*KnightsL Did I Mention That They Are Vampires?* [chapter 3]

Once the sun rose, grandmother and Laurie appeared in the kitchen. Surprised to see grandfather there. Laurie hugged him, then the grandparents went into another room to hold a conversation. I was curious. I serve breakfast on my sister and sneak into the small corridor. I heard a lot of conversation. Only some fragments such as: ‘dangerous’, ‘hunting’, ‘demons’ or something. Allegedly stormed the room accidentally.


-Is there a problem? – I asked.

-No, dear! – Grandma smiled, but her eyes issue it. – Your grandfather will stay here for awhile.

-This is great news.


-What is it, Grandma?

-I spoke with your boss at the shop and she agreed to reduce the change in the store.

-Why? What happened? – is already weird.

-Do not you remember?  You… I mean you and Laurie, you have to prepare for school.

-Oh yes!


     I clapped my forehead with my hand because I had really forgotten about it. Summer School? It would be… unpleasant. As I announced that to my sister and she was so delighted as I am. So she eats it quickly, grabbed my hand and led me to my room. Yes, the room was mine, but Laurie often slept there. As I said, we went into the room. My sister is buried in my closet. She started to look for appropriate clothing.


-Come on, Laurie! I will wear as usual. You’re the one that puts more… modern.

-You’re right. – She came up to me and kissed me on the cheek. – Thanks for breakfast.


     I thought she would leave, but she did not. In fact, she shut the door and sat on the bed to the wall. She looked at me with a slight smile.


-Well? It was Terry, right?


-Last night on the phone.

-Oh yes! He heard that Mom and Dad leave after the repair.

-You both still go out?

-We never go out… officially.

-But you know he’s in love with you, right?

-I don’t think so. But even so be it… You know him, right? He thinks I’m his property.

-I know what you say. I went out with him all week.


     I lifted eyebrows and rolled my eyes. Laurie laughed, then me too. We have prepared our backpacks with a notebook and pens. Additional hours starting at 11:00 noon and ending at 15:00 in the afternoon. We had time, but Laurie made me go earlier. She was right.



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