him to let me and to get out.  I had to bandage my right hand. However, I don’t give up from my job. In this case I was not scared or worried, but rather angry. I could not believe this idiot afford to behave this way.


Sally had to drive a car. We went to the store and started work. It was pretty awkward because regular customers did not stop to ask me the questions of whose answers I was interested: <Where are my parents?> I could not tell them why lie. That what choice did I have? There was something else. I just kept wondering how Mary knows about vampires. I thought that she would not answer, even if I had asked. In fact, she bothered me a little. She knew me well and I did not know anything about her. I should be very careful. On top get another call from the vampires. This time my new “nanny” answered. She promised to go… both of us. Sally was curious, but not learns anything. It seemed to be disappointed, but said nothing. She continues as if nothing happened. I was surprised from her reaction, but only smiled. However, she helped me a lot. So when she asks me to let her go earlier I don’t protest. So ultimately there was just me and Mrs. Charles.



-Yes, Chris?

-Maybe is not good idea to go on that place.

-No. They want you to go there.


-Prepare yourself. I’ll drive.


I began to feel as if I did not have any option about my own live. Always someone else decided for me. I hated it more than anything, but I had not the courage to oppose it. This was now. I got in the car without much fuss, but this time not in the driving seat. I could relaxed and to stop thinking about everything. I could forget everything but the pain in my hand did not stop to remind me that everything is real.


While I watched the lights along the road, I don’t noticed how the woman watching me. I don’t saw her smile. This lady… she thinking something, but what was it? I wondering what she hide it? Where did she come from? What is her past? What relation she had with these creatures of darkness? Even I was not thinking what I could find. And maybe I must found out.  How could I live with someone for whom I don’t know anything? Suddenly I was scared. Then I realized that the car doesn’t move. Even Mary was waiting outside with flowers in her hands. I came down with visible reluctance. I followed her like a submissive puppy without any real reason. On the door the old butler already waits for us. He ushered us into the dark living room. There waiting for was and the three immortals. The woman looked at me a little confused. No doubt the reason was my injured hand. She looked at me, waiting to tell her what happened, but I said nothing. However, her eyes became somewhat fierce. I realized that she already knows. She was reading my mind and knew who was to blame for what happened. I thought she was calm, but she wasn’t. For a second she grabbed a crystal vase and broke it into pieces when threw it to the wall. The attendees, including myself, could not stay startled by the sudden change. Celeste cursed something in her native language. Mason tried to calm her, but not only failed, but received a severe blow, which referred him to the nearest wall. I was afraid and took a step toward, but Alexander stopped me. He stood before me. I felt that he trying to protect me.


Then Celeste looked at me.


-Tell me which one was it? Which of these dogs hurt you?

-I… It’s not important.

-He was the one who was your friend, right? He did it because of us, right?

-Don’t deny it, my girl! – Mary said. – Either way she will read your mind. Yes, Celeste. He hurt and girl and it’s your fault, but I don’t think that child here can’t handle it.


This began to annoy me terribly. It was like I was a child, and all just so concerned with me like that. And I wasn’t a child anymore.


-Enough! – I said. – I am not a child! Leave me alone. This problem is my business. Well, we let the flowers. Let’s go, aunt!

-No, Chris!

-As you wish. You know where I live.


I left without care about others’ options. Since I cannot drive, I walked away. It wasn’t cleaver thing, but when I was angry I don’t care. I walked in the darkness trying to follow the way in which we had come. I was not thinking about the danger that lurked. The whole time I had the feeling that someone follows me. At one point I stopped because a few meters from me, walked some strange men. My heart beating fast from fear. The things are not improved. They saw me and smiled half-heartedly. There was nowhere to escape, but I was not sure whether to continue. They were about ten meters from me when something unexpected happens. A hand wrapped around me, enveloping me. I looked for a moment. It was Alexander. He made me keep moving. He did not say anything and just pushed me. I left without asking questions. I already knew that it was a waste of time. We walked past the men and they weren’t very happy that the man was with me. At this point I don’t realize it, but once they are gone far enough I understand it. How he knew where I was? How did he know that I have not taken a taxi? And why he always appeared when I needed from help?


