*Rose Garden* [chapter 6]

In the Gothic house there was dead silence. Not that it would surprise anyone. As you see, the appearance of the building was dark and eerie. Inside, however, was far more comfortable and attractive in a very unusual way. The furniture seemed new and was definitely quite expensive. However, they were made of velvet with gold leaf. Most were still covered with white sheets to protect them from dust.


At the time of the day all residents slept closed in their cold, deprived of light shelters in the house. Of course, they do not slept in some primitive holes. They had specially built crypts. Only tireless butler Walter went up and down as a shadow. The last thing he wanted was to incur the wrath of the immortal masters. Moreover, it was obvious that doing this for many years. He did simple things. Mostly cared about the safety of his masters. Maybe they kept him alive, because as a human, the butler could go in daylight. Most importantly, his commitment during the day was to take care of “Rose Garden”. Among all the darkness that reigned there, this place is loomed an oasis. Complete with many different types of roses. There were statues, which were very old and very rare, and fountains with crystal clear water. The place was magical in the moonlight. Pity only that people were deprived of this beauty. And if anyone ever finds it sees, he could not tell.


It was lunchtime, but the house there was a deep and impenetrable darkness. The old man did not dare to light a candle. Not that it was necessary. You could say that he saw better in darkness than light. So he took the phone and call. He request new bouquet of roses from our store. But whose was this commandment? And why I had to go there? Who knows?




4 Responses to “*Rose Garden* [chapter 6]”

  1. tridecalogism Says:

    Your writing is really good. 😀

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