*Rose Garden* {1}

I will not speak of another invention born from the mind of a writer. Everything you hear in this story is real. As I saw it. I don’t know whether you believe me. I dare not even to think about it or hope for it. The truth is that I just want to tell a story in which I played role without to want it. On these pages I want to pour all my heart, hoping that someone will understand.


Forgive me. I failed to introduce myself as it is right. But one more thing. Don’t be surprised if the names of the places that are included here are not mentioned. For me it was not particularly significant. The names are just a logo, I would bet on the nature of things. But to pass on the merits. My name is Christina Brighton. The events started to happening after my twentieth birthday. Soon you will understand everything.


I lived with my parents in an average town. Nothing different happened here that any other city. We had a small but very comfortable house on two floors. It was in one of the quieter neighborhoods. Right here is not happening anything interesting. So even the most insignificant drunk brawl turned into gossip. This to some extent imported a variety of our boring lives. On the other hand it was a little annoying.


Well, even as a little girl, I do not loved problems. I was always gentle and comply with rules that had decency. This made me a darling of teachers in primary and high school. On the other hand my classmates thought that I was too strange. Not that this was an obstacle. Actually I understand them well, although for most of the time I listened to their complains and if I can I gave them useful advice. But overall, I can’t say that I have many friends. The truth is that it was only one person whom I could call a friend. That was my former classmate Sally Williams. Nice girl with a great sense of humor. She was one of attractions of my humble neighborhood that really worth it. The other was “The Park of Statues”. Amazing place full of peace. Perhaps because almost nobody went there. I often isolate myself there to clean my thoughts or just to be able to concentrate on my work. Although I liked this place and consider it for my refuge, I must say that avoided staying there after sunset. All the statues there lost their daily beauty and turned in hostile and cold shadows of the pale moonlight. More that once I asked myself how can a thing to contain within itself both beauty and fear. I mean if you look at the light of day you’re feeling surrounded by angels but by night… Then those wonderful things fill you with fear.


Of course, I had not courage to go out at night alone. And I saw no point to doing it. But like everything in this world and this has changed. Not immediately, but little by little. Started at the moment that Sally and mutual friend Bly McLane wanted to go out to celebrate my birthday as we know. I agreed, but I must admit I do not like noisy celebrations. I do not really love any parties. And if I knew what would cause this day, I hardly will dare to step across the threshold of my home. But I did not know and I was relaxed.


So… The three of us went out to celebrate. We started with ice cream and entertainment in the fun-fair. During most of the time Sally was telling funny stories from out days at school. Bly listened to them with interest because he was curious. He was older than us with two years and for some reason had he was too mentoring. On the other hand he himself did not stop to flaunting with his skills in shooting. He thought that once succeeded to hitting the targets, this is a great achievement. There were moments when his excessive flaunting makes us laugh.


After the fun-fair we went to a little restaurant where we can enjoy on the wonderful dinner. It was nothing too fancy. The funny was that Sally can make so common place in the magnificent place and ordinary dinner – in wonderful feast. They are halcyon days. Too quiet I would say. But most people wanted this.


After dinner we went to the Park. There was deserted. High lights glowed and turned bright lanes in corridors. The statues stood on the green meadows. They looked like shadows. Sally walked past them, occasionally turning to face any of them. Grabbed her skirt and slight bowed. She behaved as if she was palace lady and met another nobleman. Even saying something like: <<Good evening, my lord! How are you today? >>. She laughed to tears. Make us to laugh too. But I must admit something. Despite her stupid behavior, I would never replace this friendship and for the most precious treasure. In her simplicity had a special charm.


But on the merits. As we walked along the avenue that led to the exit of the Park, I seemed that something stirred up one of the statues. I stopped for a moment to see better, but there was nothing. I thought it was just a play of light. So I went ahead with my companions.


But it wasn’t the play of light. There was someone… or something. He was a tall young man with gray-blue eyes and ebony-black hair, which gain magical glow of moonlight. He stood behind one of the statues and stared at us until we were lost in the darkness. He looked totally calm as if nothing in this world could disturb him. He was dressed in a rather unusual way. He wore thigh-length tunic in red color. Probably velvet. His shirt was of red silk. He wore a belt with gold leaf and red ruby on the buckle. His boots reaching just above knees. He had gloves in the same color as the tunic. This “ghost” seemed to come out from the pages of a book. But it was not. He was very real, even too much. Without even to twitch his face changed. The gray-blue eyes have become bright the color on red blood, but by his sculpted lips glistened long canine teeth were like from ivory. Without moving, he realized he was not alone. And so it was. But newcomer creature was covered in the deepest shade. Don’t issue sound. It was hard to tell whether it was fear or respect for this so-fine person. None of them spoke. I just stood and stared into the void of the night.


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