*KNIGHTS: Did I Mention That They Are Vampires?* [chapter 2]


The “White” House…


     Inside the house was empty. Well, yes, the new owners had just entered. There were only a few chests. Three youths were at the top of the house i.e. the ceiling. There were three strange things… Large rectangular and covered with fabric. Chests? No… Coffins? Both were greater in black with gold ornaments, the thirst was white and smaller. The girl stood on top of the closed which casket and filing her nails with a file.

-These people are very annoying.

-You should have more patience, Ella. – Eric said quietly, looking at the moon through the skylight.

-Why she is not interested from us?

-You mean the girl, right Alex?

-Yes. I heard her conversation. It was not just a classmate. It sounded like something more.

-Are you jealous? – Ella smiled as subtly revealed elongated canines.

-Don’t be ridiculous. I am curious. All are interested in us, and she does not care.

     Eric turned to them.

-Our new friend… arrived.

-Harry is his name, right, brother?

-Yes. We must be careful with him and his friends. We have a common goal, but it is better not to reveal. Can you guess where he lives?

-In THAT house?

     Eric smiled. Not long after the three went to their ‘special’ beds. They are not afraid of daylight, but they spent most to the night awake, so they slept (or more precisely – rest), mainly during the day. If it is not clear yet… they’re vampires.




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