*Rose Garden* [chapter 4]

I went straight home. My mother has told to my father about what happened during the day. She was in euphoric mood. Most of the time I do not listen her. I was thinking about the terrible house. Tremors I used to feet not only the place but the inhabitants, I could see. I unconsciously shuddered. Luckily for me, if I may call it so, nobody noticed it.  And since I got headaches from the nonsense of my mother, I decided to go to bed. Even I did not wish to dine. I went in his room and without disguise threw myself on my bed. I was tired so much so that I could not keep my eyes open. I fell asleep at the moment I closed my eyes.  Fatigue act as my sleeping draft. I had not dreams. Just like last time it was complete darkness.  I slept deeply and soundly. Like the world around me was frozen. This was more than pleasant. It was pity that the awakening was terrible.
Sally burst into my room like she was in home. She pulled the curtains and the sun broke ruthlessly. I groaned slightly and opened my eyes. It is worse when the day begins with irritation.
-Sally? What are you doing here? Is not it a little earlier?
-It’s only eight at the morning. – She said.
-So what? I’m tired. Yesterday I had a very busy day.
-Yes, I heard about it.
-From my mother?
-From your mother. Bly has a crush on you.
-Yeah, right… You talk nonsense.
-Is it impossible for you? I must tell you something, Chris.
-What now, Sally?
-Well, he was acting strangely for some time. I saw him to meet with some strange guys. I thought they’d guns.
-Bly McLane? Guns? Don’t make me laugh.
-Anyway, now get dresses, honey. You must help me.
Help her? She wanted to go with her shopping, because she had a date. This was a disaster and from the work with my mom. But I was not very much choice. Friendship requires sacrifices… so I’ve heard. Sally took me from store to store. Try at least one hundred dresses, but found them deficient. Finally, I become angry and I chose dress for her. It proved successful attempt. She liked the dress. Then we went for accessories. I did not believe it will be possible as a meaningless activity like shopping may take all day. But now that I was wrong. It is entirely possible that is on top of it she left me before sunset. I had to go through the “Park of the Statues” to get home. I was little scared of it, but I saw no other alternative. So I walked fast and did not dare look away from the road. Suddenly, something made me froze in place. He was growling like a dog. Came from both near and far. I knew I had to ran, but the horror of that growl make me numb. Then I saw them. There were three creatures. They looked like huge, dogs or wolves in particular. They were slightly brought forward. But I only say tooth and nail. Two of them jumped at me, but the third growled a sound that sounded like: <Stop! She is with me!>. Then stood up and spoke to me with broken human speech.
<Don’t be afraid, Christina. This is me… Bly.>
-Bly? It is not possible. You… you…
<I am a werewolf. That’s right. Don’t be afraid. I will not hurt you.>
-I… I…
Then the other two began to get nervous and growling. I was not the reason. As far as I could hear, they mentioned the word “Vampire”. Then all three went down to the northern part of the park. Direction opposite to mine. I went ahead, but I could not do and ten feet. My body betrayed me. Maybe the shock was bigger that I thought. My head was dizzy and I would have fainted, but someone grabbed my hips in one hand. He kept me slightly, but I was stable. I slightly lifted. I could not see his face better. For a moment I felt that I was close to his body and his tongue went down my neck. I shuddered because I realized what follows. I saw just how sharp teeth penetrate the darkness. I closed my eyes instinctively. But contrary to my expectations, he does not bite me. I felt his breath and then I heard him to whisper shadowy.
-I will not kill you. I enjoyed on the breakfast that I need already.
-I… er…
-W-sh-sh-sh… Easy. Soon the cubs will come back. You better get home.
Despite the apparent concern in the words uttered, I felt their chill. Vampire loosed his grip and I was free. I heard the last thing he said: <Ran!>. And I ran with all my strength and not look back. I had not the courage even to look at the face of the stranger. All that was engraved into my mind was the force with which he had me to not fallen and the sharp teeth flashing on the weak moonlight. At that moment I knew one thing: running.
Once I found myself in front of my house, I stopped. I took a breath and my heart pounding in my chest with all his might. I tried to calm down, not to worry my parents. And they would surely thing that I am crazy if I told them what happened. In fact, as you think about it, it was not something that can be trusted. If I had not seen with my eyes and I would not have believed. But if all this were not the fruit of my imagination? Was he invented, to escape the monotony? In that time it was difficult to distinguish truth from fiction. Just unlocked the door and entered. It was dark, so I lit the lamp. On the small table in the hallway was a note. It seems my parents went to dinner at the home of their friends. This meant that I was alone there. For the first time I felt fear and insecurity in my own home.
I went to my room and hid under the covers. There was no one to call. Sally was on date and Bly… He was part of the problem. But amidst this confusion was a matter question which little by little conquering my mind by shifting all fear. Why the vampire do not killed me? Not even scratched me. Actually he was kind to me in some special way. I could not understand anything of what happened. However it was not possible. Vampires and werewolves are fiction. I tried to clear my mind and forget all this. Instill that it is my imagination. Still… What the stranger did… You could say that this was the most intimate moment in my life. I felt excitement when the memory floated in my mind. I even hit a slap to get rid of this useless stupor. It worked.

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