He sends me to my home. For a moment I thought, but then I invited him to come if he wants. Well, he did not object. I did it of pure kindness. I was nervous. However, in my home was a vampire. It sounded crazy, even in my mind. I did not know what to suggest. I don’t know why, but suddenly I felt strange. As if a voltage appears at me. Soon came and the reason.  And his name was: Bly McLane. He was furious when he saw the vampire. In contrast, however, Alexander seemed perfectly calm. He did not even flinch. Bly attacked him, but a moment later he was lying on the floor across the room. He barely breathing, but did not give up. He tried to stand but failed immediately. When Alexander was about to proceed, I stopped him as I stood before him, and almost hugged him. He gave up just because he gets bored. I asked Bly to leave. Although I was certainly mad of him, I did not want to be killed because of me.


-You’re crazy! – He shouted. – To invite a vampire in your home. Murderer!

-I don’t hurt my friends. – The face of the vampire does not even flinch.

-Oh, a vampire with a conscience! Don’t make me laugh, nasty bloodsucker!

-Stop it! Both of you. This is my home, and I will invite whom I want. But I will not allow such behavior. I thought you are my friend, Bly. You hurt me and I don’t talk just about the hand.

-Are you defending him?

-Just because he helped me. Now get out of here. Both of you.

-Slut! – Bly shouted.


This time Alex kicked him in the ribs without mercy. The werewolf roared in pain. Then came one of his companions. And because his appearance was unexpected and sudden, he managed to repel the vampire. But he was fast and slightly fuzzy. After a moment both of wolfish kind had disappeared. I noticed that the vampire was not in good condition. He was not hurt and still there had something. I approached him and saw his real face. He growled to stay away.  I knew I had to stay away. That I must listen to him. I could not stop.  I knew what he needed. Blood. My mind screamed <Stop, idiot! Run!>, but my heart and my body did not obey. Then I found myself with back on the floor. He (the vampire) had leaned over me and his hair descends upon my face. My heart would burst. I didn’t dare to move. Alex was even closer. I felt his breath on my neck. It happen the same as when we met for the first time. Ran his tongue in my neck to soften the skin. Then I felt his teeth burrow. It hurt for a while. Then I closed my eyes and found myself in a strange place. It was bright and full with flowers. Garden perhaps? The flowers were red roses. The smell was indescribable. I went to the flowers, but something stopped me. He made me go back. I opened my eyes and I was in my bed. Instinctively I touched my neck. There was not even a trace. Only memory of what happened. I tried to stand up, but I had no strength. Finally I sat up slightly, but his hand knocked me back.


-Lay down. You’re weak.

-I saw the garden.

-The garden? Oh, yes! It doesn’t matter. You must rest now.

-The wound is gone.

-It’s healing.


I tried to say something else, but he doesn’t give me a chance. He did something with his hand and I fell asleep. Deep, deep sleep. Despite everything that happened, I was calm. I did not know why. It was not normal, but I could not change it. Now I felt different. Somewhat close to the vampire. I think this is normal.


Alexander stood for some time sitting next to my bed. For him it was a bit strange, because until now he had not behaved well with anyone. In this human way, I mean. For many years he did not know that. He had forgotten what it means to be human. And he does not want to know, because had long ago ceased to be human. For this reason he left. He wanted to forget about this passing weakness. The question was whether he would be able to achieve this?


He went into the house in which he lived. Avoid meeting with the others occupants of the house. Gathered in the crypt and go to bed, though it was early. He could not sleep. Something tortured him and even he could not understand. Suspected to be due to my blood. For a moment, he began to regret that he is drunk, but then just shook his head. A slight smile appeared on his otherwise serious face. Even thought that this blood was returned to a piece of his lost humanity. The vampire knew well that this will continue for a while. However, if someone saw him at this point would be very surprised. He did not seem the same like before. This he called “the effect of human drug.”


Lying, he touched his scarlet lips and the memory of warm blood streaming down his throat made him shiver. This excited him and his mind never stopped to revealing images and sensations sealed in his memory. Even when he felt the dawn, he just fell asleep without stopping his thoughts. But vampires do not dream. Or so I heard.



















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