*Rose Garden* {3}

The door of house closes. The butler was about to put flowers in crystal vase, but the woman took them from his hands. Breathed their fragrance and smiled, revealing her long canines. The old man withdrew and the woman suffered roses inside the building. Finally released in one large room. There were two men. The one was he who loved to walk in the “Park of Statues”. He was sitting on the velvet couch.  He seemed totally indifferent. On the other hand you can’t be said it for the other man. He was reading something and seemed excited. He was medium height with green eyes and black hair. He was modern clothing. The woman looked at them with equanimity.


-So… What you read, Mason?  You look happy.

-Sequence of human creations.

-What about you, Alexander? What bothers you?



This was the name of those who walked in the park. Alexander de Florent. His origin was not very clear. On his face expressed nothing but was clearly bored. Suddenly he looked at the flowers and then to the woman’s face.


-Why are you these flowers? In the garden have roses.

-I like flowers, but I’m more intrigued by the girl who brought them.

-Come on, Celeste. Your games are boring.

-For you… maybe. – Broke the second man… Mason.

-You do not meddle.


They argued with the occasion. Disputes were short, but sometimes really heated.  Yet there are still ‘alive’ as they might be called. And Celeste often acted as a buffer. However, she was “created” both. You could say that they were a little “happy family”.


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