*Rose Garden* [Chapter 5]


This morning I was early. My father was already gone and my mother was ready to go to the store. Seeing me, she smiled and kissed my forehead.

-Did you done well with the order yesterday, Chris?
-Yes. – I muttered. – Although the house was a little…
-No. Rather ominous. You remember the big dark house in the outskirts?
-That in the Gothic style?
-Yes, it is.
-O, dear! If I knew that it was the house I would send someone else.
-Oh no! Don’t worry. I got a huge tip. Only that I did not know anyone lived there.
-Neither do I. Do you come in the store today?
-I can take from there. I have not decided.

My mother nodded and left. I heard the hum of the engine and then it disappeared. I made a breakfast and sat before the TV. On the news there have been several reports of attacks in recent days, and much material damage. I tried to ignore it. Then the doorbell rang. I got up and went to open. On the threshold were Sally and Bly. I used to feel chills from him, and he looked at me somehow… disturbing. So did Sally seem happy. I invited them to come, but even for a moment I do not relaxed. The girl did not stop to chatter about her meeting last night. Boring, but far better than that to me I wanted to say. Suddenly the boy interrupted her.

-Chris, sorry about yesterday. I…
-It doesn’t matter. – I thought for a moment. – By the way I met who you looking for with your friends.

Bly shudder. Tiny beads of sweat peppered his forehead. And Sally looked in anticipation to see what happens.

-Are you okay? Are you hurt? He…? – His voice trembled.
-No, he doesn’t hurt me. Actually he was quite polite. Too bad that I couldn’t even see his face in the dark.
-Oh, stop! – Sally raised her voice. – Somebody to tell me what is happening?

Bly looked at with some degree of irritation.

-You will tell her or I do it?
-Christina… I…
-So you want the truth, Sally? Okay then.
-Chris, no! – He whispered pleadingly.
-If you want to stay here, will keep silent, Bly. You are guilty. Sally, this idiot here is…
-Werewolf. As those who watch in the movies. Except it is quite true.

Sally looked at me with surprise and then laughed out loud. Undoubtedly she was not believed to my words. I don’t blame her. I myself could not accept it as truth.

-Yeah, right… Bly was werewolf. What do you not! A little more would say that there are vampires, fairies and aliens.
-Well, I am sure about the vampires.
-Enough, you two. To fool you take me? – Sally was angry and left.

I understand her and still felt a little silly when I realized what I utter fables. I myself do not believe. Yet every time the boy was trying to justify… received only opposite another fierce glance on my part. He left without saying a word. Then I was not aware how serious things really are. That this was only the beginning.


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